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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
1750 SE Camden St. On 03-26-2023 at 09:20 am staff discovered a 4-inch sanitary sewer LPM at 1950 SE Camden St. Upon arrival and initial inspection revealed a slow leak on the 4-Inch sanitary sewer low pressure main (LPM), damaged by roots. Crew and Sewer vacuum Pumper arrived at 10:20 am and leak was immediately contained. Crew completed repairs and system was put back in service by 12:00 pm. Sewage flow into adjacent storm water canal. Approximately 300 gallons of untreated raw sewage escaped into easement, and storm drain connected to the canal. Recovered approximately 270 gallons. Unrecoverable was approximately 30 gallons which percolated into the ground. Vacuum pumper truck pump out 2,000 gals of the canal water. Spread approximately 5 lbs of lime to disinfect affected areas. No roads, and or public access areas affected. Sampling required. Public notifications are proceeding according to protocol. 03/27/2023 09:04 AM FLA326321 1950 SE Camden st. ; port st lucie FL; 34952 St. Lucie Robin Kanhai superinitendent (772) 579-6564 SUPERINTENDENT Tim Richards (772) 344-4228 TRICHARDS@CITYOFPSL.COM 27.282 -80.279 03/26/2023 09:20 AM No 03/26/2023 10:20 AM Incident Location
Murphy Express No. 8877 On 3/25/23 at 14:00 EST, a store employee went to change the filter on dispenser #1 but did not trip the shear valve prior to changing out the filter, causing a spill of diesel fuel. Approximately 15 gallons were spilled topside, of which 5 gallons spilled into the storm drain vault box and the remaining on the surrounding concrete. The local fire department was contacted and the product was pumped out of the storm drain vault box and a boom was placed within the area for any residual product. The emergency response contractor is checking the UDC today to make sure any residual product is not under the dispensers. 3/26/23 update - 3 additional gallons were recovered from the UDC, resulting in a total spill of 18 gallons of diesel fuel with impact to one storm drain vault box. 03/26/2023 01:51 PM Murphy Express No. 8877 7573 Sw Hwy 200; Ocala FL; 34476 Marion Michael McDonald Fire Chief (512) 712-0607 MUSA Emergency Response Coordinator Valerie Laroche (407) 461-8553 29.093 -82.244 03/25/2023 02:00 PM Yes N Incident Location
Lakewood De & MLK Blvd On March 24, 2023 a technician was dispatched to investigate a depression in the intersection of Lakewood Dr and Martin Luther King Blvd. At 4:55 pm wastewater was discovered coming out of the ground. A team isolated the section of leaking 12 inch force main and repairs are scheduled. The release is estimated at 5000 gallons, flowing into a storm drain. There is no immediate effect on homes or businesses. Regulatory agency notification was made at 5:09pm and 12:21am. 03/25/2023 04:38 PM Falkenburg AWWTP-FL0040614  FL Hillsborough Laura P. Cintron Manager (813) 298-3956 Manager Chris Jones (813) 391-8066 27.981537 -82.310514 03/24/2023 04:55 PM No 03/24/2023 10:35 PM Incident Location
Abundant Love WC Lift Station Overflow Approximately 50 gallons of raw sewage released from a lift station in Tampa due to a broken pump. No storm drains or waterways were impacted. Clean up actions are complete. 03/24/2023 03:23 PM Abundant Love Worship Center 5808 E Hillsborough Ave; Directions: Coordinates: Lat: 27.99656, Long: -82.39072 ; Tampa FL; 33610 Hillsborough Ben Cegelski Environmental Scientist (813) 627-2600 government environmental regulator Pastor Albert Capdevila (813) 294-0560 27.941782 -82.352051 01/26/2023 01:45 PM No 01/27/2023 01:00 PM Incident Location
CSX 032323 Yard Derailment On 3/23/23, Locomotive CSXT 6454 derailed the front wheels resulting in a punctured fuel tank and the release of approximately 910 gallons of diesel fuel to the ground surface in the Moncrief Yard. Hull's was dispatched to contain the release and conduct product removal. Arcadis was engaged to provide regulatory reporting/source removal oversight. The fuel tank was emptied and vacuum recovery of product was initiated. Soft boom was placed in the storm water pond as a precaution. Spill is contained on site. Product removal will continue using a vac truck and excavator. FDEP and COJ EQD were on site and concurred with the cleanup approach. Following completion, a Source Removal Report will be submitted to FDEP and COJ EQD. 03/24/2023 03:15 PM CSX Transportation, Inc_Moncrief Yard ; Jacksonville FL Duval Matt Adkins Manager Environmental Remediation (800) 232-0144 Manager Environmental Remediation Matt Adkins (800) 232-0144 30.350047 -81.708178 03/23/2023 06:30 PM Yes Incident Location
SeaWorld Saltwater Release On March 22, 2023, between 11:30pm 1:33am, SeaWorld experienced a loss of power to one of its filtration systems resulting in the release of an estimated 40,000 gallons of saltwater into a storm drain leading to the Valencia Canal. The failure was identified at 12:45am and system was closed to stop the release at 1:33am. The saltwater had salinity concentrations up to 30 ppt. The cause of the power loss was identified as a damaged underground electrical circuit, which was subsequently repaired by 6:45am, on March 23, 2023. No cleanup actions were undertaken. 03/24/2023 02:25 PM SeaWorld Orlando 7007 SeaWorld Drive; Orlando FL; 32821 Orange Michelle Poth EHS Director (407) 370-1131 Operator of the Facility/Installation Michelle Poth (407) 370-1131 28.410737 -81.462259 03/22/2023 11:30 PM No 03/23/2023 01:35 AM Incident Location
Toho Southside WRF 3.24.23 Alligator Lake Rd On March 23, 2023 starting at approximately 12:00 PM and ending at approximately 2:45 PM, a raw wastewater spill occurred near 5152 Alligator Lake Rd, in St. Cloud, Osceola County. A damaged ARV caused approximately 4,000 gallons to spill into a depression in the ground. Toho personnel stopped repaired the ARV, recovered approximately 3,000 gallons from the depression in the ground, washed down the affected area, and applied lime for further neutralization. No water bodies were affected. The State Watch Office was notified and produced incident ID # 2023-2426 03/24/2023 01:26 PM Toho Southside WRF  FL Osceola Adrian Brene Environmental Compliance Coordinator (407) 944-5000 Environmental Compliance Coordinator Adrian Brene (407) 944-5000 28.208947 -81.236213 03/23/2023 12:00 PM No 03/23/2023 02:45 PM Incident Location
Blakey Blvd Reclaimed Spill Incident Description: Reclaimed Water service saddle for 418 and 426 Blakey Blvd broke causing release. Crews were dispatched to location and isolated the release so repairs could begin. Wastewater Type: Reuse Cause: Equipment Spill Volume: Volume Recovered: 0 Waterbodies Impacted: N Clean-up Status: In-progress Clean-up Actions: Vacuumed/pump truck, Washed down area, Raked and disposed of debris Agencies Notified: SWO 03/24/2023 01:06 PM Cocoa Beach WRF 1600 Minutemen Cswy; ; Directions: 1600 Minutemen Cswy ; Cocoa Beach FL; 32931 - 2010 Brevard Brad Kalsow Director of Water Reclamation (321) 868-3308 Operator of the Facility/Installation Brad Kalsow (321) 868-3308 28.324689 -80.613757 03/24/2023 03:48 AM No 03/24/2023 04:30 AM N Incident Location
valrico KFC The spill began around 1050 on 3/21/23 and ended around 1250. Greater than 750 gallons discharged from the lift station entering nearby parking lots and storm drains. The contractor recovered 750 gallons via vacuum truck. The overflow was caused by broken check valves on the private lift station allowing back pressure to enter the wet well, and the valves were replaced. Some of the discharge entered a small retention pond north of the KFC. 03/23/2023 05:12 PM KFC  FL; 33511 Hillsborough dale peacock area manager (813) 927-3608 area manager dale peacock (813) 927-3608 27.894 -82.246 03/21/2023 10:50 AM No 03/21/2023 12:50 PM Incident Location
2023-2428 Incident Description: partially treated water was not slugde. Contractors Wharton Smith had a open riser pipe that overflowed from sand filter system. We left at 16 hundred hours. we think it started at 18 hundred hours. Wastewater Type: Partially Treated Cause: Contractor Spill Volume: 40,000 Volume Recovered: 30,000 Waterbodies Impacted: N Clean-up Status: Complete Clean-up Actions: Washed down area, Other Agencies Notified: 03/23/2023 03:14 PM Williston WWTF Northwest 4th Street; North End Of Northwest 4th Street; Directions: Northwest 4th Street North End Of Northwest 4th Street; Williston FL; 34486 - 160 Levy Leo Rober Dash lead operator (352) 226-9632 Operator of the Facility/Installation Leo Dash (352) 226-9632 29.396077 -82.453137 03/22/2023 06:00 PM No 03/23/2023 06:00 AM N Incident Location