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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
H.E.M. Trucking, Inc Fuel Spill tractor trailer wrecked on I-75 southbound near mile marker 409, an estimated 100 gallons of diesel fuel was discharged 05/26/2018 09:28 EDT I-75 southbound mile marker 409 ; Alachua FL; 32615 Alachua Alan Chandler Manager - AOTC Emergency Response (352) 472-7295 emergency response company Clint Daugherty (352) 472-7295 29.872 -82.544 05/26/2018 01:00 EDT No 05/26/2018 08:00 EDT Incident Location
5080 Kingsbury Street 16 inch sewer force main broke causing sewer to be released into a storm water system that releases into Big Fishwier Creek 05/25/2018 19:50 EDT 5080 Kingsbury Street 5080 Kingsbury Street; Jacksonville FL; 32205 Duval Glenn Davis Incident Response (904) 591-4777 Incident Response Glenn Davis (904) 591-4777 30.306841 -81.731838 05/25/2018 16:30 EDT No 05/25/2018 19:40 EDT Incident Location
18-1 Flow Line Produced Water Release A release of produced water occurred on the 18-1 flow line on May 25, 2018 at 06:50 a.m. The estimated amount of produced water released is 25 gallons. The St. Regis Control Room Operator was notified by a 911 call about steam in a field. The Operator immediately notified the Field Operator, who immediately isolated the line and called for assistance. Berms were created to contain the produced water, and a vacuum truck was used to remove the water. The flow line was depressurized, blinded, clamped and flushed with fresh water in preparation for inspection and repairs. Contract crews commenced soil cleanup on May 25, 2018, and all impacted soil is in the process of being removed and disposed of at an approved landfill. 05/25/2018 15:34 EDT St. Regis Gas Treatment Facility and Jay Gas Plant Breitburn Operating LP; P.O. Box 889; Jay FL; 32565 Santa Rosa Steve Niehaus Regional EHS Manager (989) 732-0020 Operator Of the Facility Larry Dilmore (850) 758-0538 30.94442 -87.144431 05/25/2018 06:50 EDT No 05/25/2018 07:00 EDT Incident Location
Van Dyke WWTF, 19140 Ramblewood Road Spill 5000 Gallons of Raw Influent spilled due to Headworks overflow during high flows. 05/25/2018 11:24 EDT Van Dyke WWTF, 19140 Ramblewood Road FLA012234  FL Hillsborough JON JOHANSON PROJECT MANAGER 11 JOHANSONJ@HILLSBOROUGHCOUNTY.ORG (813) 309-3088 PROJECT MANAGER 11 BETH SCHINELLA (813) 612-7761 28.14349 -82.53308 05/24/2018 21:00 EDT No 05/24/2018 21:05 EDT Incident Location
SR 54 AND MEADOW POINT BLVD FDOT Report: An estimated 25 gallons or more of wastewater was released from a force main near the intersection below due to a contractor at a construction area striking it causing the line to break. The release along with the broken line have been secured, caller stated the release is contained in a ditch on site. Clean up has been planned by the reporting party and they are currently awaiting for a vacuum truck to come out. Location is not approximate. 05/25/2018 07:50 EDT Southeast Wastewater Treatment Facility 6039 Handcart Road; Directions: PERMIT # FLA012737; Zephyyrhills FL; 33544 Pasco James Hircock Environmental Compliance Specialist (813) 235-6189 Environmental Compliance Specialist James Hircock (727) 247-0391 28.232089 -82.296112 05/24/2018 13:40 EDT No 05/24/2018 14:25 EDT Incident Location
424994 WASD Incident #: 424994 Version: 1 Version Type: Preliminary Incident Version Created On: 05/24/18 03:54 PM Job Order #: 1003656006 Location of Discharge: 3989 RICKENBACKER CSWY UNINCORPORATED MIAMI-DADE 33149 Additional Location Description: NW CORNER OF PLANT #2 DIGESTER CLUSTER 1 Reported by WASD Employee? Yes Employee ID: 00205491 Employee Title: TREATMENT PLANT SUP Reported by: TERRANCE CARTER Utility Name: Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Phone Number: (305) 274-9272 Path of Flow: Contained On: TRENCH AREA Discharge Caused by Asset Type: System Valve Contractor Involved? Yes (Private Contractor) Private Contractor Name: POOLE & KENT Discharge Due to/Caused by: System Valve Leaking Pipe Material: DIP (Ductile Iron Pipe) Pipe Size in inches: 12 Type of Water Discharge: OTHER SECONDARY SLUDGE Did Discharge Go to Public Access Area? No Did Discharge Go into Storm Sewer? No Did Discharge Go into Surface Water? No Weather Conditions: Sunny Estimated Quantity of Sewage Released in Gallons: 3,000 Estimated Time Release Started: 05/24/18 12:00 PM Estimated Time Action Taken at Site: 05/24/18 12:10 PM ACTION TAKEN Active Spill Observed? Yes Discharge Flow Stopped? Yes Discharge Stopped On: 05/24/18 12:45 PM Spill Contained? Yes Area Cleaned? Yes Area Disinfected? Yes Method of Disinfection: Lime/Vactor Public Notified? No Spill Recovered? Yes Recovered Amount in Gallons: 3,000 AGENCIES NOTIFIED AGENCY NOTIFICATION POINT METHOD NOTIFIED TO NOTIFIED ON DEP FDEP State Warning Point Phone CLAUDIA**2018-3175 05/24/18 04:16 PM RER RER Compliance Desk Phone ALEX 05/24/18 04:16 PM WASD WASD Jose Cueto Phone LEFT VMAIL @ 4:15PM 05/24/18 04:16 PM DEP DEP Notification Group E-mail 05/24/18 04:16 PM DOH DOH Notification Group E-mail 05/24/18 04:16 PM EPA EPA Notification Group E-mail 05/24/18 04:16 PM HMS Hazardous Materials Subcommittee Group E-mail 05/24/18 04:16 PM RER RER Notification Group E-mail 05/24/18 04:16 PM SFWM SFWM Notification Group E-mail 05/24/18 04:16 PM WASD WASD Interdepartmental Personnel E-mail 05/24/18 04:16 PM Future Contact Person: Marcelo Garcia Future Contact Person's Phone Number: (786) 552-8342 Form Completed by: Charvonte Osborne Of: Water & Sewer Department DEP USE ONLY WRITTEN REPORT REQUESTED: ___ No/ ___ Yes DUE DATE: _________________________________ NAME: _____________________ TITLE: ________________________________ SIGNATURE: ______________ DATE: ___________ Latitude: 25.7367251690968 Longitude: -80.1656523801101 05/24/18 04:16 PM Page 1 of 1 DOMESTIC WASTEWATER DISCHARGE/ABNORMAL EVENT NOTIFICATION MIAMI-DADE COUNTY WATER AND SEWER DEPARTMENT EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS SECTION 05/24/2018 17:35 EDT Miami-Dade W&S Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant 3989 Rickenbacker Cswy; Directions: NW corner of plant #2 Digester Cluster ; Miami FL; 33149 Miami-Dade Terrance Carter Treatment Plant Supervisor (305) 274-9272 Operator Of the Facility Marcelo M. Garcia (305) 274-9272 25.747472 -80.148858 05/24/2018 12:00 EDT No 05/24/2018 12:45 EDT Incident Location
City of Haines City WWTP Microscreen Overflow On 5-23-18 at approx. 10:21PM the micro-screen effluent filtration system located at the Haines City WWTP overflowed approx. 2000 gallons of treated clarifier effluent. This was caused by a high flow that overwhelmed the flow capacity of the filter system. 05/24/2018 17:08 EDT City Of Haines City Waste Water Treatment Plant 851 East Park Rd.; Haines City FL; 33844 Polk Tommy King WWTP Lead Operator (863) 421-3690 Operator Of the Facility Linda Fisher (863) 421-3695 28.11696 -81.598003 05/23/2018 22:20 EDT No 05/23/2018 22:40 EDT Incident Location
City of Sarasota Paradise Plaza Spill City crews found a blockage in a main line at 3700 South Tamiami Trail. During the line clearing process approximately 200 gallons of raw wastewater was spilled onto the street curbing. Crews were able to recover approximately 50 gallons while the remainder entered the storm water collection system. The area was washed down, treated with lime and vacuumed up. Samples were collected. The spill occurred at 12:00 PM on May 17, 2018 and was reported via email on May 18, 2018. The email did not arrive until the afternoon of May 22, 2018. Samples were collected and the issue with the delayed email is under investigation. 05/24/2018 16:02 EDT City of Sarasota AWWTF 1850 12th Street; Sarasota FL; 34236 Sarasota Verne Hall General Manager (941) 661-1347 Owner Of the Facility Verne Hall (941) 661-1347 27.300607 -82.530501 05/17/2018 12:00 EDT No 05/17/2018 13:00 EDT Incident Location
City of Sarasota 2050 Adams Lane During the process of realigning a reclaimed water line to make room for a new water main approximately 3,000 gallons of reclaimed water was released. It flowed into the excavated dirt area. 05/24/2018 08:54 EDT City of Sarasota AWWTP 1750 12th Street; Sarasota FL; 34236 Sarasota Verne Hall Utilities General Manager (941) 661-1347 Owner Of the Facility Verne Hall (941) 661-1347 27.331348 -82.527435 05/23/2018 12:30 EDT No 05/23/2018 14:30 EDT Incident Location
Wastewater 16" Forcemain Davis Blvd Approximately 3800 gallons of untreated wastewater was released at north side of Davis Blvd ,1500 ft west of Kings Way due to a broken ARV on a 16" force main. Approximately 3800 gallons was recovered by pumper trucks. The line was repaired and impacted areas were disinfected with lime. 05/24/2018 08:34 EDT Collier County Water-Sewer District North side of Davis Blvd , 1500 Ft west of Kings Way,; Naples FL; 34014 Collier Steve Nagy Wastewater Collections Manager (239) 252-2600 Operator Of the Facility Margie Hapke (239) 252-2679 26.138826 -81.749202 05/23/2018 10:00 EDT No 05/23/2018 23:00 EDT Incident Location