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Storm water ditch overflow to Bracco pond A On 10/2/2017 our storm water ditch over flowed in to our reject pond we call Bracco pond A. This was cause by the rain fall of 9.1 inches that we got on 10/1/2017. As the water started to recede the excess water that went in to Bracco pond A stated to flow back out to the storm water ditch. It stated flowing out at approx. 0002 on 10/2/2017 and flowed out until approx... 2201 on 10/2/2017. The over flow lasted for approx.. 22 hrs. We estimate the overflow to be approx.. 198,000 gallons. We used the formula for flow thru a vertical pipe.The water that went in to Bracco pond A was storm water, the water that was in the pond did have some substandard water from previous time that we had to use the pond for reject water. This over flow was caused by an extreme rain fall event. 10/04/2017 14:47 EDT Jerry Sellers water reclamation facility 375 N. Cocoa blvd; Cocoa FL; 32922 Brevard Francis Palmieri Jr. Chief Operator (321) 433-8743 Owner Of the Facility Francis Palmieri jr. (321) 433-8743 28.361214 -80.734839 10/02/2017 00:00 EDT No 10/02/2017 22:00 EDT Incident Location
Bracco pond a overflow during hurricane Irma On Sunday 9/10/2017 hurricane Irma hit Cocoa, Fl... Prior to the storm we started sending surplus water to our reject pond we call Bracco pond 1A, at 1530 on 9/10/2017 we lost communication with the level indicator at Bracco pond 1A. At this time the level was 16.75 ft. This left us approx. 0.75 ft. to for storage. During this time wind speeds went above 35 mph this made too dangerous to go outside to shut off the flow to Bracco pond 1A we were not able to safely shut off the flow to Bracco pond 1A until 1145 on Monday 9/11/2017. At this time we had over 9.6 inches of rain this cause Bracco pond 1A to overflow to the storm water ditch that goes to the Indian River lagoon. We estimate the flow that over flowed at 1.180mgd. We use the formula for flow thru a vertical pipe. Formula is Q=5.68kd2h1/2. We figured the pipe started to over flow at Approx. 0800 on 9/11/2017 and stopped over flowing at 1000 on 9/12/2017. It over flowed for 26 hrs. The water that we sent to Bracco pond 1A was fully treated reuse water, the water that was in the pond did have some substandard water for previous times that we had to use the pond for reject water. This over flow was caused by the Rains and destruction caused by hurricane Irma. 10/04/2017 14:40 EDT Jerry Sellers water reclamation Facillity 375 N. Cocoa blvd.; Cocoa FL; 32922 Brevard Francis Palmieri Jr. Chief Operator (321) 433-8743 Owner Of the Facility Francis Palmieri Jr. (321) 433-8743 28.361013 -80.734842 09/10/2017 15:30 EDT No 09/11/2017 11:45 EDT Incident Location
October storm Private pond overflowed to a parking lot which drained to and clogged a storm drain, rising storm water poured into sanitary manhole causing about 3000 gallons to exit manhole into a ditch. Used a vac-truck to clean the ditch area and spread lime. 10/04/2017 14:34 EDT City of Palatka WWTP 3010 Browns Landing road; Palatka FL; 32177 Putnam Brian McCann Mr. (386) 329-0146 Operator Of the Facility Brian McCann (386) 329-0146 29.648127 -81.676591 10/04/2017 11:00 EDT No 10/04/2017 12:30 EDT Incident Location
SWRF - 4760 Sand Lake Road The southwest rate of flow (ROF) valve closed stopping all forward flow from the southwest clarifiers to the disc filters which caused the southwest clarifiers to overflow. Affected areas include paved road surface, unpaved land, swale to storm water pond. Minimal risk to public health due to the clarified effluent being contained in our onsite storm water pond. Total overflowed volume is 25,000 gallons of clarified effluent. 10/04/2017 11:15 EDT SWRF 4760 West Sand Lake Road; Orlando  FL; 32819 Orange Eduardo C. Hernandez Engineer II (407) 836-6839 Operator Of the Facility Mark Robinson (407) 254-6791 28.446894 -81.441479 10/03/2017 13:55 EDT No 10/03/2017 14:05 EDT Incident Location
Sykes Creek / Palmetto Ave 105 Palmetto Ave Discovered 10/2/17 at 10am Broken 6" lateral possibly due to heavy rainfall and soil shifting, will repair ASAP 3,000 gallons leaking Update 10/4/17 - repaired by 10am on 10/4/17. No further leaking occurred. 10/04/2017 10:57 EDT Sykes Creek WWTF 3630 N Courtenay Pkwy; Merritt Island FL; 32953 Brevard Shelley Locklear Environmental Specialist (321) 633-2093 Owner Of the Facility Shelley Locklear (321) 633-2093 28.357868 -80.697386 10/02/2017 10:00 EDT No 10/04/2017 10:00 EDT N Incident Location
Sykes Creek / Various Manholes Various manholes overflowing throughout Merritt Island about 7,000 gallons starting on 10/2/17 61 Bel Aire Dr ~ 3,000 gallons 1535 Hannah Dr ~ 1,000 gallons 2330 Queen Ann St ~ 3,000 gallons As soon as rains stop and system can catch up the overflows will stop. Will update at that time. The County has an Inflow & Infiltration project that is ongoing to line mains in order to decrease infiltration of storm and ground water. Update 10/11/17: Flows ceased 10/10/17. Areas were washed down and signs removed. Total ~10,000 gallons 10/04/2017 10:44 EDT FLA102695 Sykes Creek WWTF 3630 N Courtenay Pkwy; Merritt Island FL; 32953 Brevard Shelley Locklear Environmental Specialist (321) 633-2093 Owner Of the Facility Shelley Locklear (321) 633-2093 28.423032 -80.702688 10/02/2017 10:00 EDT No 10/10/2017 08:00 EDT N Incident Location
City of Monticello The City of Monticello was hit by Hurricane Irma's effects on Monday 9/11/17 at 01:00, Power went down to the entire City service area and most of Jefferson County due to this all utilities that do not have on site generators went down, two portable gensets were in use at all times, after conditions safe these generators went on rotation to all lift stations able to flow to theTreatment Plant. Power was restored to al but 2 lift station on 9/13/17 at 17:00 the remaining two lift stations were run under generator power util power was restored to them on 9/17/17. Initial spill Est. from Monthly Average Daily Flow 0.488 mg lost for the full 3 days with out power of the 21 lift stations not under generator power. 10/04/2017 10:39 EDT City of Monticello 1220 Mamie Scott Dr.; City Hall - 245 South Mulberry St.; Monticello FL; 32344 Jefferson Jim Milicic Lead Plant Operator (850) 294-6474 Operator Of the Facility City Manager Steve Wingate (850) 294-8329 30.545155 -83.870156 09/11/2017 01:00 EDT No 09/13/2017 15:00 EDT Incident Location
PAFB Lift Station 1497 10042017 On Oct 4, 2017 at 0700 hours, Lift Station 1497 located by the Marina on Southside of PAFB had a malfunction when the communizer broke. Causing about 2,000 gallons of waste to overflow out of the lift station and onto asphalt road. Base Operations used a vacuum truck to remove waste and then discharged it back into the wastewater system. 10/04/2017 09:56 EDT PAFB Lift Station 1497 ; Directions: Enter Patrick AFB at South Gate, Turn left onto Marina Road, Lift Station on Left.; Patrick AFB FL; 32925 Brevard Richard Blanton Stormwater Coordinator (321) 494-9261 Environmental Compliance John Tarantine (321) 494-2899 28.216802 -80.607033 10/04/2017 09:40 EDT Yes Incident Location
City of Cocoa Beach Lift Station 5 service area October 3rd 2017 between the hours of 9am and 3pm multiple manholes weeping sewer on North Banana River Boulevard, Brightwaters Drive and Kent Drive were being reported to the City of Cocoa Beach Water Reclamation Facility. A few manholes were reported that overflow was going into a storm drain that discharges into Brightwaters Drive and Dorset Drive river canal. Crews responded to the scene and confirmed these reports. All of the sewage in this area flows to Lift Station #5 which was having a hard time keeping up with the amount of flow being discharged into it. 10+ inches of rain was reported to have fallen in Cocoa Beach causing the sewer system to surcharge in this area. We estimate 2-3000 gallons (mixture of rain and sewage) wept out of the manholes (on and off) over the 6 hour period. Crews arrived on scene with vactor trucks and bypass pumps to relieve the surcharge in the gravity lines. A bypass pump was set in place and discharged into a nearby forcemain to relieve the surcharge on the gravity lines. The water receded and levels are being maintained by the usage of the bypass pump. The pump will remain on site until further inspections of the gravity lines can be performed. Crews will remain in the area monitoring the sanitary sewer system until flows return back to normal. 10/04/2017 06:40 EDT City of Cocoa Beach Water Reclamation Facility 1600 Minutemen Causeway; Cocoa Beach FL; 32931 Brevard Brad Kalsow Operations Manager (321) 868-3321 Operator Of the Facility Brad Kalsow (321) 868-3321 28.366265 -80.609292 10/03/2017 09:00 EDT No 10/03/2017 15:00 EDT Incident Location
South Beaches / Cedar Lane Due to excessive rains on 10/1/17 the mains on Cedar Lane were filled with storm water and overflowed the shallow manholes. About 5,000 gallons of diluted wastewater has seeped from the manhole to storm drains that may lead to Indian River. Signs posted. Mix of storm water and some sewage still ongoing. Lift Station B6 area is inundated. Excessive rains came while systems were still recovering from Hurricane Irma. Reverse notifications to customers to restrict water usage sent on 10/1/17. Update 10/26/17: Overflows stopped on 10/17/17. About 10,000 gallons total spilled but hard to tell since heavily mixed with stormwater. Signs have been removed. 10/03/2017 16:55 EDT FL0040622 South Beaches WWTF 2800 S A1A; Melbourne Beach FL; 32951 Brevard Shelley Locklear Environmental Specialist (321) 633-2093 Owner Of the Facility Shelley Locklear (321) 633-2093 28.103245 -80.582878 10/03/2017 03:30 EDT No 10/17/2017 08:00 EDT N Incident Location