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2144 Harbor Blvd. on 12/5/2019@12:30PM crews responded to a wastewater spill at 2144 Harbor Blvd. in Port Charlotte. A Waste Management garbage truck while picking up trash the homeowner placed in front of a sewer main ARV grabbed both the can and ARV causing the ARV to break. The break was isolated 12/5/2019@12:45PM. Estimated spill of 1,500 gallons raw wastewater entered a nearby storm drain discharging into the Elkcam waterway. The storm drain is surcharged by the waterway and there are no access points along the storm drain in order to remove the wastewater. Lime was added to the storm drain along various points by way of curb drains and samples of the waterway were called for. The ARV will be repaired 12/6/2019 by 10:00am and bollards placed around the ARV for protection and visibility. 12/05/2019 14:40 EST East Port WRF 2144 Harbor Blvd.; Port Charlotte FL; 33952 Charlotte Bruce Schellinger Utilities Superintendent of Wastewater Collection (941) 764-4555 Utilities Superintendent of Wastewater Collection Bruce Schellinger (941) 764-4555 26.999324 -82.09433 12/05/2019 12:30 EST No 12/05/2019 12:45 EST Incident Location
1800 Block of 72nd Avenue NE A 4 x 1-inch reclaimed service saddle was leaking from about a -inch hole causing this leak. City leak crew shut down a 4-inch reclaimed water main to the 1800 & 1900 blocks of 72nd Avenue NE to isolate the leaking part of the reclaimed water main until repairs can be made. Approximately, 8,581 gallons of reclaimed quality water went into a storm water retention pond for the Harbor Isles Neighborhood via the storm drain system. 12/05/2019 08:26 EST St. Petersburg Master Reuse System 1800 Block of 72nd Avenue NE; St. Petersburg FL; 33702 Pinellas John Palenchar Director, Water Resources (727) 892-5698 Operator Of the Facility James Kinard (727) 892-5105 27.837212 -82.610846 12/04/2019 15:15 EST No 12/04/2019 19:00 EST Incident Location
SR44 and 948 Walker RD City of Wildwood 1290 Industrial Dr. Wildwood, Fl. 34875 STATE WARNING POINT 800-320-0519 WASTEWATER SPILL in GALS. 100,000 gallons LOCATION: SR-44 cross road 948 Walker RD REASON: Contractor In-Line was boring down SR 44 and bored through a 4" sewer line connected to a 10" force main The 4" was connected to a private lift station Once the call was received the City personnel responed and shut down the valve for the 4" connected to the 10", this stopped the sewer leak. Contractor In-Line # 251-341-7542 TIME / DATE of SPILL 11:25 am 12/3/2019 TIME / DATE REPAIRED: 12:15 pm 12/3/2019 note: repairs made by contractor who hit line. REPORTED TO SWP TIME / DATE: 1:15 PM 12/3/2019 REPORTED BY: Wayne Bouchard OTHER DISCHARGE: sewer was contained in a DRA STABILIZED: limed SWP CASE REF#: 2019-6748 12/05/2019 08:22 EST Wildwood WRF FLA013497 1290 Industrial Dr; Directions: The leak accrued about .5 miles from the plant. ; Wildwood FL; 34785 Sumter Wayne Paul Bouchard Wastewater Division Manager (352) 303-4680 Operator Of the Facility Wayne Paul Bouchard (352) 303-4680 28.773 -82.132 12/03/2019 11:25 EST No 12/03/2019 12:15 EST Incident Location
Bull Headley Rd Road boring contractor bored through sewer force main. Force main repaired and lime applied to area. Estimated less than 1000 gallon released. 12/05/2019 07:44 EST Killearn Lakes WWTP (02) 9201 Deer Lake East Killearn Lakes Subdivision; Tallahassee FL; 32312 Leon John Hallas Manager of Water Services (850) 514-4713 Operator Of the Facility John Hallas (850) 514-4713 30.597 -84.252 12/04/2019 17:00 EST No 12/04/2019 19:00 EST Incident Location
Reuse leak Island Acres Tractor with bush hog mower ran over vent line connected to the reuse distribution main which damaged the valve. 12/05/2019 07:22 EST Pine Island WRF 6928 Stringfellow Rd St. ; Directions: Incident occurred along Stringfellow Rd. approximately 100ft south of Island Acres Ct. on east side of Stringfellow Rd./ 26.593839,-82.111539.; St. James City FL; 33956 Lee Zack Munoz Assistant Lead Operator (239) 282-0025 Operator Of the Facility Zack Munoz (239) 282-0025 26.593285 -82.111326 12/04/2019 11:00 EST No 12/04/2019 14:00 EST Incident Location
792 N 80th Ave We had a Sewer Spill due to a broke Force Main it was over 1000 gallons but contained onsite and did not reach a body of water. 12/05/2019 01:59 EST Force Main 792 N 80th Ave; Pensacola FL; 32506 Escambia Susan Colon Communications Coordinator II (850) 969-6500 Operator Of the Facility Doug Gibson (850) 969-6513 30.421254 -87.316232 12/04/2019 21:45 EST No 12/04/2019 22:45 EST Incident Location
600 Block of Somerhill Drive Northeast A galvanized steel fitting on a 1-inch meter assembly rusted away causing a leak. Approximately 2,400 gallons of irrigation quality reclaimed water ran over the yard and the majority of it went along the curb and entered a storm drain to the West of the leak. The storm drain empties into a man-made retention pond. Crews removed the obsolete meter assembly and installed a new brass fittings and plastic tubing in its place. 12/04/2019 17:23 EST St. Petersburg Master Reuse System 600 Block of Somerhill Drive Northeast; St. Petersburg FL; 33716 Pinellas John Palenchar Director, Water Resources (727) 892-5698 Operator Of the Facility Mark DiNobile (727) 832-5841 27.875374 -82.627849 12/04/2019 12:00 EST No 12/04/2019 12:30 EST Incident Location
Dominico Street, Gravity Main, 12-03-19 The discharge of untreated wastewater was caused by grease blockage in OCU gravity line segment 33680106 33680105. The blockage caused the gravity system to surcharge and discharge from two OCU owned manholes. 33680106 and 33680114. Wastewater flowed down grade over paved surfaces and entered storm drains on Dominico Street and Park Manor Drive. The storm water system in this area discharges into a open culvert located approximately 1,100 feet north of the discharge points. The culvert channels and conveys storm water into a nearby storm water canal. Field Services staff intercepted the flow at the culvert and recovered the discharge. No downstream impacts were observed by staff. The gravity line segment was returned to normal operation and all impacted surfaces were washed down and deodorized. The approximate gallons released and recovered are estimated to be as follows: 1,300 gallons released, 15,000 gallons recovered, 0 gallons unrecovered, and 0 gallons discharged to surface water. There is little or no potential risk to public health, safety or welfare. 12/04/2019 15:47 EST OCU Wastewater Gravity Collection System Dominco Street; Orlando FL; 32825 Orange Eduardo C. Hernandez Engineer II (407) 836-6839 Engineer II Troy Layton (407) 254-9977 28.564 -81.226 12/03/2019 18:40 EST No 12/03/2019 20:40 EST N Incident Location
Columbus Court Apt On Tuesday 12/3/19 property maintenance staff noticed the man holes over flowing at 9:00am. There was no back-up present when maintenance staff left the property on 12/2/19 @ 6:00pm. Plumbing vendor was called and it was determined that the lift station was clogged and backing up. The plumbing vendor is working on the lift station system and drain lines. The flow has been estimated at over 1,000 gallons. The local Environmental Scientist informed us that the waste might have flowed into the Hillsborough river but is no longer. Site staff and extra vendor personnel are on site to handle the removal of the contaminated mulch in the playground area and breezeways. 12/04/2019 14:33 EST Columbus Court Apartments 2802 Statelite Court; Tampa FL; 33607 Hillsborough Femi Kennedy Regional Manager (813) 765-0908 Owner Agent Femi Kennedy (813) 765-0908 27.91305 -82.450928 12/03/2019 09:00 EST Yes Incident Location
Wastewater Discharge Near Rivo Alto (Miami Beach, Florida) From the email submitted to the State Warning Point via e-mail at 9:24 a.m. today: Yesterday (12/3) at 4:06 p.m. the City of Miami Beach Operations team was notified of a possible sewer leak near the southwest landing of the drawbridge between Belle Isle and Rivo Alto (Bridge No. 874474). At approximately 4:25 p.m., staff confirmed the leak, which was coming from a damaged sewer force main approximately 30 off shore from the drawbridge, and shut down the sewer pump stations contributing to the discharge within two hours. The pump stations are being maintained using tankers and vac trucks. Our Operations team has divers in the water looking for the damaged pipe so they can begin the repairs, as well as use the pipe size, size of hole and pump run time to estimate the total volume of wastewater discharged. However, they estimate that it exceeds 1,000 gallons. We are mobilizing our water sampling team starting today to collect samples at four points northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest from the location where the discharge occurred. The water quality sampling plan is attached. The orange dot is the approximate location of the discharge and the yellow dots represent the four sampling points. We will provided updates as the sampling results come in and as additional information becomes available. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or on my cell phone (305-607-5615) if you have any questions. Thank you, Margarita Kruyff, Assistant Director Environment & Sustainability Ciy of Miami Beach 12/04/2019 09:50 EST City of Miami Beach Wastewater System ; Directions: From I-95, take exit 3B, I-395 EB toward Miami Beach. From I-395, take the Alton Road exit north from the left-hand lane. Turn left at 17 Street and take the Venetian Causeway WB to bridge no. 874474 between Belle Isle and Rivo Alto.; Miami Beach FL; 33139 Miami-Dade Margarita Kruyff Assistant Director, Environment & Sustainability (305) 607-5615 Regulatory Liaison for the Owner & Operator Margarita Kruyff (305) 607-5615 25.791 -80.153 12/03/2019 16:35 EST No 12/03/2019 18:35 EST Incident Location