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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Private Reclaimed Water Destin Water Users received a call about noon today from a Contractor who hit a reclaimed water irrigation main. It was determined that the drilling contractor hit a 2 reclaimed water irrigation main at the northeast corner of 895 Harbor Blvd. DWU was able to isolate the service from the main at about 12:30pm. It appears about 2,200 gallons escaped the reclaimed water main before it could be isolated. No reclaimed water entered any bodies of water. As this is reclaimed water used for irrigation, there are no clean-up measures required. 04/24/2019 16:41 EDT Destin Water Users, Inc. 14 Industrial Park Ln; Destin FL; 32541 Okaloosa Monica Autrey Operations Manager (850) 337-3945 Operator Of the Facility Lockwood Wernet (850) 200-2028 30.389825 -86.4803 04/24/2019 12:00 EDT No 04/24/2019 12:30 EDT Incident Location
PSJ Headworks sso Appx. 75,000 gallons of untreated sewage overflowed into the retaining pond on site. The spill is being pumped back into the system now. No waterways will be affected. 04/24/2019 14:11 EDT City of Port St Joe PO Box 278; Port St Joe FL; 32457 Gulf Kevin Pettis WWTP Manager (850) 229-6395 Operator Of the Facility Kevin Pettis (850) 229-6395 29.825892 -85.305442 04/24/2019 05:00 EDT No 04/24/2019 07:00 EDT Incident Location
324 E 19th St Manhole overflow caused release of 3500 gallons of sewer. Blockage was cleared, impacted area was washed down and vacuumed. All sewer recovered. No water bodies affected. 04/24/2019 07:55 EDT 324 E 19th St 324 E 19th St; Jacksonville FL; 32206 Duval J Bowden Environmental Scientist (904) 252-5471 Incident Responder J Bowden (904) 252-5471 30.355722 -81.647692 04/22/2019 04:35 EDT No 04/22/2019 17:45 EDT Incident Location
Conner Industries Panama City Plant Good afternoon, I was made aware today that a hydraulic fluid spill had occurred at (Property Address) which is owned by Conner Industries. The spill was approximately 40 gallons of hydraulic fluid that leaked onto the soil. The leak did not reach any nearby storm drains, ditches, or surface water. The spill was not near the property line. The hydraulic fluid was a Vallen owned product that was stored in Conner Industries warehouse which is leased by Trane. The warehouse was destroyed during the storm. During the investigation today, it appeared that the hydraulic fluid drum was damaged within the last few days during Conner clean-up activities. The spill has already been cleaned up by SWS Environmental Services, they are a subcontractor of Trane. The damaged drums will be overpacked on 4/24 and removed from the site on 4/25. 04/23/2019 17:57 EDT Conner Industries Inc 730 N HWY 231 Panama City FL 32405; Panama City  FL; 32405 Bay Perry Henry Safety & Environmental Manager (817) 600-4542 Owner Of the Facility Glenn Moseley (850) 541-6962 30.258601 -85.661713 04/23/2019 16:48 EDT No 04/23/2019 12:50 EDT Incident Location
Sanitary Sewer Overflow A contractor, Roads Inc. digging next to a large embankment hit a 12"PVC force main. We had a 4500. gallon spill which 4000 gallons was recovered on site. Sewer did enter a new storm drain that leads into a closed holding pond. Roads Inc. did pump out the pond and sprayed the area with Neutra-Dis (Biocide). The 12" force main has been repaired and the area has been cleaned. 04/23/2019 12:09 EDT Force Main W Nine Mile Rd & Interstate 10 Ramp; Pensacola  FL; 32503 Escambia Catherine Matthews Communications Coordinator 11 (850) 969-6500 Communications Coordinator 11 Doug Gibson (850) 969-6513 30.536 -87.335 04/23/2019 09:50 EDT No 04/23/2019 10:40 EDT N Incident Location
NE 153 St & W Dixie Hwy Raw sewage spill caused by a broken force main at the NE 153 St & W Dixie Hwy. The estimated volume of the spill was 2500 gallons which was contained on land and did not reach state or local waterways. The area of spill was cleaned and disinfected with Aqua Guard calcium hypochlorite granules. 04/23/2019 11:45 EDT NMB Water 17050 NE 19 Ave; North Miami Beach FL; 33162 Miami-Dade Raisa Akaeva Water Compliance Supervisor (305) 582-6207 Operator Of the Facility Raisa Akaeva (305) 582-6207 25.916465 -80.161808 04/22/2019 12:30 EDT No 04/22/2019 13:30 EDT Incident Location
COA LS #077 Overflow Overflow from manhole approximately 300' north of lift station caused by high sump level. Responding personnel found pump station off due to power failure in the PLC cabinet. 04/23/2019 07:59 EDT Lift Station #077 388 S. Bradshaw Road; Apopka FL; 32703 Orange Daniel Ribnikar Maintenance Supervisor (407) 703-1731 Operator Of the Facility Daniel Ribnikar (407) 703-1731 28.674006 -81.521779 04/19/2019 15:25 EDT No 04/19/2019 17:05 EDT Incident Location
Wastewater Spill - NRWWTP Wastewater spill at the site of injection well # 2. Initial estimate of the volume spilled is approximately 10,000 gallons.Spill due to contractor error. The spill was contained onsite. The revised estimate of the volume spilled is 114,479 gallons of wastewater. 04/23/2019 02:17 EDT BCWWS/WWOD 2401 North Powerline Road; Directions: Latitude: 26.262029 Longitude:- 80.155213; Pompano Beach FL; 33069 Broward Mike Kelly Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0821 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0821 26.261 -80.153 04/22/2019 16:45 EDT No 04/22/2019 18:20 EDT N Incident Location
Wastewater Spill Lauderdale Lakes Wastewater spill caused by a gravity main blockage. Approximately 200 gallons of wastewater was spilled. Approximately 200 gallons was recovered. A portion of the discharge entered a french drain, however the contents of the drain were removed. No waterways were impacted. The blockage was removed using a high pressure/high volume washer. The area was sanitized. 04/23/2019 01:57 EDT BCWWS/WWOD 3333 North State Road 7; Directions: Latitude: 26.16678 Longitude: - 80.203243; Lauderdale Lakes FL; 33319 Broward Mike Kelly Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0821 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0821 26.167812 -80.203211 04/22/2019 17:00 EDT No 04/22/2019 20:00 EDT Incident Location
Wastewater Spill Hillsboro Beach Wastewater spill due to a crack on an eight inch force main. The pipe was repaired and placed back in service. The release went to the ground, no waterways were impacted. Approximately 200 gallons of wastewater was spilled. The area was cleaned up and sanitized. 04/22/2019 15:52 EDT BCWWS/WWOD 1077 Hillsboro Mile; Directions: Latitude: 26.283483 Longitude: -80.080024; Hillsboro Beach  FL; 33062 Broward Mike Kelly Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0821 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0821 26.314007 -80.104248 04/22/2019 07:30 EDT No 04/22/2019 08:00 EDT Incident Location