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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Lift Station MC#20 Overflow 8-27-17 Received high level alarm at lift station MC #20. Pump truck hauled two loads (~10,000 gallons) of influent prior to the station becoming overwhelmed. Approximately 1,200 - 1,400 gallons overflowed, due to excessive rainfall combined with a high tide event, in to the fenced lift station retention area. The area affected was the retention area with in the lift station fence. No offsite discharge. No stormwater drains or surface waters affected. A valve was shut off and this lift station was bypassed to another to help relieve the flow to this station. The standing sewage was pumped and the affected area was limed. We will monitor the weather and tides to try and predict impacts on our system. Continue to address I&I in the collection system. 08/28/2017 09:17 EDT Meadowcrest Collection System - Lift Station #20 7465 W. Stuart Lane; Homosassa FL; 34446 Citrus Charles Thompson Maintenance Supervisor (352) 400-0846 Maintenance Supervisor Gary Loggins (352) 527-7650 28.813897 -82.557903 08/27/2017 19:30 EDT No 08/27/2017 20:30 EDT Incident Location
GRU Wastewater Collection System At 11 AM on August 27, 2017, GRU was notified of a wastewater release occurring at SW 8th Place and SW 61st Street. When crews arrived, they observed a manhole overflowing at that location. A jet truck was utilized to clear a blockage formed by residential grease. By 12:15 pm, the blockage was cleared and the overflow was stopped. The wastewater release flowed into a storm conveyance and percolated into sandy soil. An estimated 1,500 gallons was released from the manhole. No surface waters were impacted by the release and no wastewater was recoverable. Advisory signs were placed at the release site. State warning point, ACEPD and the health department were notified in a timely manner. FDEP event number is 2017-6522. Coordinates of the spill are 29.644967, -82.409655. Educational materials stressing the importance of keeping fats, oils and grease out of the collection system will be distributed to the neighborhood. A sign indicating the cause of the spill was posted in the impacted area. This collection system flows to the Kanapaha Water Reclamation Facility (FL0112895). 08/28/2017 08:55 EDT GRU Wastewater Collection System 800 Block of SW 61st Street; Gainesville FL; 32607 Alachua Jennifer McElroy Supervising Utility Engineer (352) 393-1291 Supervising Engineer Tiffany Small (352) 393-1492 29.644973 -82.409697 08/27/2017 11:00 EDT No 08/27/2017 12:15 EDT Incident Location
Mosaic Four Corners Mine Water Release 8/27/2017 Turbid water from the mine recirculation ditch was discharged through the NPDES D-001 outfall for a short time before flocculent application was initiated. The turbidity reading at the outfall was 52.0 NTU at the onset of discharge and was >29 NTU above the NPDES background instream sampling location. Approximately 7.1 inches of rain was recorded at a nearby rain gauge since the gauge was last read on 8/25/2017. The outfall was closed and the discharge diminished to de minimis flow at 1:00 PM on 8/28/17 and completely stopped at 11:00 PM on 8/28/17. 08/27/2017 19:09 EDT Mosaic Four Corners Mine 11200 SR 37 South; Bradley FL; 33835 Hillsborough, Manatee Amy Young Sr. EHS Specialist (863) 581-5692 Site Environmental Specialist Jackie Barron (941) 322-6811 27.644766 -82.100808 08/27/2017 08:30 EDT No 08/28/2017 23:00 EDT N Incident Location
Fuel Spill There was a fuel spill @ Beall's Distribution facility in Manatee County located @2100 47th Terrace East, Bradenton, FL, 34208. Fuel was spilled into parking lot and through the drain into the nearby retention lake. Amount is unknown at this time but it is around 500 or more gallons. 08/27/2017 16:58 EDT Beall's Distribution Center 817 2100 47th Terrace East, Bradenton, FL, 34208; Bradenton FL; 34208 Manatee George Pastujov Director, Safety and Business Continuity GPASTUJOV@BEALLSINC.COM (941) 744-4647 Operator Of the Facility George Pastujov (941) 744-4647 GPASTUJOV@BEALLSINC.COM 27.456006 -82.538129 08/27/2017 07:00 EDT Yes Incident Location
Bradenton WRF On 8-26-17 the Influent structure was hydraulically overloaded causing 1500 - 2500 gallons to overflow into the collection system. The operators bypassed the structure and the bypass ceased. 08/27/2017 14:26 EDT Bradenton WRF 1810 first streeet west ; bradenton FL Manatee William Waitt Chief Operator (603) 490-8969 Operator Of the Facility william waitt (603) 490-8969 27.387724 -82.551909 08/26/2017 22:10 EDT No 08/26/2017 22:15 EDT Incident Location
Master Lift Station Breaker tripped causing pumps to stop. Approximately 25,000 gallons spilled before it was reset . Everything was contained on site . Lime was spread on the area. 08/26/2017 21:14 EDT Bonita Springs WWRF 8890 Ten-Eight st.; Directions: N on Tamiami trail to old us 41. Take right. Half mile on right.; Bonita Springs  FL; 34135 Lee Andy Koebel Director of Operations (239) 992-0711 Operator Of the Facility Andy Koebel (239) 992-0711 26.375723 -81.804483 08/26/2017 19:30 EDT No 08/26/2017 19:45 EDT Incident Location
City of Hollywood 10" Force Main Break A wastewater force main broke, due to pipe failure. On Friday, August 25, 2017, at approximately 5:00 PM, the City of Hollywood Dept. Public Utilities was informed of a wastewater discharge near 1121 N 70 Avenue 33024, a force main break was verified. The pipe break was an 10-inch asbestos cement pipe. From the time of notification up until approximately 9 PM several Lift Stations were shut off to make the repair. The pipe was repaired and surrounding area were restored by 5:00 AM on 8/26/17. The spill did enter the roadway and public access areas, however there was no discharge to stormdrains. The affected areas are being cleaned up with HTH and vacuum trucks. The discharge amount for the sewage spill is being calculated but is estimated to be +5,000 gallons. The COH will update this report once a true estimate of the spill amount is complete. 08/26/2017 13:18 EDT City of Hollywood Department of Public Utilities 1121 N 70 Avenue Hollywood FL 33024; Hollywood FL; 33024 Broward Kassandra Myers Water Quality Manager (954) 921-3414 Utility Compliance Contact Francois Domond < (954) 921-3048 26.019515 -80.228301 08/25/2017 17:00 EDT No 08/26/2017 05:00 EDT Incident Location
Sewage Spill 8.24.17 Bay County was contacted at 10:35 am regarding the spill and responded to the site immediately. The GPS location of Spill is: 2957'57.6"N 8526'55.1"W A pipe defect on the 14 inch force main coming from Mexico Beach caused the wastewater spill. Approximately 8,000 gallons of raw wastewater spilled onto the ground. The spill did not impact any surface water. The damaged force main was isolated with valves near the spill site location. SIS pumped and hauled wastewater from the Mexico Beach master lift station to the Military Point AWTF while the force main was repaired. After the repair work was completed the impacted grounds were treated with lime. 08/25/2017 15:57 EDT Mexico Beach force main  FL Bay Josie Penton for Albert Bock Environmental Consultant (850) 767-0045 FDEP/Environmental Consultant Albert Bock (850) 628-5402 29.965641 -85.448266 08/23/2017 10:30 EDT No 08/23/2017 15:00 EDT Incident Location
2017 08 25 Pool Truck Crash FD Case 2017-010113 Auto accident involving a pool truck. Occurred at Westview Dr/University Dr in Coral Springs,FL. FD case 2017-010113, PD case 17-008464. 2-3 gallons of liquid chlorine were spilled during the crash, and leaked into the grass. 08/25/2017 12:35 EDT City of Coral Springs Communications Center 2801 Coral Springs Dr; Coral Springs FL; 33065 Broward Patrick Thurman Communications Shift Supervisor (954) 344-1800 Communications Center Employee Steven Frey, Assistant Fire Cheif (954) 344-5934 26.298293 -80.250204 08/25/2017 11:50 EDT Yes Incident Location
Sanitary Sewer Overflow A contractor jacking and boring hit the City's force main, causing approximately 2,000 gallons of sewage to spill. Contents of the spill were removed via vacuum truck. No waterways were affected. 08/24/2017 19:41 EDT 6080 US 1 North ; St. Augustine FL; 32095 St. Johns Glabra Skipp Environmental Compliance Analyst (904) 825-1055 Environmental Compliance Analyst Glabra Skipp (904) 825-1055 29.981793 -81.364193 08/24/2017 13:00 EDT No 08/24/2017 14:00 EDT Incident Location