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City of Sarasota 1267 14th Street City crews found a sewer blockage in a sewer main that caused a discharge of wastewater at 1267 14th Street. The blockage was cleared using a Vactor truck. Approximately 10 gallons of wastewater was discharged and approximately 10 gallons were recovered. The spill was contained on site. The area was disinfected with lime, hosed down and cleaned up. 03/23/2018 09:51 EDT City of Sarasota AWWTP 1750 12th Street; Sarasota FL; 34236 Sarasota Verne Hall Utilities General Manager (941) 661-1347 Owner Of the Facility Verne Hall (941) 661-1347 27.350171 -82.545301 03/22/2018 12:15 EDT No 03/22/2018 12:45 EDT Incident Location
Herbert Street F/M Break 20¿ Force main split and is leaking when pump stations run. Leak is ongoing and being contained as it leaks by vactor truck. Contractor started repair on 3/19/18. Initial repair was completed on 3/22/18. Upon completion a very small hairline crack was discovered in the existing pipe. There is no sewage currently leaking, however the City intends to replace the faulty pipe on 3/24/18. Update: On 3/24/18 crews repaired the faulty 20" force main. An existing 10ft of pipe was removed to ensure all damaged pipe was removed. The City coordinated with Daytona Beach Shores and Ponce Inlet to haul 687,900 gals of sewage to the wastewater plant during the repair. Zero SSO's were reported during the repair. 03/22/2018 14:39 EDT City of Port Orange Waste Water Treatment Plant 817 Oak Street; Port Orange FL; 32127 Volusia Steve Parnell Reclaimed Water Production Manager (386) 506-5786 Operator Of the Facility Steve Parnell (386) 299-5731 29.143 -80.993 03/17/2018 12:20 EDT No 03/24/2018 03:00 EDT N Incident Location
1085 N. Lakewood (Froce main break) The sewage spill started at 11:30 P.M. A force main was on new construction for a new lift station that is not in service. A corp. stop for a blow off valve on a 20¿main ejected due to the contractors did not tighten up the corp. stop. 4000 gallons of sewage spilled the spilled was contained in an open swale across the street from 1085 N. Lakewood. The area was dusted with lime The spill lasted to 1:30 a.m. the force main was turned off and is not in service. 03/22/2018 13:00 EDT City of Ocoee (distribution system) 1800 AD Mims Rd; Ocoee FL; 34761 - 0 Orange Trent Hopper Facility Superintendant (407) 554-7241 Operator Of the Facility Trent Hopper (407) 554-7241 28.584605 -81.542183 03/18/2018 23:30 EDT No 03/19/2018 01:30 EDT Incident Location
PGA WWTP NRCY Line break at point of connection to RAS Line - approximately 9,000 gallons spilled on a 50 x 50 sq ft area, removed with Vac-Truck and disposed of. All sewage contained on site. 03/22/2018 08:57 EDT PGA Wastewater Treatment Plant 11498 Nursery Lane; Directions: Hood Road west to Jog Road head North to reach facility.; Palm Beach Gardens FL; 33418 Palm Beach Dawn Phillips Admin Support Specialist (561) 656-2205 Assistant to the manager Brent Weidenhamer (561) 627-2900 26.855 -80.146 03/21/2018 09:00 EDT No 03/21/2018 19:10 EDT Incident Location
Diesel fuel release It was reported that due to a single vehicle accident, unit #207 released an estimated 30 gallons of diesel fuel to the underlying soil. AAF Environmental responded to the site and confirmed the impacted area measured 12ft x 15ft. Contractor placed absorbent pads into the holes as a precautionary measures. No waste was generated from this response. 03/21/2018 00:37 EDT Rentz Gallaway 495 NW Winfield St.; Lake City FL; 32055 Columbia Dragana Tomic Operations Manager I (440) 349-2700 Reporting Party Dragana Tomic (440) 349-2700 30.131608 -82.59375 12/16/2017 01:30 EST No 12/16/2017 01:30 EST Incident Location
Diesel fuel release Penske 24/7 Roadside contacted ERTS and reported that due to a mechanical failure, an estimated 30 gallons released to the asphalt of the Nabisco at 1000 Mid Florida Drive in Orlando, FL. Penske requested a team to respond to the site for proper cleanup and remedial activities. ERTS coordinated with Lewis Environmental to respond to the site. Lewis Environmental removed all free standing product and containerized all spent absorbents into 3-55 gallon steel drums. All generated waste was transported off site for proper disposal. 03/21/2018 00:28 EDT Nabisco 1000 Mid Florida Drive, Orlando, FL 32824 FL Orange Dragana Tomic Operations Manager I (440) 349-2700 Reporting party Dragana Tomic (440) 349-2700 28.513 -81.605 02/26/2018 21:30 EST Yes Incident Location
Tanamora WPF; 328 1/2 Donald Lane, Winter Haven, FL 33880 Polk County Utilities was notified at 9:30 AM on March 20, 2018 of a low chlorine alarm. Upon arrival at about 9:45 AM, the operator discovered approximately 780 gallons of chlorine bleach had discharged onto the pavement and soil. Further investigation determined that the discharge originated from a broken chlorine feed pipe. The spill was contained on-site and did not impact adjacent properties or waterways. There is no anticipated potential risk to public health, safety or welfare. The spill was promptly reported to State Watch Office at 9:56 AM (Incident No. 2018-1809) and to NRC at 9:59 AM (Incident No. 1207253). Additional notification was made to the local State Emergency Response Commission contact at 1:00 PM. The affected area was treated with a neutralizing agent (Sodium Sulfite). The contaminated soil was excavated to approximately 24 inches deep to meet a background pH of approximately 7.3 SU, then properly disposed of in accordance with all regulatory requirements. Clean-up action was completed at 2:02 PM on March 20, 2018 and the feed pipe was replaced to prevent a recurrence. 03/20/2018 16:42 EDT Tanamora WPF; Central Public Water System #653-4609 328 1/2 Donald Lane ; Winter Haven FL; 33880 Polk John A. Belangia Environmental Specialist II (863) 298-4270 Polk County Utilities Krystal J. Azzarella (863) 298-4195 28.017663 -81.825851 03/20/2018 09:30 EDT No 03/20/2018 14:00 EDT Incident Location
Abnormal Event 3-16-2018 Raw wastewater spill occurred on Friday, March 16, 2018. 2000 gallons flowed to surface water. Sampling is ongoing. 03/20/2018 11:03 EDT Venice Eastside WWTF 3510 Laurel Road E.; North Venice FL; 34275 Sarasota James A. Petrosky Operations Supervisor (941) 486-2788 Operator Of the Facility James A. Petrosky (941) 486-2788 27.100207 -82.433891 03/16/2018 14:00 EDT No 03/16/2018 20:00 EDT Incident Location
Sanitary Sewer Overflow At 10:30 crews arrived onsite @ 7111 N. Blue Angel Pkwy and discovered a broken force main. Lift Station #328 was shut off to stop further spillage. The spill was estimated at 750 gallons (into a water - run off ditch) in which 750 gallons was recovered by Vacuum trucks and transported to the collection system/treatment facility. All repairs were completed by 11:30 and Neutra-Dis (a biocide) was applied to the affected area. 03/20/2018 10:59 EDT Broken Force Main (due to pipe fatigue) 7111 N. Blue Angel Pkwy; Pensacola FL Escambia Robert Gordon Communications Coordinator II (850) 969-6500 Operator Of the Facility Doug Gibson (850) 969-6513 30.486278 -87.310935 03/19/2018 10:30 EDT No 03/19/2018 11:30 EDT Incident Location
Seminola Blvd And Button Rd- Received a call reporting a SSO from our stormwater division. Cleared backup And found that a cable had been bored through our 8¿ PVC sewer main. EST 1200 gallons lost. Cleared blockage and cleaned up area. Wastewater did flow into a nearby Storm drain. We were unsuccessful in recovering any sewage from the storm pipe. 03/19/2018 17:09 EDT City Of Casselberry  FL Seminole Matt Baker D&C Superintendent (407) 262-7725 Operator Of the Facility Matt Baker (407) 262-7725 28.68 -81.333 03/19/2018 14:50 EDT No 03/19/2018 16:30 EDT Incident Location