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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Briarwood Estates Pond Discharge Briarwood Estates, FLA012999. At approximately 10:30 this morning an effluent leak was located on the eastern RIB at the bottom of the south berm. It is estimated that it is leaking at approximately 3 gallons per minute. As the flow was rotated to this pond on the 9th of January, we estimate the total amount at 69,120 gallons lost through the leak in the berm to the wooded area behind the berm. The operator has switched flow to the pond at the plant to allow the pond level to drop and the spill to stop. Park management has been notified and will make necessary repairs to the berm. 01/25/2019 15:08 EST Briarwood Estates Pond Discharge 5310 Deeson Road; Kathleen FL; 33810 Polk Melisa Rotteveel US Water Services (866) 753-8292 Operator Of the Facility Melisa Rotteveel (866) 753-8292 28.112 -82.055 01/09/2019 12:00 EST No 01/28/2019 16:00 EST N Incident Location
Live Oak Armory Tanker Release A mobile fuel tanker had a diesel leak which was being contained in a drip pan until fuel could be offloaded and leak identified and fixed. The fuel leak was contained within a drive-on secondary containment unit which had absorbent pads to collect excess fuel. A rain event on the morning of January 24, 2019 caused the drive-on secondary containment unit to gather excess rainwater and fail. It also appears the fuel leak intensified releasing an unknown amount of diesel fuel (best estimate between 25 and 50 gallons) into the drive-on containment unit, some of which was released to the motor pool area when the drive-on containment unit fail. Storm water from the motor pool drains to a small pond and wetland area adjacent to the rear or the property. Most of the release fuel appeared to be collect around the drive-on containment unit but a slight sheen was noted in small puddles between the drive-on containment unit and pond. In addition, there was a slight sheen at the waterline where the pond was adjacent to the motor pool. Spill kits were deployed to absorb any excess fuel in the motor pool and pond. The remainder of the pond was check visually and using gas finding paste but no other signs of a sheen were found in the remainder of the pond or wetland area. The used absorbents were collected and containerized into 55 gallon steel drums and a vac-truck contracted for removal of remaining rainwater contaminated with diesel still collected in the drive-on secondary containment unit. Facility personnel were able to fully stop the leak so it is not ongoing. On-Site Contact is SSG David Jones; 386-362-1915 x 1236 01/25/2019 14:05 EST Live Oak National Guard Armory 1416 11th Street SW; Directions: From I-75, exit 283 and go south on US 129 towards Live Oak; continue south through downtown Live Oak and turn right onto 11th Street; take the second exit of the round about and continue onto 11th Street to facility on your right; Live Oak FL; 32064 Suwannee Justin Campbell Environemntal Specialist (904) 613-2947 Employee for Dept of Miliatary Affairs (CFMO-ENV) Justin Campbell (904) 613-2947 30.291 -83.008 01/24/2019 05:00 EST No 01/24/2019 14:30 EST N Incident Location
12" Force Main Bypass - 1/24/19 EA Tapping Service installed a line stop on the 12" force main in order to set up a bypass required to relocate the force main. The pipe at the line stop sleeve cracked at 3:00 PM as the technician was closing the valve. The spray of fluid in the hole was immediately noticed by personnel on site including the City of St. Augustine inspector. City of St. Augustine pump/vac trucks arrived on site at 3:52 PM. All leakage was contained in the approximately 10' x 8' excavated area at the pipe. No sewage left the excavation and no sewage ever reached surface water. The pump truck cleaned the leakage and a new pipe was installed to replace the cracked pipe. The pipe repair was completed at approximately 9:00 PM on the same day. Approximately 900 gallons was spilled into the excavation. The excavated area was washed down with water from the vac truck and then the water and affected soils were vacuumed into the truck tank. Clean dirt was placed to fill the excavation after the repair and cleaning was completed. 01/25/2019 13:06 EST City of St. Augustine - 12" force main US Highway 1 North St. Augustine, FL ; Directions: located on US Highway 1 North on the east side of the ROW, approximately 600' north of Binninger Drive; St. Augustine FL; 32095 St. Johns Jeremy Rowell Rowell Contracting, Inc. - President (904) 349-5338 contractor Jeremy Rowell (904) 349-5338 29.983244 -81.365386 01/24/2019 15:00 EST No 01/24/2019 21:00 EST Incident Location
City of Vernon 1/24/19 - WWTP More than 1,000 gallons of raw sewage were released at the wastewater treatment plant in Vernon. The release was contained on site. 01/25/2019 11:41 EST City of Vernon WWTP 2964 Dawkins Street; Vernon FL; 32462 Washington Ronald Wood Public Works Director (850) 260-2277 Operator Of the Facility Ronald Wood (850) 260-2277 30.61721 -85.717123 01/24/2019 11:30 EST Yes Incident Location
VC/Southwest #31 Lift Station / 126 Pine Valley Court Accidental domestic wastewater discharge of approximately 2,000 gallons overflowing two manholes due to 8" gravity sewer service line being clogged with grease. Location of the discharge was near 126 Pine Valley Ct., Debary, Florida. Jet machine was used to clear the 8" sewer line No major water body was affected, overflow was contained within the storm swale. Affected area was cleaned and properly stabilized with lime. Incident started at approximately 7 PM and was completed at approximately 12 AM. 01/24/2019 14:18 EST Glen Abbey Golf Club (Southwest Regional WWTF # FLA011128) 126 Pine Valley Court; DeBary FL; 32713 Volusia Brian Volkman, R.S. Environmental Specialist III (386) 822-6465 Compliance Manager Alan Ferguson (386) 822-6465 28.903973 -81.303449 01/23/2019 07:00 EST No 01/24/2019 00:00 EST Incident Location
Central Boulevard Dispatched for sewer on ground. F/M , Vactor crew dispatched to site. Plant mechanics assisted with shutdown of 12" f/m pipe. Envirowaste was called to assist. Used trenching and shoring to isolate repair. Extreme water from ground and rain hindered repair. Found crack in pipe at bell connection. Replaced cracked section with new pipe using mega lugs. Backfilled with fresh fill dirt. Spread 400 lbs lime to affected area. Estimated 1500 gallons spilled and 500 gallons retrieved. Spill contained to drainage ditch, no waterways were affected. Spill email and report completed by Anthony Wetzel. SWP notified 01/24/2019 13:56 EST Land O'Lakes Wastewater Treatment Facility 6101 Parkway Blvd.; Directions: PERMIT # FLA012731; Land O'Lakes FL; 34639 Pasco James Hircock Environmental Compliance Specialist (813) 235-6189 Environmental Compliance Specialist James Hircock (727) 247-0391 28.304959 -82.489372 01/23/2019 15:15 EST No 01/23/2019 17:15 EST Incident Location
Petroleum Hydraulic fluid release On 10/05/2018, ERTS was notified by Republic Services- 3065 Jacksonville Residential regarding a 25-gallon hydraulic fluid release due to a mechanical failure when a hydraulic line ruptured on their garbage truck. Hepaco responded to the spill response and generated a (1) 55-gallon drum of debris. The spill impacted an asphalt roadway and did not release to soils, drains or any waterway. All waste was properly disposed of. 01/24/2019 09:50 EST Residential Neighborhood University Blvd.; Jacksonville FL; 32216 Duval Tyler Hansberry Project Specialist (440) 349-2700 Agent to Republic Services Jazzmin Lopez (904) 350-8126 30.207593 -81.736816 10/05/2018 10:45 EDT No 10/05/2018 11:00 EDT Incident Location
2809 35th Street Untreated Domestic Wastewater 2809 35th street, Edgewater, Florida Discharge from Manhole due to Lift Station Mechanical Failure Approximately 3,000 to 5,000 gallons Incident started at 2000 hrs 1/23/2019 Incident ended at 2330 hrs 1/23/2019 No major water body affected, however some went into storm water swales in front of homes Area was disinfected with Lime 01/24/2019 09:20 EST Florida Shores Subdivision 2809 35th Street; Directions: Manhole is located in front of residence at 2809 35th Street which is the corner of Silver Palm Drive and 35th Street; Edgewater FL; 32141 Volusia Eric R Bosse Wastewater Plant Manager (386) 424-2488 Operator Of the Facility Randy Coslow (386) 424-2400 28.931307 -80.906746 01/23/2019 20:00 EST No 01/23/2019 23:30 EST Incident Location
Sanitary Sewer Overflow We had a sewer spill from a force main in front of 8765 Rush Ln. 01/23/2019 16:26 EST Force Main 8765 Rush Ln; Pensacola FL; 32514 Escambia Lisa Suarez Communications Coordinator ll (850) 969-6500 Operator Of the Facility Doug Gibson (850) 969-6513 30.570124 -87.347145 01/23/2019 10:30 EST No 01/23/2019 12:00 EST Incident Location
Diesel Fuel Release On 12/26/2018, ERTS was notified by Greyhound regarding an unknown diesel fuel release to a on-site storm drain at 1111 Forsyth in Jacksonville, FL. ERTS dispatched Hepaco on 12/26/2018 to clean and manage the release. 130-gallons of diesel impacted water was pumped from the storm drain. The diesel fuel did not surpass the catch basin. On 12/31/2018, Hepaco returned to site to complete cleanup by generating 500-gallons of diesel impacted water and eradicating the storm drain and catch basin of any debris and vegetation. On 01/08/2019, ERTS was notified of a strong odor emitting from the drain. Hull's Environmental was called to site to clean diesel impacted drain and over two days generated 50-100 gallons of diesel impacted water, as well as generated four drums of waste from impacted soil. 01/23/2019 15:56 EST Greyhound Bus Terminal 1111 W Forsyth St.; Jacksonville FL; 32204 Duval Tyler Hansberry Project Specialist (440) 349-2700 Agent to First America- Greyhound Ted Gohl (214) 244-5826 30.356204 -81.660302 12/26/2018 11:10 EST No 12/26/2018 11:10 EST Incident Location