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Intersection Moss Road and Murphy Road Sanitary sewer overflow at the intersection of Moss Road and Murphy Road Winter Springs, FL. Overflow of manhole was due to lightening striking the lift station and damaging several pieces of equipment during a major rain and lightening event. We set up bypass pumping to stop the overflow. Electricians and mechanics worked to reinstate normal operation to the station. We used a vacuum Truck to clean up the overflow area and put down some lime for disinfection. We than vacuumed the residue. 06/21/2019 13:47 EDT Winter Springs/West FLA011067  FL Seminole Paul Morrison Utility Superintendent (407) 327-5983 Utility Superintendent Paul Morrison (407) 327-5983 28.690854 -81.304216 06/13/2019 14:30 EDT No 06/13/2019 17:30 EDT Incident Location
Ocala Groudwater Wetlands Recharge Park OCALA, Fla. (June 20th, 2019) - Thursday, June 20th., the City of Ocala Wetlands Recharge Park experienced a sinkhole formation in Cell #3. An estimated between 1.5 and 2 million gallons of public access reuse water was spilled into the sinkhole. There is no standing water as it has percolated into the ground. The cell has been isolated using the onsite MOV (Motor Operated Valve) to stop the flow. 06/21/2019 12:42 EDT City of Ocala WRF#2 (FLA010680) 4200 SE 24th ST; Ocala FL; 34471 Marion Jeff Greve Lead Operator (352) 401-6928 Operator Of the Facility Jeff Greve (352) 401-6928 29.209652 -82.158928 06/20/2019 06:30 EDT No 06/20/2019 07:30 EDT Incident Location
Tony Campbell On 6/20/2019 at 21:38 a 2 inch PVC coupling broke apart and released 18,800 gallons of chlorinated effluent to the ground with a 3.7 Mg/L Chlorine Residual (AVG).. No bodies of water or storm drains were effected by release and entire amount was contained to our WWTF site. As of 23:12 the 2 inch PVC pipe was isolated, repaired and placed back on line. 06/21/2019 11:21 EDT Loxahatchee River Enviornmental Control District 2500 Jupiter Park Dr.; Jupiter FL; 34458 Palm Beach Tony Campbell Director of Operations (561) 401-4054 Operator Of the Facility Albrey Arrington (561) 401-4002 26.92458 -80.140627 06/20/2019 21:35 EDT No 06/20/2019 23:10 EDT Incident Location
TWA South Bermuda WRF Granada & Pleasant Hill On June 20, 2019, starting at approximately 3:00 PM and ending at approximately 4:00 PM, a raw wastewater spill occurred near the intersection of Granada Blvd and Pleasant Hill Road in Osceola County. Approximately 3,000 gallons spilled due to a broken forcemain caused by a boring machine going over the top of the forcemain. Nearly all of the spill volume went into a nearby pond. Toho personnel repaired the forcemain, washed the spill area with potable water, posted ┐no fishing, no swimming┐ signage, and will be taking samples from the pond for bacteriological analyses. The State Watch Office was notified immediately, and produced Incident Report #2019-3415. 06/21/2019 10:03 EDT TWA South Bermuda WRF  FL Osceola Adrian Brene Environmental Compliance Coordinator (407) 944-5016 Environmental Compliance Coordinator Adrian Brene (407) 944-5016 28.225997 -81.438777 06/20/2019 15:00 EDT No 06/20/2019 16:00 EDT Incident Location
City of Safety Harbor - Hydraulic Oil Leak On 6/20/19, at approximately 10am, a City garbage truck experienced a failure of a hydraulic hose. This resulted in a leak of 30-35 gallons of hydraulic oil onto Country Villas Dr., north of Forest Cir. The oil stayed contained to the roadway. Stormwater BMPs were put in place prior to clean up. No oil entered the Stormwater system, creeks, or swales. City crews immediately cleaned up the oil utilizing oil-dri oil absorbent and the City street sweeper. The hydraulic oil leaked was Chevron Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 68, a heavily refined mineral oil product, and as per the SDS not classified as hazardous according to 29 CFR 1910.1200 (2012). 06/20/2019 18:16 EDT City of Safety Harbor Public Works 1200 Railroad Ave.; Safety Harbor  FL; 34695 Pinellas Renee Cooper Asst. Public Works Director (727) 724-1550 Owner Of the Facility Renee Cooper (727) 724-1550 28.02828 -82.699029 06/20/2019 10:00 EDT No 06/20/2019 11:35 EDT Incident Location
Aloha Gardens LS #12 A wastewater spill was found occurring at LS #12 (2341 Chatlin Road, Holiday) @ 0800 am on 06/20/2019; this station is part of the Aloha Gardens Collection system. The spill is believed to be attributed to the elevated collection system and increased flows being delivered to the station due to the approximate 6" of rain received in the local area over the past few days. The lift station pumps within the station discharge to the Pasco County Utilities force main and are unable to consistently keep up with the flows being received. The spill is currently ongoing (intermittently). The entire spill has been contained within the onsite disposal pond (old effluent disposal pond). Technicians are replacing one of the current lift station pumps with one of larger size in and effort to move a greater volume of water at an increased pressure. Also crews are installing a third external bypass pump to assist with pumping down the station in an effort to reduce station operating levels with the increased influent flows being received. Determining an estimate to the volume of the spill is difficult at this time due to the fact that the discharge is not continuous. The discharge is contingent to the head pressure of the force main and is dictated by other lift stations contributing to the force main. The current volume is estimated at 10-15 gallons per minute - when discharging; however again the station has not continuously discharged. All contents of the discharge have remained onsite. No water ways are affected. UPDATE: The discharge has ceased as of 7:45 am. 06/21/2019 UPDATE: Technicians found the station not discharging at 7:45 am on 06/21/2019, the total estimated volume of loss is 2,000 gallons (all contained onsite). The station level was down approximately 4┐ upon arrival to the site, so it the discharge ceased at some-point during the evening. The affected area of the discharge will be limed and cleaned. No water ways were affected. 06/20/2019 15:42 EDT Aloha Gardens Collection System 2341 Chatlin Road ; Holiday FL; 34652 Pasco Melisa Rotteveel US Water Services (866) 753-8292 Operator Of the Facility Melisa Rotteveel (866) 753-8292 28.193 -82.763 06/20/2019 08:00 EDT No 06/21/2019 07:45 EDT N Incident Location
Eagle Ridge Lift Station 6 Called in to Deanna Newburg FDEP Fort Myers13:55 pm June 20th. 06/20/2019 15:27 EDT Eagle Ridge WWTP 14668 Aeries Way Drive ; Directions: Occurred at lift station 6 located near 7991 Georgian Bay Circle. the station is part of Eagle Ridge collection system.; Fort Myers FL; 33912 Lee Glenn Bruce Area Manager (407) 725-3315 Area Manager Glenn Bruce (407) 725-3315 31.444 -90.36 06/19/2019 16:00 EDT No 06/20/2019 07:00 EDT Incident Location
Diesel Spill / Pump Station S-356 Pin hole leak in fuel supply hose to pump station engine. Fuel sprayed onto pump station floor and then dripped (~2 gal) into canal. Incident occurred at Pump Station S-356. NRC Incident No.: 1249538 SWP Incident No.: 2019-3410 06/20/2019 15:09 EDT South Florida Water Management District / Pump Station S-356 Tamiami Trail, 1.3 miles west of Krome Ave., Miami, FL; Directions: Facility located at: Lat/Long: 25.45.41 / -80.30.07.; Miami FL; 33196 Miami-Dade Jeffrey Smith Lead Env. Scientist (561) 682-2516 Owner Of the Facility Jeffrey Smith (561) 682-2516 25.761511 -80.502064 06/20/2019 07:30 EDT No 06/20/2019 07:35 EDT Incident Location
Tyndall Road and Govreau Road Andrew Hooks received call from Utility Dispatch at 7:32 AM that Air Release Valve was reported leaking. Andrew Hooks called Jordan Shoti to investigate, Mr. Shoti arrived on site at 7:40 AM and witnessed the ARV was broken at 2'' SCH 80 nipple and spilling. At 7:45 AM Mr. Shoti closed the 2'' ball valve and stopped the spill. Mr. Hooks called out a vactor truck and sludge truck to retrieve sewer spill, estimated spill at 9,000 gallons. Mr. Hircock was notified of spill, crew spread a total of 6- 60 pound bags of lime and retrieved a total of 10,000 gallons and washed down with 600 gallons of clean water. Looks like cause of spill was ARV hit by vehicle. ARV was reinstalled and 2'' nipple replaced. There was no sewer that entered any storm or ponds. 06/20/2019 15:08 EDT Wesley Center Wastewater Treatment Facility 7501 Boyette Road; Directions: PERMIT # FLA 016094; Wesley Center FL; 33544 Pasco James Hircock Environmental Compliance Specialist (813) 235-6189 Environmental Compliance Specialist James Hircock (727) 247-0391 28.299305 -82.303998 06/20/2019 07:45 EDT No 06/20/2019 07:50 EDT Incident Location
11143 New Berlin Road Break in reclaim water line caused 5000 gal of reclaim water to be released on to ground. 06/20/2019 14:56 EDT 11143 New Berlin Rd 11143 New Berlin Rd; Jacksonville FL; 32226 Duval Glenn E Davis II Incident Response (904) 591-4777 Incident Response Glenn E. Davis II (904) 591-4777 30.438 -81.558 06/20/2019 03:00 EDT No 06/20/2019 04:45 EDT Incident Location