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Facility ID = BCS_0181285-003-DF
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Program = BCMS
Address = Miami
City = N/A
District/County = TLH / MIAMI-DADE

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Document Date Document Type Document Subject Permit / Application Number File Type and Size View
04-23-2003 PERMIT - FINAL FINAL MODIFICATION 0181285-003-DF / 0181285-003-DF .pdf  -  3.4 MB arrow
04-17-2003 COMPLETENESS REVIEW RELATED 90-DAY TIMECLOCK WAIVER 0181285-003-DF / 0181285-003-DF .pdf  -  78.4 KB arrow
01-14-2003 COMPLETENESS REVIEW RELATED RAI RESPONSE 0181285-003-DF / 0181285-003-DF .pdf  -  349.6 KB arrow
10-25-2002 COMPLETENESS REVIEW RELATED RAI #1 0181285-003-DF / 0181285-003-DF .pdf  -  101.9 KB arrow
09-24-2002 PERMIT APPLICATION RELATED MODIFICATION REQUEST 0181285-003-DF / 0181285-003-DF .pdf  -  155.9 KB arrow
04-22-2002 COMPLETENESS REVIEW RELATED 90-DAY TIMECLOCK WAIVER 0181285-003-DF / 0181285-003-DF .pdf  -  42.2 KB arrow

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