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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
City of Sarasota 1700 S. Tamiami Trail City crews found a grease blockage in a sewer main which caused a discharge of wastewater at 1700 S. Tamiami Trail. The grease blockage was cleared using a vactor truck. Approximately 50 gallons of wastewater was discharged onto the ground. The affected area was disinfected with lime, then washed with water and vacuumed up. 02/21/2018 10:14 EST City of Sarasota AWWTP 1750 12th Street; Sarasota FL; 34236 Sarasota Verne Hall Utilities General Manager (941) 661-1347 Owner Of the Facility Verne Hall (941) 661-1347 27.322265 -82.529637 02/20/2018 14:00 EST No 02/20/2018 15:00 EST Incident Location
City of Sarasota 11th St & N Tamiami Trail City crews found a grease blockage in a sewer main which caused a discharge of wastewater at the corner of 11th St. & N. Tamiami Trail. The grease blockage was cleared using a vactor truck. Approximately 200 gallons of wastewater was discharged onto the ground. The affected area was disinfected with lime, then washed with water and vacuumed up. 02/21/2018 10:02 EST City of Sarasota AWWTP 1750 12th Street; Sarasota FL; 34236 Sarasota Verne Hall Utilities General Manager (941) 661-1347 Owner Of the Facility Verne Hall (941) 661-1347 27.346921 -82.546839 02/20/2018 11:00 EST No 02/20/2018 12:00 EST Incident Location
249 Trade Wind Lane A private contractor hit a customers sewer lateral on their property. The effluent reached a ditch and storm water pond. The ditch area was sanitized and signs have been posted at the pond as well as water quality sampling initiated. 02/20/2018 14:25 EST Anastasia Island 860 West 16th St; St. Augustine FL; 32080 St. Johns Tony Cubbedge Environmental Division Manager (904) 209-2620 Env Div Manager Tony Cubbedge (904) 209-2620 29.809188 -81.269085 02/20/2018 09:15 EST No 02/20/2018 10:00 EST Incident Location
419018 WASD Incident #: 419018 Version: 2 Version Type: Supplementary Incident Version Created On: 02/19/18 07:37 AM Job Order #: 1003596640 Location of Discharge: 19900 W COUNTRY CLUB DR AVENTURA 33180 Reported by WASD Employee? Yes Employee ID: 00201251 Employee Title: PROJECT INSPECTOR I Reported by: JUAN VALDES Utility Name: Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Phone Number: (305) 274-9272 Path of Flow: Contained On: IN A DITCH Discharge Caused by Asset Type: Force Main Contractor Involved? Yes (Private Contractor) Private Contractor Name: CENTRAL FLORIDA EQUIPMENT Discharge Due to/Caused by: Force Main Broken Other Cause Additional Discharge Cause: BRKN BY CONTRACTOR WHILE INSTALLING A WTR MAIN Pipe Material: CI (Cast Iron) Pipe Size in inches: 4 Type of Water Discharge: RAW SEWAGE Did Discharge Go to Public Access Area? No Did Discharge Go into Storm Sewer? No Did Discharge Go into Surface Water? No Weather Conditions: Cloudy Estimated Quantity of Sewage Released in Gallons: 3,514 Estimated Time Release Started: 02/19/18 02:30 AM Estimated Time Action Taken at Site: 02/19/18 04:45 AM ACTION TAKEN Active Spill Observed? Yes Discharge Flow Stopped? Yes Discharge Stopped On: 02/19/18 05:30 AM Spill Contained? Yes Area Cleaned? Yes Area Disinfected? Yes Method of Disinfection: Lime/Vactor Public Notified? Yes Method of Public Notification: Post Signs Public Notified On: 02/19/18 04:45 AM Spill Recovered? Yes Recovered Amount in Gallons: 2,200 AGENCIES NOTIFIED AGENCY NOTIFICATION POINT METHOD NOTIFIED TO NOTIFIED ON DEP FDEP State Warning Point Phone WOODY #2018-1176 02/19/18 07:56 AM RER RER Compliance Desk Phone JENNIFER AFTER HRS 02/19/18 07:56 AM WASD WASD Jose Cueto Phone NOTIFIED 02/19/18 07:56 AM DEP DEP Notification Group E-mail 02/19/18 07:56 AM DOH DOH Notification Group E-mail 02/19/18 07:56 AM EPA EPA Notification Group E-mail 02/19/18 07:56 AM HMS Hazardous Materials Subcommittee Group E-mail 02/19/18 07:56 AM RER RER Notification Group E-mail 02/19/18 07:56 AM SFWM SFWM Notification Group E-mail 02/19/18 07:56 AM WASD WASD Interdepartmental Personnel E-mail 02/19/18 07:56 AM Future Contact Person: Marcelo Garcia Future Contact Person's Phone Number: (786) 552-8342 Form Completed by: Cynthia Carter Of: Water & Sewer Department DEP USE ONLY WRITTEN REPORT REQUESTED: ___ No/ ___ Yes DUE DATE: _________________________________ NAME: _____________________ TITLE: ________________________________ SIGNATURE: ______________ DATE: ___________ Latitude: 25.9603797208353 Longitude: -80.1395611009 02/19/18 07:56 AM * Fields on red are the ones that changed from previous version Page 1 of 1 DOMESTIC WASTEWATER DISCHARGE/ABNORMAL EVENT NOTIFICATION MIAMI-DADE COUNTY WATER AND SEWER DEPARTMENT EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS SECTION 02/20/2018 09:17 EST Miami-Dade W&S Collection System 19900 W country club dr; aventura FL; 33180 Miami-Dade Juan Valdes Project Inspector 1 (305) 274-9272 Operator Of the Facility Marcelo M. Garcia (305) 274-9272 25.943407 -80.330106 02/19/2018 02:30 EST No 02/19/2018 05:30 EST Incident Location
LS021918 At approximately 0928 on Monday, February 19, 2018, MCUD Lift Stations staff were called out to a reported manhole overflow near lift station RTU 602 at 7035 Honeysuckle Trail in Bradenton. Upon arrival, staff noted that the telemetry control unit for the lift station had been disabled, causing the station's pumps to shut down, and thereby causing several upstream manholes (2354, 2355, 2356 and 2374) to overflow. By 0946, the station's pumps were manually re-engaged, causing the overflow to cease; the estimated quantity of wastewater discharged was 3600 gallons. MCUD staff have been dispatched to collect analytical samples for microbiology analysis from a stormwater pond to the north of the discharge locations, although it is unclear whether the discharged wastewater was able to reach the pond. 02/20/2018 09:00 EST FLA012618/Southeast Water Reclamation Facility 3331 Lena Road; Bradenton FL; 34211 Manatee Andre Rachmaninoff Wastewater Compliance Superintendent (941) 792-8811 Owner Representative Steve Nail (941) 792-8811 27.414435 82.423398 02/19/2018 09:00 EST No 02/19/2018 09:45 EST N Incident Location
FECR Mainline 1/4 Mile north of Huntington Ave Crossing A highway maintenance vehicle slid into a drainage ditch adjacent to the main line tracks. Alcohol/Glycol based hydraulic fluid ( Automotive Brake Fluid) was released when a line beneath the vehicle was torn. The release is estimated at one quarter of a gallon or less. Sorbent sheets were applied to liquid and transported for disposal by clean up contractor SWS. 02/20/2018 07:52 EST Florida East Coast Railway Main Line 1/4 Mile north of Huntinton Ave Highway Crossing at Grade; Scottsmoor FL Brevard Anthony Cinelli Scientist III (904) 424-8813 Environmental Consultant / Agent for FECR Anthony Cinelli (904) 424-8813 28.771 -80.851 02/19/2018 11:00 EST No 02/19/2018 15:00 EST Incident Location
Wastewater Spill MPS 221 Wastewater spill from master pump station wet well due to a loss of FPL power and portable generator malfunction. Approximately 7,500 gallons was discharged. No waterways were impacted. The area was cleaned up using the vactor truck followed by disinfection with HTH. Power was restored to the master pump station control equipment. 02/19/2018 15:33 EST WWOD MPS 221 1961 NE 48th Street; Directions: Latitude - 26.290555 Longitude - -80.096091; Pompano Beach  FL; 33064 Broward Metason Phillip Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0829 First Responder Metason Phillip (954) 831-0829 26.291012 -80.096673 02/18/2018 16:30 EST No 02/18/2018 21:00 EST Incident Location
MPS - Fuel Spill This email is to inform you of a fuel spill that occurred at the Miller Pump Station over the weekend. Address: 5233 Everglades Blvd. S., Naples, Florida. 34117 Chemical / Product spilled: Diesel Estimated Amount spilled: 1500 Gal Area exposed: 110' X 55┐ retention pond. No fuel has escaped the retention pond into the surrounding area, no waterways were affected. Efforts are being made for immediate remediation. Liquid fuel is being pumped into 55 gal drums for disposal and contaminated soil will be removed and placed into lined containers. Contact has been made with SWS one of the approved response Crews on the DEP list. They are putting together a team immediately and will be on site in a couple of hours to take over the cleanup efforts. 02/19/2018 15:28 EST Miller Pump Station 5233 Everglades Blvd South; Directions: Stop at the office at Everglades Blvd. South and 52nd Avenue SE. Our office trailers are there.; Naples FL; 34117 Collier Ken Arceneaux SSHO (813) 785-9447 Site Safety Officer Ken Arceneaux (813) 785-9447 26.113 -81.548 02/16/2018 18:45 EST No 02/18/2018 17:30 EST Incident Location
Lee County Ft. Myers Beach WWTP The surge tank level probe failed causing an incorrect tank level reading on the SCADA computer. The plant operator discovered water trickling over the top of the surge tank. He quickly isolated the tank by closing the fill valve diverting all influent flow to the treatment plant. The level probe has been replaced and a back-up float is being installed. 02/19/2018 14:00 EST Lee County Utilities Ft. Myers Baech WWTP 17155 Pine Ridge Road; Directions: I-75 to exit 131. Go West on Daniels Parkway to Six Mile Cypress. Take Six Mile Cypress to Summerlin Road. Go Southwest on Summerlin to Pine Ridge Road. Turn left on Pine Ridge Road. Wastewater Plant on the left. ; Ft. Myers FL; 33931 Lee Robert Dick Lead Operator (239) 634-2681 Operator Of the Facility Robert Dick (239) 634-2681 26.491887 -81.932925 02/18/2018 23:00 EST No 02/18/2018 23:20 EST Incident Location
wastewater overflow at 9202 E. Adamo Dr. On February 16, 2018, the City of Tampa┐s Wastewater Department became aware of wastewater overflow near 9202 E. Adamo due to broken force main on private property. The break occurred while a contractor hired by the property owner was performing demolition work on the property. City crews closed a downstream valve and stopped the overflow. The overflow collected on the property and in a ditch adjacent to the property. The volume of the overflow was estimated at 9,200 gallons. 02/17/2018 13:40 EST City Of Tampa Wastewater Department 2545 Guy Verger Blvd; Tampa FL; 33602 Hillsborough Charlie Lynch Chief Engineer Wastewater Department (813) 274-8916 Chief Engineer for Wastewater Department Eric Weiss (813) 274-8039 27.950188 -82.353258 02/16/2018 15:00 EST No 02/16/2018 18:50 EST Incident Location