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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Wastewater Spill Light House Point Wastewater spill due to failed 12 discharge pipe gasket, at 4115 NE 22nd Avenue in Light House Point, FL. The gasket was repaired and the area was sanitized with HTH. The estimated volume of wastewater spilled was 200 gallons, the amount recovered was 100 gallons. The discharge did not impact a water body. 11/07/2017 15:58 EST Lift Station 224 4115 NE 22nd Avenue; Directions: Latitude: 26.282221200 Longitude: -80.093355100; Light house Point FL Broward Mike Kelly Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0821 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0821 26.281143 -80.091545 11/07/2017 07:45 EST No 11/07/2017 08:15 EST Incident Location
Public Sanitary Sewer Overflow-City of Orlando On 11/07/17 at 3:45 AM, the City of Orlando Conserv I Water Reclamation Facility experienced an overflow due directly to the failure of a transducer affecting pump controls and operation. Approximately 19,320 gallons of sewer overflowed and entered two self contained retention ponds. City crews stopped the sewer overflow at 3:58 AM, the affected transducer was replaced and the normal flow was restored. A necessary back up system was installed to prevent issues in the future. All areas impacted by the overflow were sanitized, cleaned and any material remaining in the retention ponds was pumped out and returned to the collection system. 11/07/2017 14:38 EST City of Orlando Conserv I Water Reclamation Facility 11401 Boggy Creek Rd; Directions: From Orlando on Central Florida Greenway Travel south on Central Florida Greenway to I-4 take exit 17B. Turn right/north onto Boggy Creek Rd and continue north for 2.6 miles. Turn right/east onto Robert E Johnson Blvd.; Orlando  FL; 32824 Orange Jeffrey Environmental Specialist (321) 278-1722 Authorized Representative for the City of Orlando Daniel Friedline (407) 246-2657 28.401282 -81.327425 11/07/2017 03:45 EST No 11/07/2017 04:00 EST Incident Location
Q259582_SWO 2017-9514_ NW 13th St & 7th Ave The 2" connection for an air relief valve failed causing an overflow from the manhole. The line was isolated within and hour and the flow was ceased. A portion of the spilled volume impacted a storm drain that outfalls into the middle River Waterway. 11/07/2017 11:49 EST GTL Regional Wastewater Facility  FL; 33309 Broward Troy Balint Environmental Program Coordinator (954) 828-7845 Environmental Program Coordinator TROY BALINT (954) 828-7845 26.141945 -80.152167 11/06/2017 12:35 EST No 11/06/2017 13:30 EST Incident Location
Q258893 Orton Ave & Terramar St Overflow from a 6" clean-out. Blockage was cleared. Approximately 750 gallons overflowed, 100 gallons was recovered. The remaining 600 gallons impacted a storm drain and entered the intracoastal waterway. 11/07/2017 10:56 EST GTL Regional Wastewater Facility  FL; 33309 Broward Troy Balint Environmental Program Coordinator (954) 828-7845 Environmental Program Coordinator Troy Balint (954) 828-7845 26.131112 -80.106801 11/03/2017 19:15 EDT No 11/06/2017 13:25 EST Incident Location
211 NW 38th Court Pompano Beach Wastewater spill due to a force main break at 211 NW 38th Court in Pompano Beach FL 33069. The force main was isolated and repaired. The estimated volume of wastewater spilled was 1500 gallons. Crews sanitized and cleaned up the area before leaving the site at 9:00 p.m. 11/07/2017 09:26 EST 211 NW 38th Court 211 NW 38th Court; Directions: LATITUDE: 26.277521700 LONGITUDE:-80.1263979000; Pompano Beach FL; 33069 Broward Mike Kelly Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0821 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0821 26.242118 -80.169908 11/06/2017 11:30 EST No 11/06/2017 15:30 EST Incident Location
9330 SR Trinity Medical Hospital ARV Spill Called out due to a sewer break of some sort at the Eastern most entrance to Trinity Hospital. Upon arrival it was found that TR-112-ARV-01 was leaking. Crew was able to close 2" shut off and cease spill. After further investigation of the ARV it was found that the flapper in the head of the ARV had disintegrated causing the spill. Called out sludge trucks to assist with clean up. Retrieved approx. 5000 gals of standing liquids from the field. Spill also entered a storm drain that leads to a retention pond to the West of the ARV. Pulled 15500 gals of storm/sewer from the retention pond. Spread 200 Lbs. of lime to neutralize the impacted area. Will have retention pond sampled to determine if there is any further actions required for the clean up.Spill volume was calculated by amount retrieved. 11/07/2017 07:00 EST Shady Hills Wastewater Treatment Facility 14220 Hays Road; Directions: PERMIT number: FLA012741; Spring Hill FL; 34610 Pasco James Hircock Environmental Compliance Specialist (813) 235-6189 Environmental Compliance Specialist James Hircock (813) 235-6189 28.205703 -82.657985 11/06/2017 13:30 EST No 11/06/2017 14:15 EST Incident Location
Diesel Fuel Release 50 gallons of diesel fuel released to the asphalt only due to a punctured saddle tank on a KLLM Transport Services tractor. 11/06/2017 19:53 EST TA TravelCenter 1024 Highway 301; Baldwin FL; 32234 Duval Matthew Andrle Project Manager (440) 349-2700 Agent for Carrier Matthew Andrle (440) 772-1093 30.28352 -81.670898 11/06/2017 15:30 EST No 11/06/2017 17:00 EST Incident Location
Sanitary Sewer Overflow Name of reporting party City of Tallahassee Installation name Thomas P Smith WRF -Wastewater Collection System Installation address 4505 Springhill Rd Installation location Tallahassee FL 32305 Contact person Charles Ziegmont (850-508-0147) Permit number FLA010139 Date and time of incident or discovery 11/6/17 at 1:12 pm Location of incident or discovery 345 Henderson Road across from NFC School. Suspected source or cause of incident A sanitary sewer overflow at the referenced address due to a broken 8-inch ductile iron pipe. The break was caused by erosion around the manhole in the creek bed at 345 Henderson Rd. Crews were able to repair the pipe and stop the overflow by about 3:40 PM. Manhole will need to be reinstalled at a later time. Estimated overflow was at a rate of 10 gallons per minute. estimated total loss of 1500 gallons. The entire 1500 gallons went into the creek bed that flows south along Meridian Road and then west towards the Tallahassee Mall. Type of pollution Untreated Domestic Wastewater Amount of pollution 1500 gallons Medium affected by pollution Overflow impacted an unnamed flowing creek bed. Potentially affected areas beyond installation property boundary Unknown at this time pending sample results. Potential risk to public health, safety, or welfare None. Identification of other parties notified of incident and time notification occurred SWO on 11/6/2017 at 5:16 PM. Incident number SWO-2017-9491. A Public Notice on the FDEP website will be completed shortly. Any other information that may be helpful including clean up actions and status City crews recovered 6,000 gallons of sewer and storm-water from the creek. Crews collected samples from the point of discharge and downstream. No up-gradient sample is available. 11/06/2017 17:47 EST City of Tallahassee Thomas P Smith WRF Wastewater Collection 4505 Springhill Rd ; Tallahassee FL; 32305 Leon Hazem Tamimi Environmental Engineer (850) 891-8254 Environmental Engineer with City of Tallahassee Chuck Ziegmont (850) 508-0147 30.486233 -84.27856 11/06/2017 13:10 EST No 11/06/2017 15:40 EST Incident Location
2140 Bispham Rd 110517 A collapsed gravity sewer main fed by a pressurized sewer main resulted in a 1,500 gallon spill into a nearby storm water drainage canal. A 4 Godwin Pump was retrieved from Pump Station #6 and is currently being used as a bypass pump to a nearby manhole. The flow into the storm water drainage canal has ceased. 11/06/2017 16:56 EST Central County WRF Service Area  FL Sarasota Joshua Wichers Operational Manager (941) 218-3890 Operator Of the Facility Tricia Nihart (941) 650-8288 27.254727 -82.513012 11/05/2017 16:00 EST No 11/05/2017 19:15 EST Incident Location
US 41 and Laurel Rd 110617 An 8-inch blue Class 150 pipe was cut to install a new tee and valve for a water service to a new development under construction. It turns out it was a force main leading to the Roberts Road Lift Station. This caused a discharge of 750 gallons that was contained on-site. The contractor provided a pumper truck to vacuum up the spill. Lime was spread to disinfect the site. A repair sleeve was installed on the cut pipe. Event End time 11:00 am 11/06/2017 16:26 EST Central County WRF Service Area ; Sarasota FL Sarasota Tricia Nihart Environmental Specialist (941) 650-8288 Regulatory Rep Patrick Brown (941) 861-0581 27.139457 -82.458423 11/06/2017 10:00 EST No 11/06/2017 11:00 EST Incident Location