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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
FPL Fort Myers Power Plant Diesel Spill While demolishing a diesel fuel oil line, residual oil leaked out onto soil. Initial report and indications appeared to be >25 gallons. This diesel line was an excavated line and when digging into the ground, the soil was full of rain water. This led to an initial assuption that the spill was much larger than it actually was. A hole was dug and the contents were pumped into ta drum the total diesel collected was only about 15 gallons. A conservative estimate of the spill is 20 gallons, which would classify it as non-reportable. Stste Warning Office was initially notified that an estmiate of 40 gallons was spilled. 02/13/2018 16:37 EST FPL Fort Myers Power Plant 10650 Palm Beach Blvd; Directions: Exit 141 on I-75. Head east approximately 1-1/2 miles. ; Fort Myers FL; 33905 Lee Jeff Moyer Environmental Specialist (239) 693-4398 Owner Of the Facility Jeff Moyer (239) 693-4398 26.695155 -81.782466 02/13/2018 14:30 EST No Incident Location
Private wastewater overflow Aspire Health Partners There was an intruder who vandalized our campus and broke some windows and sprinkler system equipment. This person also went to the lift station area and shut off the breakers for our lift station pumps. Due to loss of electricity to the pumps the lift station surpassed its appropriate levels and overflowed the containment area. The area was pumped out of 3500 gallons and the entire area was cleaned and sanitized. The levels are returned to normal. All pumps are performing as designed. We have installed locks on all breaker boxes to avoid tampering in the future. 02/13/2018 14:16 EST Aspire Health Partners 1800 Mercy Drive; Directions: Take Princeton street to Mercy Drive. Left on Mercy Drive. Aspire is on the right about a quarter mile down.; Orlando FL; 32808 Orange Grant T. Garner Vice President of Operations (407) 267-6150 Operator Of the Facility Jefferey Hargrove (407) 246-4042 28.568231 -81.431171 02/12/2018 09:45 EST No 02/12/2018 15:00 EST N Incident Location
Vernon manhole spill Due to heavy rain we experienced two manholes on Dawkins street over follow intermediately over two days. 02/13/2018 12:00 EST City of Vernon po 340 ; Vernon, Fl 32462; Directions: Hwy 79 (main street) turn on Sapp St left on Dawkins St first two manholes; Vernon FL; 32462 Washington Jimmy Cook Contrat Operator (850) 855-1955 Operator Of the Facility Jimmy COOK (850) 855-1955 30.620225 -85.71675 02/11/2018 11:00 EST No 02/12/2018 22:00 EST Incident Location
CS021218 At approximately 1515 on Monday, February 12, 2018, a contractor digging as part of a construction project at 6904 Cortez Rd W, in Bradenton, inadvertently cut into a sanitary sewer force main, causing it to discharge raw wastewater. The discharge flowed east across a short field and entered a canal that eventually discharges into Palma Sola Bay. The discharge was finally halted at approximately 1915 on Monday, February 12, 2018. Numerous pumper trucks were employed to recover the discharged wastewater, and the flow through the damaged force main was eventually diverted to allow repairs to be completed. The final volume of discharged wastewater from this event was estimated at 500,000 gallons. MCUD staff are collecting analytical samples for microbiology analysis throughout Palma Sola Bay and Palma Sola Creek to evaluate the impact of this event; are posting numerous warning signs near impacted areas where human contact is possible; are providing citizens directly adjacent to impacted areas with door hangers warning them of the potential dangers of the event; and are working with local Health Department staff to notify citizens throughout Manatee County of the potential impacts of contact with water contaminated by wastewater in Palma Sola Bay. 02/13/2018 12:00 EST FLA012619/Southwest Water Reclamation Facility 5101 65th St W; Bradenton FL; 34210 Manatee Andre Rachmaninoff Wastewater Compliance Superintendent (941) 792-8811 Owner Representative Ed Ferrence (941) 792-8811 27.462845 82.628686 02/12/2018 15:15 EST No 02/12/2018 19:15 EST Y Manatee, Incident Location
L-11 Canal west of Congress Ave. Village of Palm Springs, FL Cooking Oil Release: An unknown amount of cooking oil has reportedly leaked from a restaurant into the L-11 Canal in Palm Springs, at the location listed below. Caller advised it is undetermined which restaurant it is coming from, as there are several located in the strip mall that backs up to the canal. Caller stated she has already been in contact with DEP OER West Palm regarding this issue. 02/13/2018 11:05 EST L-11 Canal N/A; Directions: L-11 Canal west side of Congress Ave. and French Ave. in Village of Palm Springs. ; Palm Springs FL Palm Beach Rosemary Rayman Public Information and Outreach (561) 498-5363 Employee Rosemary Rayman (561) 498-5363 26.624 -80.089 02/12/2018 02:45 EST No 03/07/2018 08:00 EST N Incident Location
City of Sarasota 1700 S. Tamiami Tr Spill City crews found a grease blockage in a main line. Approximately 300 gallons was discharged at approximately 11am on 2-12-18. A vactor truck was used to break up the blockage and lime was used to disinfect the affected area. 02/13/2018 08:22 EST City of Sarasota AWWTF 1750 12th Street; Sarasota FL; 34236 Sarasota Verne Hall Utilities General Manager (941) 661-1347 Owner Of the Facility Verne Hall (941) 661-1347 27.316801 -82.53366 02/12/2018 11:00 EST No 02/12/2018 12:00 EST Incident Location
Aiport Reclaimed Water At about 7:30am today, DWU was notified by the Destin Airport that there appeared to be a leak from our reclaimed water main running along the western property line. The main was shut off by 9:30 am and repairs will be made after the water recedes or tomorrow. It was determined about 4,000 gallons of reclaimed water was discharged from the 12 main. DWU will energize the line after repairs have been made. The water appears to have flowed into the stormwater ditch to the north of the break location. 02/12/2018 16:49 EST Destin Airport 1001 Airport Road; Directions: On the west side of the road between the South and North terminals at the airport.; Destin FL; 32541 Okaloosa Monica Autrey Operations Manager (850) 699-3665 Utility Provider Lockwood Wernet (850) 200-2028 30.400168 -86.474703 02/12/2018 07:30 EST No 02/12/2018 09:30 EST Incident Location
418665 WASD Incident #: 418665 Version: 2 Version Type: Supplementary Incident Version Created On: 02/12/18 05:17 PM Job Order #: 1003592841 Location of Discharge: 12493 SW 122 CT UNINCORPORATED MIAMI-DADE 33186 Additional Location Description: SW 125 ST & SW 122 AVE Reported by WASD Employee? Yes Employee ID: 00201251 Employee Title: PROJECT INSPECTOR 1 Reported by: JUAN VALDES Utility Name: Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Phone Number: (305) 274-9272 Path of Flow: North On: SW 122 AVE Discharge Caused by Asset Type: Force Main Contractor Involved? No Discharge Due to/Caused by: Force Main Broken Other Cause Additional Discharge Cause: BROKEN FORCE MAIN DUE TO POINT LOAD. Pipe Material: DIP (Ductile Iron Pipe) Pipe Size in inches: 8 Type of Water Discharge: RAW SEWAGE Did Discharge Go to Public Access Area? Yes Did Discharge Go into Storm Sewer? Yes Number of Storm Drain(s) Impacted: 1 Distance in Feet to Storm Drain(s): 150 Direction: NorthEast Did Discharge Go into Surface Water? No Weather Conditions: Cloudy Estimated Quantity of Sewage Released in Gallons: 8,914 Estimated Time Release Started: 02/12/18 12:56 PM Estimated Time Action Taken at Site: 02/12/18 01:30 PM ACTION TAKEN Active Spill Observed? Yes Discharge Flow Stopped? Yes Discharge Stopped On: 02/12/18 02:30 PM Spill Contained? No Area Cleaned? No Area Disinfected? No Public Notified? Yes Method of Public Notification: Post Signs Public Notified On: 02/12/18 01:30 PM Spill Recovered? No AGENCIES NOTIFIED AGENCY NOTIFICATION POINT METHOD NOTIFIED TO NOTIFIED ON DEP FDEP State Warning Point Phone HENRY//2018-1002 02/12/18 05:36 PM RER RER Compliance Desk Phone AL 02/12/18 05:36 PM WASD WASD Jose Cueto Phone LEFT VMAIL @ 5:36PM 02/12/18 05:36 PM DEP DEP Notification Group E-mail 02/12/18 05:36 PM DOH DOH Notification Group E-mail 02/12/18 05:36 PM EPA EPA Notification Group E-mail 02/12/18 05:36 PM HMS Hazardous Materials Subcommittee Group E-mail 02/12/18 05:36 PM RER RER Notification Group E-mail 02/12/18 05:36 PM SFWM SFWM Notification Group E-mail 02/12/18 05:36 PM WASD WASD Interdepartmental Personnel E-mail 02/12/18 05:36 PM Future Contact Person: Marcelo Garcia Future Contact Person's Phone Number: (786) 552-8342 Form Completed by: Charvonte Osborne Of: Water & Sewer Department DEP USE ONLY WRITTEN REPORT REQUESTED: ___ No/ ___ Yes DUE DATE: _________________________________ NAME: _____________________ TITLE: ________________________________ SIGNATURE: ______________ DATE: ___________ Latitude: 25.6522652592524 Longitude: -80.3917492561708 02/12/18 05:36 PM * Fields on red are the ones that changed from previous version Page 1 of 1 DOMESTIC WASTEWATER DISCHARGE/ABNORMAL EVENT NOTIFICATION MIAMI-DADE COUNTY WATER AND SEWER DEPARTMENT EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS SECTION 02/12/2018 16:47 EST Miami-Dade W&S Collection System 12493 SW 122 CT; Miami FL; 33186 Miami-Dade Lenora Johnson Sewer Lateral Repairer (305) 274-9272 Operator Of the Facility Marcelo M. Garcia (305) 274-9272 25.546577 -80.362207 02/12/2018 12:55 EST No 02/12/2018 14:30 EST N Incident Location
Indian Bayou Main Break At about 7:30am today, DWU was notified by Indian Bayou Golf Course (1 E. Country Club Drive) that a leak appeared on our 12 reclaimed water main running along the eastern driveway of the golf course and E. Country Club Drive. The main was shut off by 8:15 am and repairs were made to the 90 Bend that appeared to have come loose. It was determined about 5,000 gallons of reclaimed water was discharged from the 12 main and entered their onsite stormwater inlet. Reclaimed water did not enter any water bodies. DWU has made repairs and the line has been returned to service. 02/12/2018 16:43 EST Indian Bayou Golf Course 1 E Country Club Drive; Directions: Just east of their easternmost driveway to the golf course parking lot.; Destin FL; 32541 Okaloosa Monica Autrey Operations Manager (850) 699-3665 Utility Provider Lockwood Wernet (850) 200-2028 30.394111 -86.458813 02/12/2018 07:30 EST No 02/12/2018 08:15 EST Incident Location
LS020918 Manatee County Utilities Department Lift Station staff responded to a sanitary sewer overflow that occurred at the Lakewood Ranch Master Lift Station (MLS - RTU 362) starting around 2:45 am on February 9, 2018. This MLS is located at 11600 Clubhouse Drive in Bradenton. The estimated volume of this SSO was 3,000 gallons and the cause was a phase monitor failure which prevented the lift station pumps from turning on. Lift Station staff bypassed the phase monitor so that the pumps could be energized to stop the SSO discharge by approximately 5:30 am. Standing wastewater was vacuumed up, the affected area was rinsed down with potable water, and the rinse water was also vacuumed up and returned to the sanitary sewer system. Some of the discharged wastewater did appear to enter a tributary of the Braden River so fecal coliform samples were collected at several locations in the river. Compliance staff are working with the local FDOH officials to evaluate the extent of the impact on the river. 02/12/2018 16:40 EST FLA012618 3331 Lena Road; Bradenton FL; 34211 Manatee Karen Briden Wastewater Compliance Supervisor (941) 792-8811 Owner Representative Ralph Braun (941) 792-8811 27.420798 -82.426401 02/09/2018 02:45 EST No 02/09/2018 05:30 EST Y Manatee, Incident Location