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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Bee Ridge WRF Reuse 102317 Our sources to distribute our reuse are all full. We are putting what we can down our well and distributing what we can to Golf Course Ponds space is available. This is an ongoing event and will be updated as necessary. Event end 10/30/17 8.720 gallons of reuse discharged. NOTE: PULLING SAMPLES AS REQUIRED. 10/30/2017 13:11 EDT Bee Ridge WRF 4001 Iona Road; Sarasota  FL Sarasota David Hawkins Chief Operator (941) 650-4619 Operator Of the Facility Patricia Nihart (941) 650-8288 27.302168 -82.39026 10/23/2017 08:00 EDT No 10/30/2017 16:00 EDT N Incident Location
Lift Station 24E Light House Point Wastewater spill due to an electrical problem at the lift station on 10/29/2017. Flow was stopped at 2:00 p.m. on 10/29/2017. The estimated discharge was 3,000 gallons. No storm drains or waterways were impacted. The area was sanitized and cleaned up utilizing the vactor trucks. The clean up was complete by 10:00 pm on 10/29/2017. 10/30/2017 11:45 EDT Lift Station 24E 3410 NE 23 Avenue; Directions: Latitude 26.273563000 Longitude -80.091377000; Light House Point  FL; 33064 Broward Mike Kelly Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0821 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0821 26.273524 -80.091588 10/29/2017 13:30 EDT No 10/29/2017 14:00 EDT Incident Location
Lift station #5 bypass failed Contractor Bypass failed at lift station #5. Causing 7 manholes to over flow. This overflow went into a storm drains that are connected to the Intracoastal. Estimated Gals 2,500. Vac truck clean out storm drains. Lime and disinfectant spray was also used to clean area. 10/30/2017 09:50 EDT City of West Palm Beach 1045 Charlotte Ave 33401; Directions: Flagler Dr & Plymouth RD, Bunker Ranch RD, N E Lakewood RD, Murry Rd; West Palm Beach FL; 33401 Palm Beach Charles L Phoenix Jr Superintendent (561) 722-0914 Operator Of the Facility Charles L Phoenix Jr (561) 722-0914 26.673222 -80.048771 10/29/2017 11:00 EDT No 10/29/2017 15:30 EDT N Incident Location
Avalon Lake Drive Investigation revealed a split eight inch PVC force main located approximately 350 feet northwest of 12500 Avalon Lake Drive in front of Orange County Utilities Pump Station F3066 (Avalon Lake Drive). The only affected area was located in an field adjacent to the overflow location. The overflowed wastewater pooled on unpaved land and did not affect any nearby ponds or storm water structures.There is minimal risk to public health, safety or welfare. Field Services staff recovered 40,000 gallons of wastewater and the remaining volume was absorbed into the ground. A complete wash down was performed, deodorant applied and warning signs posted on the perimeter of the overflow area. Field Services staff cleaned the area as much as possible and will be performing restoration services at a later date. Total overflow 50,000 gallons Recovered volume 40,000 gallons Not Recovered 10,000 Into Surface water 0 gallons 10/28/2017 17:50 EDT Orange County Wastewater Force Main  FL Orange Eduardo C. Hernandez Engineer II (407) 836-6839 Engineer II Troy Layton (407) 254-9794 28.510938 -81.158205 10/28/2017 00:40 EDT No 10/28/2017 04:50 EDT Incident Location
Broken ARV Around 1:30pm a broken ARV was found leaking. It was estimated that about 4000 gallons had leaked. It was contained on site and about 3000 gallons was recovered. Lime was spread on the area to disinfect. 10/28/2017 13:27 EDT Bonita Springs ARV Bello Blvd; Directions: East of I-75 on Bonita Beach Rd to Bello Blvd. then south 1/4 mile.; Bonita Springs  FL; 34135 Lee Andy Koebel Director of Operations (239) 992-0711 Owner Of the Facility Andy Koebel (239) 992-0711 26.327626 -81.70618 10/27/2017 12:30 EDT No 10/27/2017 13:45 EDT Incident Location
Okaloosa County Water & Sewer SSO 714 Essex Road, F.W.B. At approx. 8:25am, the Okaloosa County Water & Sewer maintenance crew discovered sewer coming from the ground at 714 Essex Road, F.W.B. FL 32547. After excavating the area, it was discovered an old 3/4 curb stop test line attached to our service area force main was the cause. Crews capped the 3/4 inch line and stopped the leak. Approx. 1800 gallons was released during the spill. No storm drain, wetland, or body of water was affected. Approx. 300 gallons was recovered with vac. truck. Crew flushed area with clean water and applied SANO 128 disinfectant. 10/27/2017 16:21 EDT Arbennie Pritchett Water Reclamation Facility 250 Roberts Blvd. ; Fort Walton Beach FL; 32547 Okaloosa Darren Alford Wastewater operations Manager (850) 651-7133 Operator Of the Facility Mark Wise (850) 651-7171 30.442937 -86.609008 10/27/2017 08:25 EDT No 10/27/2017 12:50 EDT Incident Location
3356 Bradley Creek Drive Reclaimed Water Break Contractor ran over a one inch reclaimed water service. Service was repaired and placed back into service. Reclaimed water entered storm water system with no environmental impact. Approximately 5228 gallons of reclaimed water leaked. 10/27/2017 14:20 EDT Mid Clay WWTP 2926-1 Jubilee Lane; Green Cove Springs FL; 32043 Clay Dennis R Martin Wastewater Superintendent (904) 626-3893 Facility Manager Dennis R Martin (904) 626-3893 30.034741 -81.784158 10/26/2017 13:00 EDT No 10/26/2017 15:35 EDT Incident Location
Federal Highway Wastewater spill due to a blocked 8 inch clay gravity line. Estimated amount discharged was 70 gallons, of which 50 gallons were recovered utilizing the vactor truck. The area was sanitized. The spill was contained to the parking lot. 10/27/2017 09:42 EDT Eight Inch Gravity Line 2341 North Federal Highway 2341 North Federal Highway; Directions: Latitude 26.260919 Longitude -80.099960; Pompano Beach FL; 33062 Broward Mike Kelly Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0821 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0821 26.234881 -80.107337 10/26/2017 11:40 EDT No 10/26/2017 12:30 EDT N Incident Location
Light House Point Spill Wastewater spill due to damaged 12 inch ductile iron force main. The estimated discharge was 900 gallons. Two Hundred (200) gallons were recovered. One storm drain impacted. The area was sanitized and cleaned up with HTH. 10/27/2017 09:07 EDT 12 inch Force Main 2300 N.E 41 St.; Directions: Latitude 26.280575 Longitude -80.092218; Light House Point FL; 33064 Broward Mike Kelly Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0821 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0821 26.281651 -80.083717 10/26/2017 10:25 EDT No 10/26/2017 11:40 EDT Incident Location
10-26-2017 Eastern Water Reclamation Facility A contractor hit an on-site 12. reclaimed water main used to supply facility processes. Affected area was an on-site construction excavated area wherein the spill contents were contained. The contractor recovered most of the spill amount by pumping to an on-site sanitary sewer manhole. There was no off-site release. Minimal risk to public health due to the reclaimed water spilled was contained on-site. A total of 5,000 gallons of reclaimed water overflowed and 4000 gallons was recovered from the excavation area and pumped to an on-site sanitary sewer manhole. 10/27/2017 08:17 EDT Eastern Water Reclamation Facility 1621 South Alafaya Trail; Orlando FL; 32828 Orange Eduardo C. Hernandez Engineer II (407) 836-6839 Engineer II Mark Robinson (407) 254-6791 28.521442 -81.20327 10/26/2017 14:45 EDT No 10/26/2017 15:15 EDT N Incident Location