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City of Bowling Green 100yr Flood Event On 8/18/2017 The City experienced a 100yr flood event in less than 2hrs. Rainfall in some areas were as high as 8-inches. Even though the city has rehabbed collection system in high I&I priority areas, it is evident there are still some issues. Our charts recorders show 600gpm coming into facility for hours, thus causing an hydraulic overload to one facility trains. Plant 1 over flowed approximately 50k-60k gallons of treated bio-solids. Spill site was contained and disinfected with lime. State watch office was notified 8/19/2017 and the incident number is 2017-6312. 08/19/2017 12:42 PM City of Bowling Green Wastewater Treatment Facility 596 Lake Branch Road; Bowling Green FL; 33834 Hardee Evelyn Guffey Utility Operator (863) 205-6181 Operator of the Facility/Installation Jerry Torrance (863) 605-8919 27.627488 -81.816339 08/18/2017 06:00 PM No 08/19/2017 06:00 AM Incident Location
Private Sanitary Sewer Overflow - City of Orlando At approximately 1150 AM, City of Orlando received notification that a contractor had attempted to tie into a private force main located near 828 Lake Baldwin Lane. Instead of the permitted 3" wet tap type connection on the 4" force main line, the contractor severed the line completely to install an unnaproved tee and shut off valve. Not all sources of flow were properly identified by the contractor and approximately 2000 gallons of sanitary sewer poured out of the cut pipe, overflowed the dig site and began to run into the street. The vactor truck onsite was unable to keep up with the flow and the City of Orlando Water Reclamation Division provided an additional vactor onsite to help control the flow which allowed the contractor crews to install a valve and repair the line. Once the necessary repairs were made to restore the private sanitary sewer force main, all impacted surfaces were sanitized and cleaned and 3500 gallons of water were vactored from the impacted storm drains. 08/18/2017 07:36 PM Mission Homes LLC 828 Lake Baldwin Lane; Directions: SR-50 East to Lake Baldwin Ln. Turn Left on Lake Baldwin Lane. ; Orlando FL; 32803 Orange Daniel Friedline Public Outreach Coordinator (407) 246-2657 City of Orlando Authorized Representative Daniel Friedline (407) 246-2657 28.555342 -81.327336 08/18/2017 11:50 AM No 08/18/2017 05:15 PM Incident Location
Timber Springs Blvd & Bristol Estates Ln, Orlando, FL, 32828 Field Services Division Staff discovered a failed 6 inch pvc force main. The pipe was found to have a split at the bottom. The affected areas include paved and unpaved ground on the north Right-of-way of Timber Springs Boulevard. The curb and storm water system were also affected. There is no potential risk to public health, safety or welfare at this time. The overflowed volume of wastewater was recovered from an adjacent storm water inlet box by Field Services Staff and it did not enter any nearby storm water retention ponds. 08/18/2017 05:59 PM Orange County Utilities - Wastewater Collection System  FL Orange Eduardo C. Hernandez Engineer II (407) 836-6839 Engineer II Troy E. Layton (407) 254-9977 28.537396 -81.144297 08/18/2017 08:10 AM No 08/18/2017 09:40 AM Incident Location
BCWWS 6 Inch Force Main - LHP 6 inch wastewater force main broke, due to pipe failure; estimated 250 gallons of raw sewage discharged to ground, no water body impact. Impacted soil was collected with vac-truck, and replaced with clean fill. 08/18/2017 11:17 AM Broward County NRWWTP Collection System 4121 NE 22 Ave.; Lighthouse Point FL; 33064 Broward Carlos Morejon Utilities Operations Manager (954) 831-0861 Operator of the Facility/Installation Clive Haynes (954) 831-0851 26.282137 -80.093156 08/17/2017 10:00 AM No 08/17/2017 03:00 PM Incident Location
4805 Raggedy Point Drive Contractor broke 2 inch force main causing leak. Leak was isolated and repaired. Approximate volume of sewage leaked was 1360 gallons.Sewage was contained in adjacent ditch and recovered. Applied lime to wetted area and warning signs were posted. 08/17/2017 03:13 PM Flemin Island WWTP 1770 Radar Road; Fleing Island FL; 32006 Clay Dennis R Martin Wastewater Superintendent (904) 626-3893 Wastewater Superintendent for CCUA Dennis R Martin (904) 626-3893 30.113717 -81.695599 08/16/2017 04:25 PM No 08/16/2017 04:25 PM Incident Location
8104 Argyle Forest Blvd Power failure caused lift station to overflow with sewer. Estimated amount released 55,000 gallons, total amount of spill contained on-site, no waterway impacted. Vacuumed sewer and applied hydrated lime to impacted area. 08/17/2017 01:35 PM 8104 Argyle Forest Blvd 8104 Argyle Forest Blvd ; Jacksonville FL; 32244 Duval Glenn Davis Incident Response (904) 591-4777 Incident Response Glenn Davis (904) 591-4777 30.197741 -81.807498 08/16/2017 05:35 PM No 08/16/2017 06:30 PM N Incident Location
Brookledge fuel spill Report #: 2017-6204 Status: Assigned Reported to SWO on: 8/15/2017 16:05 ET Severity: Local Incident Description: Petroleum Release This situation involves: Petroleum Spill Affected Sectors: DEP District - Northeast, DEP OER Jacksonville - Day Initial Report: Alachua County SO reports a petroleum release from a semi on I-75 SB at mile marker 380. The exact amount of the release is unknown but the semi truck holds a 100 gallon tank. No roadways are closed as a result of this incident. FHP, Alachua SO and FR are on scene responding. Injuries: No Fatalities (Unconfirmed by State Medical Examiner): No Environmental impact: Yes DEP callback requested: Unknown Incident Occurred: 8/15/2017 16:05 ET Most Recent Update Date/Time: 08/15/2017-16:17 ET Most Recent Update: N/A Affected Counties: Alachua Facility Name or Description: I-75 380S MILE MARKER Incident Location: Address: City: I-75 Zip: USNG: 17RLN6870872751 Coordinates: Lat: 29.57763, Long: -82.3555 08/16/2017 04:02 PM Brookledge I-75 southbound rest area mile marker 381; Gainesville FL; 32608 Alachua Alan Chandler manager (352) 472-7295 cleanup contractor Alan Chandler (352) 472-7295 29.595568 -82.366855 08/15/2017 04:00 PM No 08/15/2017 08:00 PM Incident Location
HWY 31 Broken ARV Broken ARV on HWY 31 & Lana Cir. Incident occurred 1530 , Estimated 3,700 gallons of raw influent was leaked into the ditch. Zero recovery, affected area was limed for disinfection. 08/16/2017 11:02 AM Desoto County Regional WWTP 7728 S.E. HWY 31, ; Arcadia FL; 34266 DeSoto Alex Shannon WW Systems Supervisor (863) 491-7500 Operator of the Facility/Installation Eddie Miller (863) 491-7500 27.169071 -81.823497 08/15/2017 03:30 PM No 08/15/2017 04:00 PM N Incident Location
Abnormal Event Report 8-15-17 W Gulf to Lake Hwy and 491 On August 25, 2017, J.W.J. Construction was directional boring under S. Lecanto Hwy (aka 491) and drilled into the 6" force main. Approximately 200-300 gallons of sewage spilled into the stormwater drainage area where it was contained. Citrus County Utilities turned off the affiliated lift station. The area was cleaned with a pump truck and the affected area was limed. In future, when locating pipe in roadways that cannot be dug up to verify location, Citrus County Utilities will use ground penetrating radar to locates. Not required to report to SWO. 08/16/2017 09:41 AM Meadowcrest WWTP & Collection System SE corner of intersection of W. Gulf to Lake Hwy and 491; Lecanto FL; 34461 Citrus Charles Thompson Maintenance Supervisor (352) 400-0846 Maintenance Supervisor Gary Loggins (352) 527-7653 28.851647 -82.487782 08/15/2017 02:00 PM No 08/15/2017 02:10 PM Incident Location
Wastewater Overflow at 8401 North Armenia Ave. On August 15, 2017, the City of Tampa┐s Wastewater Department personnel were doing a follow up investigation of a force main blockage at 8401 N. Armenia Ave. When personnel arrived at the site they found an active wastewater overflow at the location due to a broken force main. The overflow was discharging into a storm drain adjacent to the break. Upstream pumping stations were shut down and the overflow stopped. Approximately 5000 gallons discharged into the storm drain. Repairs to force main have been completed and pump stations returned to normal operation. 08/16/2017 07:28 AM City of Tampa Wastewater Department 2545 Guy N. Verger Blvd.; Tampa FL; 33605 Hillsborough Jeff Hilton, P.E. Wastewater Planning Head (813) 274-7844 Wastewater Planning Head Eric Weiss (813) 274-8039 28.025606 -82.484156 08/15/2017 07:30 AM No 08/15/2017 10:45 AM Incident Location