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East Lane and Caloosa Lake Circle North in Lake Wales Upon further investigation, PCU operations staff concluded that a reportable sanitary sewer overflow did not occur at this location. 11/17/2022 03:43 PM Crooked Lake WWTF East Lane and Caloosa Lake Circle North; Lake Wales FL; 33859 Polk Krystal Azzarella Utilities Environmental Manager (863) 298-4195 Polk County Utilities Jeff Goolsby (863) 344-0249 27.834 -81.585 11/17/2022 02:00 AM No 11/17/2022 06:00 AM N Incident Location
SSO - DS-082 A 4-inch sewer force main suspended from the Winston Drive Bridge, Belleair experienced a failure causing an SSO into the below waterway. The upstream pump station was turned off to stop the discharge of wastewater while repairs are being made. Tankering operations have begun upstream. About 40 linear feet of force main will be replaced. Samples of the waterway have been collected and precautionary signs posted. Estimated 200 gallons spilled, 0 recovered. 11/17/2022 03:08 PM South Cross Bayou AWRF 3 Winston Drive; Belleair FL; 33756 Pinellas Kevin King Project Coordinator (727) 582-2376 Water Quality Division Kevin King (727) 582-2376 27.924919 -82.822322 11/16/2022 08:00 PM No 11/16/2022 08:45 AM Incident Location
Tractor rollover - Diesel Spill A tractor wagon hauling sugar cane overturned in the access road leading to the ramp area on USSC Pelican Farm around 5:45 p.m. The diesel tank on the tractor leaked after it rolled over causing diesel to spill into the surrounding area and impact the soil. The diesel spill did not enter any of the farm's waterways. It is estimated that approximately 150 gallons of diesel were spilled. The company's Emergency Spill Response Team was dispatched to the impact area to contain and deploy absorbent material. 11/17/2022 01:40 PM Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative ; Directions: Location of incident: 26.733187,-80.660573; Belle Glade FL; 33410 Palm Beach Grant Lanham Vice President - Environmental (561) 996-5556 VP - Environmental / Compliance Grant Lanham (561) 996-5556 26.733089 -80.660853 11/16/2022 05:45 PM No 11/16/2022 08:00 PM Incident Location
Floramar Terrace Yesterday on 11/30/2022 at 1:30PM Pasco County Utilities received a call for a sewer break. Pasco County Utilities had a suck truck on site sucking around 2:40PM to prevent any more sewer from reaching the canal at 4927 US-19, New Port Richey, Florida 34652. Pasco County contacted the City of New Port Richey around 2:50PM to let the city know of the break due to Pasco and the city both having force mains running alongside of each other along Floramar Terrace. I was contacted by front office and they explained that there was a leak that Pasco County was already on site at Floramar Terrace. They told the front office that they weren┐t sure if the break was their 24┐ force main or the City of New Port Richey┐s 6┐ force main. I then called sewer crews to head out to check out the break. Sewer crew arrived at break at 3:10PM. Crew confirmed that it was the City┐s sewer break and started to shut down all lift stations on Scada. Pipe was exposed and it was the City of New Port Richey┐s 6┐ sewer force main that had a crack on it. Pasco called in two more Vac-Cons and Slug Truck (Suck trucks) The City of New Port Richey had a Vac-Con out on site also around 3:30PM. This force main was hooked up to a system that runs to the treatment plant with multiple lift stations that flow into this main. Crews then went to stations that ran on that force main and turned off each of them. System was slowed down enough to start the repair. Around 5:45PM Crews cut in to pipe and let drain to be able to install new 41┐ section of C-900 pipe and two 6┐ Hymax couplers. Pipe was Repaired at 6:30PM. Once done, we disinfected area with hydrated lime and turned all stations back on to repressurize the force main and inspect for any leaks. Spill was about 53,000 gallons. 49,500 gallons were contained with all trucks on site, but 3,500 gallons did make it into the canal by Widow Fletchers restaurant 4927 US-19, New Port Richey, Florida 34652. 11/17/2022 01:37 PM Floramar Terrace 4927 US-19; Directions: Canal at 4927 US-19, New Port Richey, Florida 34652. ; New Port Richey FLorida FL; 34652 Pasco Emanuel Garcia Sewer Collection Section Leader (727) 809-2189 Operator of the Facility/Installation Emanuel Garcia (727) 809-2189 28.231775 -82.731267 11/16/2022 01:30 PM No 11/16/2022 06:30 PM Incident Location
Manhole Overflow Overflow from a manhole that was caused by a bypass pump that lost prime and stopped pumping. 50 Gallons of raw sewage spilled on the road and it was all recovered. The area was cleaned up and disinfected. There were no surface water and no body of water affected. 11/16/2022 06:46 PM City of Deerfield Beach Collections System 200 Goolsby Blvd ; Deerfield Beach FL; 33442 Broward Adrian Mocanu Environmental Compliance Superintendent (954) 480-4457 Environmental Compliance Superintendent Adrian Mocanu (954) 650-9852 26.312 -80.094 11/15/2022 04:45 PM No 11/15/2022 05:30 PM Incident Location
Riviera Beach Force Main Break Contractor was doing jack-and-boring and hit City 6-inch force main, causing sewage to spill into storm drains. Approx. 4500 gallons spilled. Contained, cleaned and vacuumed. Replaced 3-foot section of pipe. Disinfected with hydrated lime. Sampled C-17 canal as precaution. 11/16/2022 02:24 PM FLA041360 600 W BLUE HERON BLVD; Riviera Beach FL; 33404 Palm Beach Anthony Williams Compliance Manager (561) 845-3415 Operator of the Facility/Installation Brandon Ingraham (561) 797-5172 26.782092 -80.087234 11/15/2022 02:30 AM No 11/15/2022 07:00 PM Incident Location
bell Cir. ls 5 Incident Description: relay failed sewer backed up from manhole Wastewater Type: Untreated Cause: Equipment Spill Volume: 1,500 Volume Recovered: 0 Waterbodies Impacted: N Clean-up Status: Complete Clean-up Actions: Applied disinfectant, Applied lime, Washed down area, Raked and disposed of debris Agencies Notified: local FDEP 11/16/2022 01:13 PM Lynn Haven AWTF 5th Street and Montana Avenue; Directions: 5th Street and Montana Avenue ; Lynn Haven FL; 32444 - 2351 Bay Greg Kidwell Utility Director (850) 265-0087 Operator of the Facility/Installation Greg Kidwell (850) 265-0087 30.225431 -85.656339 11/16/2022 08:00 AM No 11/16/2022 08:15 AM N Incident Location
1905 E 2nd Plz 11-15-2022 Incident Description: On 11/15/2022 at 12:30 pm crews responded to a spill coming from a break in the temporary line running from MH #X1-298 going to LS #70. This temporary line is pumped against grade up to LS #70 from MH #X1-298 via bypass pump. Line split (see map) and spilled approx 100 gal of untreated effluent onto the dirt/surrounding area. Spill was contained on site. Line was repaired and spill ceased on 11/15/2022 at 2:00 pm. Wastewater Type: Untreated Cause: Break-in-Line Spill Volume: 100 Volume Recovered: 0 Waterbodies Impacted: N Clean-up Status: Complete Clean-up Actions: Applied lime Agencies Notified: 11/16/2022 12:09 PM Millville AWT Facility 1800 E 3rd St; ; Directions: 1800 E 3rd St ; Panama City FL; 32401 - 4800 Bay Rebecca Tackitt Environmental Compliance Supervisor (850) 628-5289 Environmental Compliance Supervisor Rebecca Tackitt (850) 628-5289 30.151839 -85.635131 11/15/2022 12:30 PM No 11/15/2022 02:00 PM N Incident Location
SSO - DS-112 A grease blockage occurred in a gravity main causing two manholes to overflow. The blockage was cleared, main was vactored, and the area rinsed down. It was undetermined if the overflow would be able to reach waters of the State, so precautionary sampling has begun at the possible point of discharge in Joe's Creek. 2000 gallons overflowed, 300 recovered. Update - After reviewing the sample results at point of discharge, it was determined that the SSO impacted Joe's Creek. Additional sampling began upstream and downstream, and precautionary signs have been posted. 11/16/2022 08:44 AM South Cross Bayou AWRF 6200 67th Lane N; Pinellas Park FL Pinellas Kevin King Project Coordinator (727) 582-2376 Water Quality Division Kevin King (727) 582-2376 27.828 -82.732 11/15/2022 08:45 AM No 11/15/2022 11:00 AM N Incident Location
Anhydrous Ammonia Release An anhydrous ammonia release occurred at one of the granulation plants and approximately 1,231 lbs. was released to the atmosphere. There were no injuries to personnel and no known offsite impacts. 11/15/2022 03:32 PM Mosaic Fertilizer LLC 2095 CR-640 West; Mulberry FL; 33860 Polk Jamie Rocco Environmental Specialist (863) 844-5247 Jamie Rocco Heather Nedley (863) 773-4064 27.835721 -82.052559 11/13/2022 11:00 AM No 11/13/2022 06:30 PM Incident Location