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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Eastbrooke Blvd Manhole Overflows 2 Manholes over-flowed untreated water near 2054 Eastbrooke Blvd. Winter Park, FL. Cause- Hurricane Nicole- Periodic overflow, line at capacity (issues getting into the SSNOCWTA line). Spill discovered 11/10/2022 at 10:20 Spill ceased 11/10/2022 at 14:30 Total spill- 9,225 gallons Area raked of debris and limed. 11/11/2022 06:03 PM City of Casselberry WRF 700 Cross St.; Casselberry FL; 32707 Seminole Dawn Swailes Water Reclamation Superintendent (407) 288-2841 Operator of the Facility/Installation Dawn Swailes (407) 288-2841 28.617749 -81.301418 11/10/2022 10:20 AM No 11/10/2022 02:30 PM Incident Location
Sanitary Sewer Overflow Hurricane Nicole. Contractor's bypass pump system failed causing manholes at the intersection of Flagler Blvd & Gerado St. to overflow. Spill entered storm drain leading to Matanzas River. 11/11/2022 04:52 PM City of St. Augustine  FL; 32084 St. Johns Glabra Skipp Environmental Program Supervisor (904) 788-4425 Environmental Program Supervisor Glabra Skipp (904) 788-4425 29.893162 -81.302276 11/11/2022 04:00 AM No 11/11/2022 10:30 AM Incident Location
Sanitary Sewer Overflow Hurricane Nicole. Manhole overflowed at the intersection of St. Francis Street and Cordova Street due to power outage at lift station. Spill entered Lake Maria Sanchez. 11/11/2022 04:44 PM City of St. Augustine  FL St. Johns Glabra Skipp Environmental Program Supervisor (904) 788-4425 Environmental Program Supervisor Glabra Skipp (904) 788-4425 29.887681 -81.312073 11/10/2022 08:00 PM No 11/11/2022 01:00 AM Incident Location
South Texas Avenue, Force Main Break, 11/11/2022 Incident Description: The discharge of untreated wastewater onto paved and unpaved surfaces along the south right-of-way of South Texas Avenue was caused by a pipe failure. The discharged wastewater entered a storm water inlet box located approximately 55 feet west of the failure point. The storm water structure discharges into the north side of an adjacent storm water retention pond. Field Services staff immediately started recovery from the surcharged storm water inlet structure to draw water directly from the retention pond. The pond's overflow structure was also blocked as a precaution to prevent any downstream impact. The force main has also been repaired and returned to normal operation at this time. Additionally, Field Services staff also performed a washdown of the area. The approximate gallons released and recovered are estimated to be as follows: a. Gallons released: 1,500 gallons b. Gallons recovered: 220,000 gallons c. Gallons discharged to surface water: 0 Wastewater Type: Untreated Cause: Break-in-Line Spill Volume: 1,500 Volume Recovered: 220,000 Waterbodies Impacted: N Clean-up Status: Complete Clean-up Actions: Vacuumed/pump truck, Washed down area Agencies Notified: 11/11/2022 04:17 PM OCUD/SOUTH WRF 4760 W Sand Lake Rd; ; Directions: 4760 W Sand Lake Rd ; Orlando FL; 32819 - 9538 Orange Eduardo C. Hernandez Engineer III (321) 239-3351 Engineer III for OCU Troy Layton (321) 239-3351 28.5 -81.405 11/11/2022 11:11 AM No 11/11/2022 11:40 AM N Incident Location
COWP Hurricane Nicole SSO #7 Lift Station 70 Discharge Type: Combined domestic wastewater and stormwater Status of Discharge (ongoing or ceased): Ceased Estimated Amount of Discharge: 120,000 gallons of combined stormwater and domestic wastewater Source and Cause of Discharge: Main pump station breaker tripped from high current caused by a ragged pump. Generator tried to start but water contaminated fuel prevented generator from starting. Actions Taken: Took ragged pump offline and reset breakers; removed contaminated fuel and retested commercial power and generator successfully. Cleaned area and sprayed disinfectant on affected area. Discharge Recovered: No discharge was able to be recovered. Area Affected by Discharge Including Water Body Affected: Discharge to on-site stormwater system 11/11/2022 03:48 PM City of Winter Park Lift Station #70 1409 Howell Branch Rd.; City of Winter Park FL; 32789 Orange Wayland Paxman Engineer (407) 599-3481 Owner of the Facility/Installation Wayland Paxman (407) 599-3481 28.625036 -81.335795 11/11/2022 02:00 PM No 11/11/2022 02:00 PM Incident Location
Hattaway Drive Manhole Overflow A manhole on Hattaway Drive, approximately 300' north of Barclay Avenue, overflowed during a bypass pumping operation that was needed due to a directional boring contractor hitting a gravity sewer main and creating a blockage. An estimated 250 gallons of raw sewage flowed into an adjacent swale where it was contained. 10% was recovered and the remaining overflow percolated into the ground. The are was raked, cleaned and treated with chlorine. 11/11/2022 03:03 PM City of Altamonte Springs North of 600 Hattaway Drive; Directions: SR 436, south on Hattaway Drive to 300 feet north of 600 Hattaway Drive; Altamonte Springs FL; 32714 Seminole Kipton Lockcuff Collections Division Director (407) 571-8533 Owner of the Facility/Installation Kipton Lockcuff (407) 571-8533 28.651687 -81.382094 11/11/2022 09:15 AM No 11/11/2022 09:30 AM Incident Location
NEWRF Filter SSO (generator fail) Incident Description: During a local power outage the NE WRF went on generator power. Operator called Chief on-call at 04:52 to notify him that the generator powering the sand filters shut down due to "high coolant water temperature" alarm. 5:05am notified maintenance who contacted Ringpower at 5:33am. The sand filters started overflowing around 6am. Approximately 390,625 gallons of clarified effluent overflowed onto the surrounding ground and in to the stormwater retention ponds which were already mostly at capacity due to TS Nicole. Vactor crew will clean 100 gallons from puddle which is all SSO, however the majority of the spill is unrecoverable. There are no solids associated with this event. The generator was successfully repaired by Ringpower. Wastewater Type: Partially Treated Cause: Power Spill Volume: 390,625 Volume Recovered: 100 Waterbodies Impacted: N Clean-up Status: Planned Clean-up Actions: Vacuumed/pump truck Agencies Notified: Mike Flanigan, Assistant Public Utilities Director 11/11/2022 01:23 PM Clearwater City of Northeast WRF 3290 State Road 580; ; Directions: 3290 State Road 580 ; Safety Harbor FL; 34695 - 4928 Pinellas Christina Goodrich Wastewater Environmental Technologies Manager (727) 224-7477 Manager of the WRF Christina Goodrich (727) 224-7477 28.028829 -82.703155 11/11/2022 06:00 AM No 11/11/2022 07:15 AM N Incident Location
Laura Cotte Due to Hurricane Nicole the facility received over 8 inches of rain causing the pond to discharge through the EDD. 11/11/2022 12:43 PM Valencia Estates 3325 US Highway 98 South; Lakeland FL; 33803 Polk Laura Cotte Operations Manager (941) 716-4025 Operator of the Facility/Installation Laura Cotte (941) 716-4025 28.077575 -81.692871 11/11/2022 11:55 AM Yes Incident Location
300 Havendale Blvd Time and Date Started : 12:30 pm 11/10/2022 Time and Date Ceased : 1:00pm 11/10/2022 Est Amount Overflow : 1000 gallons Cause : Line Break Cleaned area with vac truck 11/11/2022 12:36 PM Bank of America 300 Havendale Blvd; Directions: On Havendale Blvd, in front of Bank of America.; Auburndale FL; 33823 Polk Derek Morehead Superintendent (863) 965-5511 Operator of the Facility/Installation Derek Morehead (863) 965-5511 28.056834 -81.780815 11/10/2022 12:30 PM No 11/10/2022 01:00 PM Incident Location
Untreated Domestic Wastewater Overflow Incident Description: The City received a report about an overflow from a restaurant at the referenced address. City crews investigated and determined that a blockage in the City┐s 8-inch gravity main was the cause. The cause of the blockage was primarily grease and rags, from nearby restaurants. According to restaurant staff they had recently serviced the grease trap. The blockage was cleared by high pressure jetting and the area was cleaned. No recovery was feasible due to on-going rainfall from TS Nicole at the time of the overflow. Wastewater Type: Untreated Cause: Blockage Spill Volume: 600 Volume Recovered: 0 Waterbodies Impacted: Y Clean-up Status: Complete Clean-up Actions: Washed down area, Water samples taken, Raked and disposed of debris Agencies Notified: Notified NWFWMD. Will also be notifying FLDOH and FDEP concurrent with this notice. 11/11/2022 11:26 AM T P Smith Water Reclamation Facility 4505B Springhill Rd; ; Directions: 4505B Springhill Rd ; Tallahassee FL; 32305 - 6503 Leon Alissa B Meyers Director, Environmental Services (850) 891-8854 Director of Environmental Services Alison Faris (850) 891-8535 30.477012 -84.298689 11/10/2022 04:17 PM No 11/10/2022 07:40 PM Y Leon Incident Location