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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
FEC Bowden Yard Bunkhouse Lift Station While performing maintenance on piping the lift station pumps turned on and approximately 2000 gallons of pretreated industrial waste water was released to a ditch in the vicinity of the lift station. JEA was notified and a plumber was able to turn off the pumps while repairs were completed. No sewage was released. The industrial waste water consisted of stormwater that had passed through an oil-water separator. There was no sheen on the water or oil released. This area is already petroleum impacted and in a cleanup program. 06/18/2018 08:58 EDT FEC Bowden Yard 7150 Philips Hwy; Directions: The area is near the Bunk House in the yard.; Jacksonville FL; 32256 Duval Anthony Cinelli, PG, CHMM Project Geologist (904) 367-6006 Environmental Consultant Anthony Cinelli (904) 367-6006 30.238742 -81.600801 06/16/2018 08:15 EDT No 06/16/2018 09:30 EDT Incident Location
SSO_3481 SW 20 Ct_Q341963 - Lift station D54 was off-line. - Feeder stations were shut down. - Tanker is maintaining system. - Vacuum truck responded and washed down, decontaminated area. - Storm drain was impacted that leads to Chula Vista drainage channel outfall ~ 1 mile away. - Outfall will be assessed in the AM. 06/17/2018 20:52 EDT George T. Lohnmeyr ; Fort Lauderdale FL; 33316 Broward Lawrence Teich Environmental Resources Supervisor (954) 828-7844 Environmental Resources Supervisor Lawrence Teich (954) 828-7844 26.096188 -80.191066 06/17/2018 17:00 EDT No 06/17/2018 17:50 EDT Incident Location
ARV Break An ARV break caused an 80k to 100k release of sewer into a retention pond. Crews worked overnight to recover about 90k gallons. Area was disinfected with lime . 06/17/2018 20:23 EDT ARV at production circle and US 41 ; Directions: South on 41 to production circle on the left in Bonita Springs.; Bonita Springs FL; 34135 Lee Andy Koebel Director of operations (239) 982-0711 Owner Of the Facility Andy Koebel (239) 992-0711 26.384 -81.808 06/16/2018 20:25 EDT No 06/17/2018 03:30 EDT Incident Location
Lehigh Acres Wastewater System Abnormal Event - 6/17/2018 On 6/17/2018 a wastewater spill occured at 905 Alcala Avenue in Lehigh Acres. Lift station No.5 is being rehabilitated and the bypass pump failed causing the spill. Approximately 1,000 gallons were spilled, the bypass pump is back in operation and the area is being cleaned and disinfected. 06/17/2018 17:35 EDT Lehigh Acres Wastewater System 905 Alcala Avenue; Lehigh Acres FL; 33936 Lee Lina Maria Quintero Regional Manager (727) 858-2396 Operator Of the Facility Lina Maria Quintero (727) 858-2396 26.598388 -81.644608 06/17/2018 14:00 EDT No 06/17/2018 15:00 EDT Incident Location
Pond Overflows Due to Heavy Rain A storm water pond and a holding pond overflowed to adjacent wetlands following a heavy rain event of 3.3 inches within a 48 minute period. The pumping system on the storm water pond operated as designed and pumped the pond level down, stopping the overflow. An earthen berm was installed, stopping the overflow from the holding pond. The aggregate runoff is estimated to be greater than 1,000 gallons, consisting predominantly of storm water (from rainfall) with some exposure to wood ash. A visual observation of the wetlands at the storm water discharge locations did not indicate any adverse impact. 06/17/2018 12:03 EDT Georgia-Pacific Consumer Operations LLC 215 County Road 216; Palatka FL; 32177 Putnam Tracey Kelley Environmental Specialist (386) 227-8805 Environmental Specialist Tracey Kelley (386) 227-8805 29.676 -81.69 06/16/2018 17:30 EDT No 06/17/2018 01:00 EDT Incident Location
06162018-CRANE-1907 On 06/16/18 at 1403 hours, CSX Intermodal, Terminal Operations Supervisor, reported a 25 gallon hydraulic fluid release to pavement from Crane 1907 (ruptured hydraulic line) at MP ASK 638.70 , Jacksonville Terminal subdivision at the Jacksonville Intermodal Yard (5902 Sportsman Club Road, Jacksonville, FL). Hydraulic oil confined to pavement. No waterways affected. Entities notified: Fire Dept, City of Jacksonville EQD State OER(Report #2018-37-42). 06/17/2018 10:54 EDT CSX Jacksonville Intermodal Terminal 5902 Sportsman Club Road; Jacksonville FL; 32219 Duval Brooke Martin Manager Hazardous Materials (800) 232-0144 CSX Employee Brooke Martin (800) 232-0144 30.384504 -81.768025 06/16/2018 14:00 EDT No 06/16/2018 19:00 EDT Incident Location
City of Sarasota 1912 North Orange Avenue Spill City crews found a blockage in an 8" wastewater main at 1912 North Orange Avenue. During the process of clearing the line, approximately five gallons of raw wastewater was discharged onto the ground. The wastewater was contained on site and absorbed into the ground. Crews cleared the blockage, treated the area with lime, hosed down the containment area and vacuumed up the site. 06/16/2018 21:23 EDT City of Sarasota AWWTP 1750 12th Street; Sarasota FL; 34236 Sarasota Verne Hall General Manager (941) 661-1347 Owner Of the Facility Verne Hall (941) 661-1347 27.355009 -82.53837 06/16/2018 12:05 EDT No 06/16/2018 12:55 EDT Incident Location
Brittany Cir and Kendall Way, Statement of Trouble: 4 AC pipe has degraded and failed causing an estimated overflow of about 4,200 gallons to spill into roadway and into storm systems which lead to lake Howell. We dispatched vac trucks to maintain flows until permanent bypass could be made. Corrective Action: Put force main on bypass until permanent repairs can be completed. No further Overflows are expected. We recovered about 200 Gallons, washed down area and spread lime. We anticipate the replacement of 550 LF of force main to be replaced by Monday 6/18 06/16/2018 00:12 EDT City of Casselberry / Water Reclamation Facility 95 Triplet Lake Dr; Casselberry FL; 32707 Seminole Matt Baker Matt Baker (407) 262-7725 Operator Of the Facility Matt Baker (407) 262-7725 28.659 -81.313 06/15/2018 09:00 EDT Yes Incident Location
Sanitary Sewer Overflow City of Largo Lift Station pumps malfunctioned causing a private manhole to overflow. An estimated 1,450 gallons of sewage impacted Starkey Road surface water basin. 06/15/2018 17:29 EDT City of Largo- Country Club Dr. Country Club Dr. (near East Bay Dr. and Judy Lee Dr.); Largo FL; 33760 Pinellas Candice Zollicoffer Environmental Compliance Supervisor (727) 518-3076 staff reporting SSO for the City of Largo's WWRF Vivian Gleaves (727) 518-3076 27.913344 -82.770797 06/14/2018 23:30 EDT No 06/15/2018 00:30 EDT Incident Location
SR 434 Force Main Drill Six inch force main on SR 434 at the intersection of SR 417 was directionally drilled by a contractor on 6/1/18. We reported this incident and made a repair. On 6/10/18 it was noted there was another leak that apparently opened on the force main from the directional drill on 6/1/18. We shut down the stations and used the City Combination Cleaners to tanker the pump stations until the additional repair was executed. There were no visible signs of standing wastewater, debris, rags, or sludge in the area to indicate a large discharge. 06/15/2018 15:09 EDT Easte Water Reclamation Facility FLA011068 ; Directions: Northing: 583199.78 Easting: 1583656.39; Winter Springs FL; 32708 Seminole Paul Morrison Utility Superintendent (407) 327-5983 Utility Superintendent Paul Morrison (407) 627-5983 28.690137 -81.227558 06/10/2018 20:00 EDT No 06/10/2018 21:15 EDT Incident Location