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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
City of Haines City Inlet Headworks Overflow Inlet head works overflowed hydraulically due to equipment failure 04/02/18 9:36pm approx. 2250 gallons 04/03/2018 10:54 EDT City of Haines City 851 East Park Road; Haines City FL; 33844 Polk Linda Fisher Interim Utilities Director (863) 421-3696 Interim Utilities Director Linda Fisher (863) 421-3696 28.118152 -81.597915 04/02/2018 09:35 EDT No 04/02/2018 09:40 EDT Incident Location
City of Haines City Headworks Overflow The Influent Head Works Structure hydraulic capacity was exceeded and resulted in overflows on the dates and times below: 03/27/18 9:45 am to 9:50am 2000 gallons 03/27/18 9:00pm to 9:05pm 1000 gallons 03/27/18 11:00pm to 11:05pm 1000 gallons 03/28/18 12:35 pm to 12:40pm 800 gallons 03/28/18 10:00pm to 10:05 pm 2000 gallons 03/29/18 1:30pm to 1:35pm 1300 gallons The overflows were caused by malfunction of lift Station Pumps 04/02/2018 18:45 EDT City of Haines City 851 East Park Road; Directions: south on Hwy 27 to east 17/92 east on Johnson Ave then north on East Park Road. facility on the right. ; Haines City FL; 33844 Polk Linda Fisher Interim Utilties Director (863) 421-3696 Interim Utilities Director Linda Fisher (863) 421-3696 28.118 -81.598 02/27/2018 21:45 EST No 03/29/2018 13:30 EDT Incident Location
City of Haines City Micro-screens over flow Due to the equipment malfunction of the micro-screens. Overflows of treated non-chlorinated effluent on the dates and times listed below. 03/26/18 32:58pm 500 gallons 03/26/18 7:45pm 500 gallons 03/26/18 10:00pm 500 gallons 03/27/18 9:45 am 4000 gallons 03/27/18 12:00pm 300 gallons 03/27/18 7:15 pm 2000 gallons 03/27/18 9:00 pm 500 gallons 03/27/18 11:00pm 3000 gallons 03/28/18 9:55 am 3000 gallons 03/28/18 1:08 pm 100 gallons 03/28/18 6:45pm 1000 gallons 03/29/18 11:00am 2000 gallons 03/30/18 8:45am 1000 gallons 03/29/18 8:00 pm 2000 gallons 03/30/18 8:45 am 2500 gallons 03/30/18 1:30 pm 500 gallons 03/30/18 6:00 pm 2000 gallons 03/31/18 4:45 pm 150 gallons 03/31/18 7:49 pm 200 gallons 04/01/18 12:45 am 500 gallons 04/01/18 2:00am 1000 gallons 04/01/18 4:00am 2000 gallons 04/01/18 9:30 pm 1000 gallons Micro-screens have been disassembled and filter membranes cleaned and are functioning as designed. 04/02/2018 18:42 EDT City of Haines City 851 East Park Road; Directions: Hwy 27 south to 17/92 east to then east turn onto Johnson Ave. then north on East park Road. Facility will be on the right. ; Haines City FL; 33844 Polk Linda Fisher Interim Utilties Director (863) 421-3696 Interim Utilities Director Linda Fisher (863) 421-3696 28.11814 -81.597057 03/26/2018 03:55 EDT No 04/01/2018 21:30 EDT Incident Location
Spanish Main WWTP Solids Loss Event Upon performing operational visit at approximately 1345 this afternoon, the operator found solids loss occurring to the CCC and South effluent disposal pond. Upon further review of the site, it is believed that increased hydraulics through the weekend contributed to the solids loss event. The operator did find Lift station pump 1 had tripped and reset. Operator wasted to lower the sludge blanket, and made adjustments to where available to reduce internal hydraulics. It is estimated that 2000 gallons of solids was discharged to the CCC and South pond. The operator will work to remove solids from the CCC during his visits. 04/02/2018 15:38 EDT Spanish Main Resort WWTP 12110 Spanish Main Resort Trail; Thonotosassa FL; 33592 Hillsborough Melisa Rotteveel US Water Services (866) 753-8292 Operator Of the Facility Melisa Rotteveel (866) 753-8292 28.064764 -82.30333 04/02/2018 13:45 EDT No 04/02/2018 14:15 EDT Incident Location
North Fort Myers Wastewater System (Del Prado) 12" reuse line break approximately 1/2 mile north of Del Prado Blvd., North of the Del Prado Wastewater Treatment Facility in North Fort Myers. Discovered on 4/2/2018 at 8:00 A.M. Estimated between 8,000 and 10,000 gallons were released. Repairs are in process at this time. 04/02/2018 13:15 EDT North Fort Myers Wastewater Treatment Plant (Del Prado) 4100 Del Prado Blvd. ; North Fort Myers FL; 33917 Lee Lina Maria Quintero Regional Manager (727) 858-2396 Operator Of the Facility Lina Maria Quintero (727) 858-2396 26.730073 -81.890605 04/02/2018 08:00 EDT No 04/02/2018 09:00 EDT Incident Location
Wastewater overflow at 5300 N. Taliaferro Ave. On April 1, 2018, the City of Tampa Wastewater Department became aware of a wastewater overflow near 5300 N. Taliaferro Ave. due to a blockage in gravity sewer in Hillsborough Ave. The overflow started at approximately 4:30pm and was stopped at 7:05pm after the blockage was removed. The volume of the overflow was estimated at approximately 1240 gallons. The overflow discharged into a nearby storm sewer inlet. 04/02/2018 12:28 EDT City Of Tampa Wastewater Department 2545 Guy Verger Blvd; Tampa FL; 33605 Hillsborough Charlie Lynch Chief Engineer City of Tampa Wastewater Department (813) 274-8916 Chief Engineer City of Tampa Wastewater Department Eric Weiss (813) 274-8070 27.994737 -82.453181 04/01/2018 16:30 EDT No 04/01/2018 19:05 EDT Incident Location
Public Reclaimed Water Overflow - City of Orlando On 3/31/18 at 10:42PM a structural defect in a 2 inch plant reclaimed irrigation line caused the line to burst and a release of reclaimed water to the surrounding area. A total of 95,040 gallons were released prior to the line being isolated. The broken section of line was repaired and normal operation reinstated. All of the reclaimed water leaving the broken section of pipe was overflowed into a series of ditches on the property and was either collected with Hi-Vac trucks and returned to the collection system for treatment or permeated into the surrounding surface area. 04/02/2018 10:02 EDT Conserv II 5420 LB McLeod Road; Directions: John Young Parkway South to LB McLeod Road West. Facility is on South side of road.; Orlando FL; 32811 Orange Keith Jordan Chief Operator Keith.Jordan@cityoforlando.ent (407) 246-2109 Operator Of the Facility Daniel Friedline (407) 246-2657 28.504213 -81.45084 03/31/2018 22:40 EDT No 04/01/2018 07:30 EDT Incident Location
Paradise Pond Rd Line blockage caused manholes to seep into stormwater pond. Line was cleared, area sanitized and signs posted. Water quality monitoring of ponds has begun. 04/02/2018 09:54 EDT Northwest WRF 3490 International Golf Parkway; St. Augustine FL; 32092 St. Johns Tony Cubbedge Env Div Mgr (904) 209-2620 Env Div Mgr Tony Cubbedge (904) 209-2620 29.973 -81.488 04/01/2018 19:15 EDT No 04/01/2018 19:40 EDT Incident Location
River Glen Blvd and SR54 Called out by Dispatch stating that DAB had contacted them to inform us that while removing a tree they broke our 12 " force main. The contactor was able to partially slow the spill by closing 1 valve. Once on site, we isolated the break which ceased the spill and then made repairs. Clean up crews were dispatched to the area and pull removed 30000 gallons of sewer/ rain water which was all contained in the construction site. 8 40lbs bags of lime was spread. 03/31/2018 10:18 EDT Wesley Center Wastewater Treatment Facility 7501 Boyette Road; Directions: PERMIT # FLA016094; Wesley Chapel FL; 33544 Pasco James Hircock Environmental Compliance Specialist (813) 235-6189 Environmental Compliance Specialist James Hircock (727) 247-0391 28.223357 -82.279099 03/30/2018 12:30 EDT No 03/30/2018 14:00 EDT Incident Location
Public Reclaimed - City of Orlando A private contractor directional boring beneath Narcoosee Road struck and ruptured a Public Reclaimed Water Supply Line resulting in 180,000 gallons of reclaimed water overflowing into Narcoosee road and surrounding area. City crews worked to isolate the reclaimed line and are currently replacing the broken section in the effort to restore the flow of reclaimed water to the area. 03/30/2018 16:22 EDT City of Orlando Public Reclaim System Intersection of Narcoosee Road and Northlake Drive; Directions: 528 Toll Road to Narcoosee South. Intersection of Narcoosee Road and Northlake Drive. ; Orlando FL; 32827 Orange Jeffrey Collins Reclaim Water Supervisor (407) 246-2657 Operator Of the Facility Daniel Friedline (407) 246-2657 28.428191 -81.255493 03/29/2018 13:50 EDT No 03/29/2018 15:00 EDT Incident Location