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TWA Cypress West WRF 9.28.20 San Remo On September 26, 2020, starting at approximately 1:00 PM and ending at approximately 7:00 PM, a raw wastewater spill occurred near 4775 San Remo Rd in Poinciana. The 4 inch forcemain broke, which resulted in approximately 2,500 gallons spilled, of which approximately 1,500 gallons were recovered, and approximately 1,000 gallons soaked into the ground. Toho personnel stopped the spill, captured as much spill volume as possible, washed down the affected area, and applied some lime. The State Watch Office was notified, and produced incident report #2020-5347. 09/28/2020 09:15 EDT TWA Cypress West WRF  FL Osceola Adrian Brene Environmental Compliance Coordinator (407) 944-5016 Environmental Compliance Coordinator Adrian Brene (407) 944-5016 28.150678 -81.451932 09/26/2020 13:00 EDT No 09/26/2020 19:00 EDT Incident Location
Force Main Break @ Charleston St & N 70th Ave The City of Hollywood Public Utilities was notified by the City of Hollywood police department of flow coming from the rear of a park. Notification was received at approximately 8:55 am. Staff reached the area and found spillage on the ground, and flow from the affected area. The flow was confirmed to be from a broken force main. The majority of the flow was to a nearby storm drain. That storm drain was confirmed to be connected to a canal just west of the line break site. Staff was dispatched to stop flow from the contributing lift stations. The flow was stopped at the spill site at 1:40 pm and repairs began immediately. The site will be cleaned and sanitized. Samples will be taken in accordance with Broward County sampling requirements. 09/27/2020 15:25 EDT City of Hollywood WWTP 1621 N 14 Avenue; Hollywood FL; 33020 Broward Kassandra Myers Water Quality Manager (954) 921-3414 Compliance & Water Quality Manager Kassandra Myers (954) 921-3414 26.037458 -80.22866 09/27/2020 08:55 EDT No 09/27/2020 13:40 EDT Incident Location
5500 Block of Denver St NE A service saddle clamp came disconnected from a 6-inch reclaimed water main resulting in the release of approximately 1,900 gallons of irrigation quality reclaimed water. 09/26/2020 19:03 EDT City of St. Petersburg Master Reuse System 5500 Block of Denver St NE; St. Petersburg FL; 33703 Pinellas John Palenchar Director, Water Resources (727) 892-5698 Operator Of the Facility Mark DiNobile (727) 892-5841 27.822684 -82.607481 09/26/2020 16:25 EDT No 09/26/2020 16:45 EDT Incident Location
Q671423 SW1 Ave & SW 2 St A 16" sanitary sewer forcemain failed allowing untreated sewage to come up from the ground. The overflow impacted a storm drain system that discharges into the New River. The failure was reported at 9:00am and was isolated by 10:30am. We do not have an estimate of flow. It will be determined when the pipe is excavated. 09/26/2020 16:42 EDT SW 1st Avenue & SW 2nd Street  FL; 33309 Broward Troy Balint Environmental Program Coordinator (954) 828-7845 Environmental program coordinator Troy Balint (954) 828-7845 26.121 -80.146 09/26/2020 09:00 EDT No 09/26/2020 10:30 EDT Y Broward, Incident Location
Bayberry Woods HOA An email was sent to our office stating that citizen called in an overflow on the lift station for 2 hours. The lift is being pumped out today by Chris's plumbing to hold off until repairs can be made on Monday. The overflow stopped on 9/26 at about 2pm. A truck load was pump out. On 9/27 at 7 pm it began leaking again. Today 9/28 the temporary repairs are being made by Chris's Plumbing. 09/26/2020 13:00 EDT Bayberry Woods HOA 10109 Candleberry Woods Lane FL; 33534 Hillsborough Samantha Salgado LCAM (813) 662-9393 Property Manager Samantha Salgado (813) 662-9363 27.858 -82.367 09/26/2020 12:59 EDT Yes N Incident Location
201 S Stillman Ave A sanitary sewer spill occurred from an overflowing manhole at address. The overflow entered a nearby storm drain, which emptied into Bayou Chico. 09/25/2020 22:16 EDT manhole 201 S Stillman St; Pensacola FL; 32505 Escambia Jack Wakeman Communications Coordinator I (850) 969-6500 Operator Of the Facility Ryan Dunlap (850) 969-6667 30.40936 -87.256783 09/25/2020 12:35 EDT No 09/25/2020 13:10 EDT Incident Location
Reclaimed Water Spill Call came in for a reclaimed water break at 526 Cocoa Isles Blvd, Cocoa Beach. Upon arrival, crews notified treatment facility to turn off reclaimed system and began to isolate valves to control the leak. Cause of the leak was a corroded service saddle connection on the force main. A valve was installed on the saddle to stop the leak. Saddle replacement will occur at a later date. An estimated 4,000-5,000 Gallons of treated reclaimed water was spilled and entered a nearby storm drain that leads to a Banana River canal. 09/25/2020 21:40 EDT City of Cocoa Beach Water Reclamation Facility 1600 Minutemen Causeway; Cocoa Beach FL; 32931 Brevard Brad Kalsow Director of Water Reclamation (321) 868-3308 Operator Of the Facility Brad Kalsow (321) 868-3308 28.32995 -80.615015 09/25/2020 14:00 EDT No 09/25/2020 18:30 EDT Incident Location
Charlotte County Utilities -20005 Chalkleaf Ct-LS 35 092520 SSO at lowest point of LS 35 basin. Manhole in front of 20005 Chalkleaf Ct, Port Charlotte FL, 33948. 450 gallons spilt. 400 collected plus mitigated collection system while temporary generator set up to pump down until FPL restored power. 09/25/2020 21:29 EDT Eastport WRF FL0040291 3100 Loveland ; Directions: I-75 and Harborview Rd; Port Charlotte FL; 33980 Charlotte David Chamberlain Field Supervisor, Utilities (941) 764-4300 Operator Of the Facility Bruce Schellinger (941) 764-4555 27.013977 -82.122937 09/25/2020 15:45 EDT No 09/25/2020 17:30 EDT Incident Location
Ormond Beach WRF Influent Structure SSO Influx of rags clogged and disabled bar screens causing overflow. 09/25/2020 15:58 EDT Ormond Beach WWTF 550 N Orchard St; ; Directions: 550 N Orchard St ; Ormond Beach FL; 32174 - 9512 Volusia Shawn Horsley Environmental Regulatory Compliance (386) 676-3336 Environmental Regulatory Compliance Shawn Horsley (386) 676-3336 29.289346 -81.074268 09/24/2020 21:00 EDT No 09/24/2020 21:20 EDT N Incident Location
8011 Merrill Road A blockage in the main sewer line caused 550 gallons of sewer to overflow out of a manhole and into the storm water conveyance channel that leads to Strawberry Creek. Sampling to start 9/26/20. 09/25/2020 15:47 EDT 8011 Merrill Road  FL Duval Cameron Keys-Reep Environmental Scientist (904) 885-0639 Incident Responder Tori Otto (904) 465-7890 30.352584 -81.56274 09/25/2020 13:10 EDT No 09/25/2020 15:00 EDT Incident Location