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WM Material Recovery Facility Fire On March 26, 2018, at approximately 8:45 am, a fire occurred at the WM Material Recovery Facility located at 3518 E. 4th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605. Around 10:30 am, extinguishing water began flowing offsite into the stormwater collection system at an estimated rate of 10-15 gpm. It is estimated a total of 3,500 gallons flowed into the stormwater collection system until a pump could be installed to pump the extinguishing water into the City of Tampa Sanitary Sewer System. The extinguishing water did not have a sheen and was generally clear with only minor amounts of ash and paper particles in the water. Both Hillsborough County EPC and FDEP were notified in the morning and both agencies inspected the facility discharge during the event. 03/26/2018 17:07 EDT WM Material Recovery Facility 3518 E. 4th Avenue; Tampa FL; 33605 Hillsborough Elizabeth Foeller Area Environmental Protection Manager (941) 720-0564 Owner Of the Facility Elizabeth Foeller (941) 720-0564 27.959028 -82.420487 03/26/2018 08:45 EDT Yes Incident Location
City of Lakeland NPDES #FL039772 On March 26, 2018, a citizen called in to report a possible SSO at 1208 Unitah Avenue. Crews were dispatched and found a sanitary manhole overflowing due to grease in a main line. The blockage was removed and crews cleaned the manhole and downstream main line, as well as cleaned up the surrounding area. An estimated 30 gallons was lost. No water bodies were affected. 03/26/2018 16:41 EDT City of Lakeland 1208 Unitah Avenue; Lakeland FL; 33803 Polk Kim Goldener Wastewater Collection Superintendent (863) 834-8277 Operator Of the Facility Kim Goldener (863) 834-8277 28.027715 -81.968842 03/26/2018 12:45 EDT No 03/26/2018 13:15 EDT Incident Location
Chuluota Lake Mills Ave/Poinsettia Dr 6" FM Break Seminole County storm drain workers were excavating without calling for locates, and hit a 6" force main. Resulting in an estimated volume of 8000 gallons of untreated sewage to flow into the storm drain and adjacent retention pond. Crews were able to shut down system lift stations and contracted a pump truck to reduce volume of discharge. Discharge began at approximately 0935 am and ceased at 1015 am. Repairs were completed were completed to the FM and returned to service by 1245 pm. The area of the ground immediately around the lift station is being back filled with dirt due to the repair, lime will be applied to the affected grounds. No other bodies of water were affected. Samples are being collected from the retention pond. 03/26/2018 14:25 EDT Chuluota Lake Mills Ave/Poinsettia Dr 6" FM Break 125 10th Street; Chuluota FL; 32766 Seminole Melisa Rotteveel US Water Services (866) 753-8292 Operator Of the Facility Melisa Rotteveel (866) 753-8292 28.637613 -81.122109 03/26/2018 09:35 EDT No 03/26/2018 10:15 EDT Incident Location
12312 Pulaski Rd Contractor damaged force main which released sewer onto ground, road, and into stormwater drain. Stormwater drain leads toward Sweetwater Creek. Washed down and recovered sewer and wash water. Hydrated lime to be placed on impacted area. 03/24/2018 18:23 EDT 12312 Pulaski Rd 12312 Pulaski Rd; Jacksonville FL; 32218 Duval Jason Hermening Environmental Scientist Senior (904) 376-5164 JEA Environmental Jason Hermening (904) 376-5164 30.459707 -81.613817 03/24/2018 12:30 EDT No 03/24/2018 15:30 EDT Incident Location
8718 Goshen Lane (A. Sagastume) was called out to a broken sewer lateral pipe at the above named address. Upon arrival I noted it was not a lateral but our 10" F/M. At this time personnel was already in route to maintain flow at spill site, performed repair, & clean up of spill. Attempted to divert flow and have EWWTP pump head works down to cease spill. Plant was in peak flow time causing difficulty ceasing flow at break site. Got flow under control at break site using multiple Sludge trucks and Vactors to maintain flow at break site. Excavated site and found numerous lime stone boulders near the vicinity of the break in the pipe making it extremely difficult to make the repair. Used 3 full circle repair clamps to repair crack in pipe due to the piping configuration. Returned to site to perform clean up of spill. Spill entered a Storm collection system at the intersection of Sandalwood Dr. & Lido Ln. Traced flow to a retention area at Wind tree apts. And pulled 4 loads from impacted retention pond. Cleaned up impacted area around spill site using 9000 Gals of fresh H20 and 200 Lbs. of lime to neutralize the impacted area. Approx. spill volume is 35,000 gals which we retrieved approx. 10,000 gals of. Rate of spill was approx.. 115 gals a min for a duration of 300 mins till we were able to get break site under control. We pulled an estimated volume of 12,800 gals storm/sewer from retention area. 03/24/2018 12:53 EDT Embasssy Hills Waste Water Treatment Facility 9512 Crab Tree Lane; Directions: PERMIT # FLA012735; Port Richey FL; 34668 Pasco James Hircock Environmental Compliance Specialist (813) 235-6189 Environmental Compliance Specialist James Hircock (727) 247-0391 28.284048 -82.702746 03/23/2018 17:30 EDT No 03/23/2018 23:30 EDT Incident Location
421030 Late, Friday, March 16th, staff identified a defect on a digester gas storage sphere at Central District WWTP under permit 0250476-014-AV about six feet above ground level. Staff monitored the sphere during the weekend. On Monday, March 19th, staff initiated repairs of what was determined to be a slow-release leak. On Wednesday, March 21st, the sphere was remove from service. To further maximize safety the vent on the top of the storage sphere (about 85 feet above ground level) was opened to perform a controlled release of the remaining digester gas. By March 23rd, it was determined that the cumulative release of methane (including the controlled release) had reached the 10,000-pound threshold reporting requirement. Because methane has a significant lower gravity than air, the methane rises rapidly into the atmosphere and quickly dissipates. Air sampling had been performed with portable air monitors to guarantee personnel protection protocols. The slow-release of this gas poses no adverse health concerns to the surrounding communities. 03/23/2018 19:54 EDT Miami-Dade W&S Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant 3989 Rickenbacker Cswy; Miami FL; 33149 Miami-Dade Antonio Cotarelo Deputy Director (305) 274-9272 Operator Of the Facility Marcelo M. Garcia (305) 274-9272 25.744 -80.149 03/16/2018 18:00 EDT No 03/26/2018 08:00 EDT Y Miami-Dade, Incident Location
3631 Collins St 032218 We have found a line blockage where a 6" force main dumps into the gravity line nearby 3631 Collins St in Sarasota (intersection of S Beneva Rd & Collins St). The result of the line blockage was a sewage spill at a manhole cover. Approximately 300 gallons of sewage was spilled onto the ground and on the sidewalk nearby. A minimal amount made its way over the curbing and into a storm drain box. The VAC truck was used to clear the blockage and clean the area around the spill. Event End Time 9:45 pm 03/23/2018 18:27 EDT Central County WRF Service Area  FL Sarasota Joshua Wichers Operations Manager (941) 218-3890 Operator Of the Facility Patricia Nihart (941) 650-8288 27.319142 -82.496731 03/22/2018 19:45 EDT No 03/22/2018 21:45 EDT Incident Location
Private Manhole Overflow at BBT Bank site 5801 Ulmerton Rd A private manhole at the BB&T Bank site on 5801 overflowed into the storm drain, which drained into a retention pond system. The cause of the overflow was grease and dirt that had accumulated in the line. City Vactor crew cleared the line and the overflow ceased. An estimated 3300 gallons was discharge to surface water. 03/23/2018 16:22 EDT BB&T Bank -private manhole 5801 Ulmerton Rd; Directions: Intersection of 58th St and Ulmerton Rd; Clearwater FL; 33760 Pinellas Vivian Gleaves Environmental Manager (727) 518-3061 Environmental Manager Vivian Gleaves (727) 518-3061 27.894866 -82.712743 03/23/2018 11:20 EDT No 03/23/2018 14:05 EDT Incident Location
On-site Wastewater Spill 4:00 PM Wastewater was discovered coming out of the pavement by the Finished Goods Warehouse by plant personnel. The wastewater flowed toward a stormwater drain leading to Outfall 500. 4:15 PM A drain seal was placed over the stormwater drain to stop the wastewater from flowing to the outfall. Sand bags were placed around the drain and built up in front of the flow acting as a dike. 4:30 5:15 PM Six 350-gallon empty totes were brought by forklift to the area. A mud pump was brought to the area as well. 5:50 PM A backhoe was delivered in order to start excavating to discover the location of the pipe leak. 6:00 PM The mud pump was used to pump the standing wastewater over the stormwater drain and in the ground into the totes. The totes were filled to 300 gallons. Wastewater flow from the plant was stopped in all areas of the plant. 8:00 PM Location of the pipe leak was discovered. A schedule 40 6-inch coupler had a crack that was allowing the wastewater to escape. 9:30 PM Area around pipe break was excavated and shoveled out to expose both ends of the pipeline. The plant did not have two couplers in order to replace the pipe. Plumbing companies were contacted along with making contact to our sister plant in Deland to see if the couplers were available and they were not. The decision to use 4 90 degree elbows and pipe to use as a temporary repair was made. 10: 27 PM The temporary fix for the pipeline was completed and the hole was back filled in with dirt to support the pipe. 10:45 PM The wastewater flow from the plant resumed and there was no flow from the pipeline. Plant resumed operations. An estimated amount of 200 gallons made it to the outfall and 1,800 gallons were captured and sent back through the wastewater system. Water was sent to Outfall 500 in order to flush the outfall out. A permanent repair using high pressure compression couplers to connect the pipe will be made within 2 weeks. The pipe will be exposed for a few days to ensure there are no issues before permanently filling in the hole. 03/23/2018 15:27 EDT Silver Springs Citrus 25411 North Mare Avenue; P.O. Box 155; Howey-in-the-Hills FL; 34737 - 155 Lake Michael Summers Environmental Specialist (352) 324-2101 Employee Michael Summers (352) 324-2101 28.71608 -81.783057 03/22/2018 16:00 EDT No 03/22/2018 22:30 EDT Incident Location
City of Sarasota 4th Street & N Osprey Ave City crews found a grease blockage that caused a discharge of raw wastewater from a manhole at 4th Street & N Osprey Ave. The grease blockage was cleared. Approximately 150 gallons of raw wastewater was discharged from the manhole and approximately 150 gallons was recovered. The area was treated with lime, hosed down and cleaned up using the Vactor truck. 03/23/2018 15:27 EDT City of Sarasota AWWTP 1750 12th Street; Sarasota FL; 34236 Sarasota Verne Hall Utilities General Manager (941) 616-1347 Owner Of the Facility Verne Hall (941) 616-1347 27.339648 -82.534398 03/23/2018 10:30 EDT No 03/23/2018 11:00 EDT Incident Location