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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Petroleum diesel 50.0 Gallons | New Port Richey, FL At 1909 ERTS was notified by Ben Jackson of Pat Salmon and sons trucking of a MVA that has discharged 50gal of diesel to the road way at 6522 Main St New Port Richey, FL 34653. Local FD and PD are on site. The road is closed at this time. The Local FD has a towing company in rout, All Hours Towing who will drain the damaged saddle tank prior to moving the truck off the road way. The local FD has placed boom and absorbents on the road way. ERTS has contacted Hepaco to respond and they have an ETA of about 90min. 04/09/2018 20:07 EDT US post office 6522 Main St ; New Port Richey FL; 34653 Pinellas TJ Shay Project manger (440) 349-2700 Agent for Salmon Companies TJ Project Project Manager Shay (440) 349-2700 28.25 -82.709 04/09/2018 18:00 EDT Yes Incident Location
1811 NE 10th Ter 13,440 gallons of raw sewage released into a retention area due to private contractor boring through an 8" force main while doing directional drilling. 13,000 gallons were recovered with a Vac truck and disposed of at the City wastewater facility. 04/09/2018 15:42 EDT City of Cape Coral Utilities  FL Lee Patrick Long Water Reclamation Manager (239) 574-0873 Operator Of the Facility Patrick Long (239) 574-0873 26.674 -81.935 04/09/2018 08:50 EDT No 04/09/2018 12:00 EDT N Incident Location
CPBU Collection System On 4/8/2018, at 2:45PM, CPBU responded to customer call-in and upon arrival technicians found power failure at lift station 47, North of Anglers Drive and South of Turkey Creek bridge on Dixie Highway. Crews transported emergency standby generator was powered-up and FPL was notified. Approximately 45,000 gallons of untreated water was released into Turkey Creek. Areas around the station were washed down and cleaned. State watch office and FDEP was notified. FPL power was restored on 4/9/2018, at 2:15. 04/09/2018 14:53 EDT Lift Station 47 no physical address; Directions: North of Anglers Drive and South of Turkey Creek bridge on Dixie Highway.; Palm Bay FL; 32905 Brevard Matt Prendergast Asst. Utilities Director (312) 952-3499 Owner Of the Facility Matt Prendergast (321) 952-3499 28.033039 -80.57924 04/08/2018 14:45 EDT No 04/08/2018 16:30 EDT Incident Location
421920 WASD Incident #: 421920 Version: 3 Version Type: Supplementary Incident Version Created On: 04/09/18 08:11 PM Location of Discharge: 12829 SW 272 ST UNINCORPORATED MIAMI-DADE 33032 Reported by WASD Employee? Yes Employee ID: 00201251 Employee Title: Prjoect Inspector 1 Reported by: JUAN VALDES Utility Name: Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Phone Number: (305) 274-9272 Path of Flow: East and West On: 272ND ST Discharge Caused by Asset Type: Force Main Contractor Involved? Yes (Private Contractor) Private Contractor Name: SAFETY SOLUTIONS Discharge Due to/Caused by: Force Main Broken by Contractor Pipe Material: ACP (Asbestos Cement Pipe) Pipe Size in inches: 10 Type of Water Discharge: RAW SEWAGE Did Discharge Go to Public Access Area? Yes Did Discharge Go into Storm Sewer? Yes Number of Storm Drain(s) Impacted: 5 Distance in Feet to Storm Drain(s): 200 Direction: East and West Did Discharge Go into Surface Water? No Weather Conditions: Sunny Estimated Quantity of Sewage Released in Gallons: 98,197 Estimated Time Release Started: 04/09/18 11:10 AM Estimated Time Action Taken at Site: 04/09/18 12:00 PM ACTION TAKEN Active Spill Observed? Yes Discharge Flow Stopped? Yes Discharge Stopped On: 04/09/18 01:50 PM Spill Contained? Yes Area Cleaned? Yes Area Disinfected? Yes Method of Disinfection: Lime/Vactor Public Notified? Yes Method of Public Notification: Post Signs Public Notified On: 04/09/18 12:00 PM Spill Recovered? Yes Recovered Amount in Gallons: 11,000 AGENCIES NOTIFIED AGENCY NOTIFICATION POINT METHOD NOTIFIED TO NOTIFIED ON DEP FDEP State Warning Point Phone PHIL//2018-2243 04/09/18 08:38 PM RER RER Compliance Desk Phone SARAH 04/09/18 08:38 PM WASD WASD Jose Cueto Phone SPOKE W/JOSE 04/09/18 08:38 PM DEP DEP Notification Group E-mail 04/09/18 08:38 PM DOH DOH Notification Group E-mail 04/09/18 08:38 PM EPA EPA Notification Group E-mail 04/09/18 08:38 PM HMS Hazardous Materials Subcommittee Group E-mail 04/09/18 08:38 PM RER RER Notification Group E-mail 04/09/18 08:38 PM SFWM SFWM Notification Group E-mail 04/09/18 08:38 PM WASD WASD Interdepartmental Personnel E-mail 04/09/18 08:38 PM Future Contact Person: Marcelo Garcia Future Contact Person's Phone Number: (786) 552-8342 Form Completed by: Charvonte Osborne Of: Water & Sewer Department DEP USE ONLY WRITTEN REPORT REQUESTED: ___ No/ ___ Yes DUE DATE: _________________________________ NAME: _____________________ TITLE: ________________________________ SIGNATURE: ______________ DATE: ___________ Latitude: 25.5146203422357 Longitude: -80.3988163122811 04/09/18 08:38 PM * Fields on red are the ones that changed from previous version Page 1 of 1 DOMESTIC WASTEWATER DISCHARGE/ABNORMAL EVENT NOTIFICATION MIAMI-DADE COUNTY WATER AND SEWER DEPARTMENT EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS SECTION 04/09/2018 13:58 EDT Miami-Dade W&S Collection System 12829 SW 272 ST ; Miami FL; 33032 Miami-Dade Juan Valdes Project Inspector 1 (305) 274-9272 Operator Of the Facility Marcelo M. Garcia (305) 274-9272 25.515 -80.399 04/09/2018 11:10 EDT No 04/09/2018 13:50 EDT N Incident Location
Supernate spill at Golden Gate WWTP While supernating the digester, the phase monitor in the plant lift station malfunctioned, preventing the lift station pumps from operating. An overflow of approximately 5,300 gallons of supernate occurred as a result. The lift station is back on-line. Vac trucks were dispatched to the site and recovered approximately 5,000 gallons from the on-site swales. The release was contained on-site at the WWTP. No stormwater drains or surface waters were impacted. Lime was applied to the affected areas. 04/09/2018 12:54 EDT Golden Gate WWTP 4931 32nd Ave SW; Naples FL; 34116 Collier Robert Edge Plant Manager (239) 252-6886 Plant Manager of SCWRF Margie Hapke (239) 252-2679 26.170312 -81.704491 04/09/2018 06:40 EDT No 04/09/2018 07:00 EDT Incident Location
803 Fan Palm Drive, Davenport Approximately 10,500 gallons of raw wastewater discharged from a broken 6 inch force main onto the ground and flowed into a nearby retention pond. Clean-up actions were completed by 16:30 PM on April 8, 2018. The force main was repaired and normal operation resumed. Approximately 80 gallons was recovered and properly disposed of in accordance with regulatory requirements. The affected area was treated with lime disinfectant. The pond is fenced off restricting public access. 04/09/2018 10:22 EDT Northeast Regional WWTF; FLA 012967 200 Westview Drive ; Davenport FL; 33837 Polk John Belangia Environmental Specialist II (863) 298-4270 Polk County Utilities Art Tillman (863) 393-5500 28.33334 -81.676393 04/08/2018 14:45 EDT No 04/08/2018 16:30 EDT Incident Location
City of Haines City WWTP Microscreen Overflow On 4-8-18 at 10:00pm The primary microscreen used to filter effluent from the clarifiers blanked out causing approx. 500 gallons of non-disinfected clarifier effluent to spill in the area surrounding the microscreens. Operators diverted clarifier effluent to the reject pond till filter was able to be brought back online. Spill was drained back to the plant lift station. 04/09/2018 09:33 EDT City of Haines City WWTP 851 East Park RD. ; Directions: Go South on Hwy 27 from Interstate 4, Go East on US 17-92, Head East on Johnson Ave East, Head North on Park RD EAST, Plant will be on the Right; Haines City FL; 33844 Polk Thomas King Lead Waste Water Operator (863) 421-3690 Operator Of the Facility Linda Fisher (863) 421-3695 28.117074 -81.597702 04/08/2018 22:00 EDT No 04/08/2018 22:45 EDT Incident Location
500 S Congress Ave On April 08, 2018 at 07:06 pm a sanitary sewer discharge occurred from an automobile accident that broke an ARV on a drainage canal crossing at 500 S. Congress Ave WPB FL. Discharge amount was 500 gallons to the drainage canal. The affected area has been clean up with vacuum truck. Water quality samples will be collected from drainage canal in coordination with the PBC Health Department. 04/09/2018 09:23 EDT PBCWUD  FL Palm Beach Marla Smith Chief Of Communications (561) 740-4600 Operator Of the Facility Communications (561) 740-4600 26.669 -80.088 04/08/2018 18:10 EDT No 04/09/2018 09:20 EDT Incident Location
Emerald Lakes At 10:45am a call was received by oncall personnel about a manhole overflowing at 304 Tequesta Drive, in the Emerald Lakes subdivsion, Miramar Beach. Once onsite, SWUCI personnel determined that raw sewage pump station's control unit had faulted out, not allowing the pumps to start normally. Personnel called in and remotely activated the pumps, immediately pumping down the gravity lines that were backing up and the water levels started to decrease. An estimated 500 gallons of raw sewage escaped a total of Five manholes. One across from 304 Tequesta Drive, and Four manholes between 258 and 272 Okachobee Cove. No escaped sewage reached surface waters. The area around the manholes had lime applied and were washed down. The areas with raw sewage still visible was vacuumed off the ground by a utility vacuum truck. 04/08/2018 20:48 EDT SWUCI collection system 304 Tequesta Drive; Directions: Emerald Lakes subdivision ; Destin FL; 32541 Okaloosa Joe Ream Water/Wastewater Directir (850) 428-5235 Operator Of the Facility Joe Ream (850) 428-5235 30.394283 -86.403216 04/08/2018 10:45 EDT No 04/08/2018 15:00 EDT Incident Location
Southseas Collection System Spill - LS 11 On 4/7/2018 approximately at 5:15 P.M. maintenance technicians were notified of a sewer spill at LS No.11 at South Seas Plantation. The maintenance lead arrived to the site at 7:30 P.M. and found the control panel door open and the pumps were off. The lead talked to the resort manager who informed him that a plumbing company was working on the area and turned the pumps off when noticed the spill and also because they believed there was a break on the line going to or coming from the lift station. Maintenance technician further evaluated the station to determine the cause of the spill, a vac truck is onsite to assist with maintaining system level and recovery of the spill. The lift station was pumped and it was found that the check valve inside the wet well is broken allowing flow from other stations. The lift station has been isolsated to avoid sewer from other stations to flow to it. The station will be operated manually unitl repairs are complete. Repairs will start on Monday 4/9/2018. It is estimated that 1500 to 3000 gallons was discharged in total, the spill had ceased by 1:00 am on 04/08/2018. Contents of the discharge remained in the area of the station, no water ways were affected. The affected area was limed and cleaned. 04/08/2018 13:07 EDT Southseas Collection System Spill - LS 11 5400 Plantation Road; Captiva FL; 33924 Lee Melisa Rotteveel US Water Services (866) 753-8292 Operator Of the Facility Melisa Rotteveel (866) 753-8292 26.527641 -82.192749 04/07/2018 17:15 EDT No 04/08/2018 01:00 EDT Incident Location