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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Fort Lauderdale_2019 03 13 Sewage discharged from a ruptured 4 inch pipe in the valve pit of LS 10D2-1. The total estimated volume discharged was 300 gallons. Approximately 100 gallons of the sewage discharge overflowed from the vault entered the french drainage system prior to the start of the maintenance activities. 03/14/2019 11:21 EDT WWS LS 10D2-1 2740 NW 22nd Street; Directions: Latitude: 26.154427 Longitude: -80.179321; Fort Lauderdale FL; 33311 Broward Paul Kirlew Maintenance Manager (954) 831-0856 First Responder Jerry Baker (954) 831-3061 26.154616 -80.179806 03/13/2019 12:30 EDT No 03/13/2019 12:45 EDT Incident Location
St. Petersburg Master Reuse - 4100 Overlook Dr NE A service saddle clamp separated from a 12 inch reclaimed water main causing a discharge of an estimated 5064 gallons. Approximately 4500 gallons of reclaimed water went into the bay. The 12 inch reclaimed water main is shut off until repairs are completed. 03/14/2019 10:36 EDT St. Petersburg Master Reuse System 4100 Overlook Dr NE; Saint Petersburg FL; 33703 Pinellas Igor Lugonja Senior Operations Analyst (727) 892-5641 Individual making notification to website. Michael Renshaw (727) 893-7261 27.809373 -82.601968 03/13/2019 21:40 EDT No 03/13/2019 23:45 EDT Incident Location
Forcemain leak at Marathon Airport Airport personnel reported at 12:45 that there was wet spot on the asphalt in front of the airport. FKAA responded and called the Marathon Utilities department when they realized it was not drinking water. Marathon Utilities was on site by 13:00. We dug through the asphalt to find a small hole in a 2" forcemain that serves the Sea Grape apartment building. The line was quickly exposed and repaired. The line was placed back in service by 15:00. No sewage left the excavation area. 03/14/2019 08:23 EDT Marathon Airport 9000 Overseas Highway; Marathon FL; 33050 Monroe Daniel Saus Utilities Director/City of Marathon (305) 289-5009 Owner of the forcemain that was leaking Daniel Saus (305) 289-5009 24.725163 -81.049723 03/13/2019 12:45 EDT No 03/13/2019 15:00 EDT Incident Location
EWRF 1100, 03-13-19 At 11:00 the contractor working on the effluent diversion gate was attempting to adjust the set points. The gate was moving slower than expected and was experiencing issues opening. The incoming flow exceeded what the gate was set at, resulting in a discharge of secondary clarifier effluent. At 11:18 staff were able to manually control the gate and stop the overflow. The discharge affected unpaved land around the structure, along with a ditch leading to Retention Pond A. Staff set up a portable 6 inch pump to recover water from the affected ditch and the water was then pumped to the closest manhole (#18) for retreatment. The approximate gallons released and recovered are estimated to be as follows: 100,000 gallons released, 250,000 gallons recovered, 0 gallons unrecovered, and 0 gallons discharged to surface water. There is little or no potential risk to public health, safety or welfare. 03/13/2019 16:20 EDT Eastern Water Reclamation Facility 1621 S. Alafaya Trail; Orlando FL; 32828 Orange Eduardo C. Hernandez Engineer II (407) 836-6839 Engineer II Mark Robinson (407) 254-9977 28.521207 -81.202589 03/13/2019 11:00 EDT No 03/13/2019 11:20 EDT Incident Location
DWU Reclaimed Water We were notified about 4pm yesterday that there was a reclaimed water main break at 510 Norriego Road on Holiday Isle around 3:50pm. A contractor removed a palm tree and pulled a section of the 2¿ reclaimed water main in the process. DWU was able to isolate the 2¿ main and stop the water by 4:30pm. It is estimated that about 10,000 gallons of reclaimed water escaped the 2¿ reclaimed water main. No reclaimed water entered any stormwater, wetlands or water bodies in the area. DWU has made repairs to the main and it has been returned to service about 2pm today. No cleanup actions are needed as this is reclaimed water used for irrigation in the area. 03/13/2019 15:12 EDT Destin Water Users, Inc. 218 Main Street; Destin FL; 32541 Okaloosa Monica Autrey Operations Manager (850) 699-3665 Operator Of the Facility Lockwood Wernet (850) 200-2028 30.388159 -86.497187 03/12/2019 15:50 EDT No 03/12/2019 16:30 EDT Incident Location
Sodium Hydroxide Release Release of sodium hydroxide from broken fitting on chemical injector - approx 380 gallons. No off-site release and release stopped. 03/12/2019 15:17 EDT Cypress Creek Water Treatment Facility Tampa Bay Water; 8865 Pump Station Road; Land O Lakes FL; 34639 Pasco Thea Dunmire Environmental Management & Regulatory Compliance Senior Manager (727) 791-2303 Operator Of the Facility Thea Dunmire (727) 791-2303 28.284475 -82.4238 03/12/2019 11:00 EDT No 03/12/2019 12:00 EDT Incident Location
Seminole Generating Station Wash Water Release On March 11, 2019, at approximately 1920 hours, a Production Manager at Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.¿s Seminole Generating Station in Putnam County, Florida discovered a separation in a staged line connection causing equipment wash water to discharge to the ground instead of the designated percolation pond specifically designed for this purpose. Upon observing the separation, the Production Manager shut down the pump. The line was repaired within an hour of the discovery and is operating again with no issue. It is estimated that approximately 65,000 gallons of wash water was discharged to the ground. The discharged wash water was wholly contained on-site, did not enter any storm water conveyance, and did not enter any surface water. The discharge of wash water to groundwater is currently authorized under the Seminole Generating Station¿s Conditions of Certification within designated on-site percolation ponds. The area of the wash water discharge is located in close proximity to those on-site percolation ponds and is fully contained with the Seminole Generating Station¿s authorized groundwater zone of discharge as identified in the previously referenced Conditions of Certification. We do not foresee any threat to human health or the environment from this discharge. 03/12/2019 13:36 EDT Seminole Generating Station 890 N Highway 17; Palatka FL; 32177 Putnam Justin Gostnell Senior Environmental Coordinator (813) 739-1375 Facility Owner Representative Ryan Hart (813) 739-1402 29.731 -81.624 03/11/2019 19:20 EDT No 03/11/2019 20:20 EDT Incident Location
TWA Camelot WRF 3-12-19 On March 8, 2019, discovered at approximately 5:30 PM, a leak was detected along the wall underneath the drain barrier that surrounds the equalization tank at the northwest side. The leak was identified as an abandoned reuse line that had corroded and broken. The state watch office was notified initially that there had been a wastewater spill, but upon further investigation it was found that it was actually reuse water instead, so the state watch office was called again to revise that aspect. Samples were taken of the spill water, and it had a residual chlorine concentration of 2.0 mg/L. The reuse line leading to the facility was turned off at approximately 8:30 PM, stopping the flow of water to a trickle. At approximately 4:00 PM on March 9, 2019, the trickle completely stopped. Field personnel capped the leak at approximately 8:00 AM on March 10, 2019. The spilled reuse flowed towards the stormwater lift station which leads back to the headworks; all of the spilled reuse was contained onsite. Operators notified the State Watch Office, which produced incident report #2019-1396. 03/12/2019 11:06 EDT TWA Camelot WRF  FL Osceola Adrian Brene Environmental Compliance Coordinator (407) 944-5016 Environmental Compliance Coordinator Adrian Brene (407) 944-5016 28.320103 -81.499099 03/08/2019 17:30 EST No 03/10/2019 08:00 EDT Incident Location
Martello Dr Line blockage caused a manhole to weep which flowed into a storm drain. The Storm water pond was not discharging. The spill was about 100 gallons from the manhole weeping. 03/12/2019 10:08 EDT SR 16 WWTF 3000 Industry Center Dr; St. Augustine FL; 32084 St. Johns Tony Cubbedge Env Div Mgr (904) 209-2620 Env Div Mgr Tony Cubbedge (904) 209-2620 29.929624 -81.441099 03/12/2019 08:45 EDT No 03/12/2019 09:00 EDT Incident Location
442925 WASD Incident #: 442925 Version: 2 Version Type: Supplementary Incident Version Created On: 03/12/19 02:11 AM Job Order #: 1003818368 Location of Discharge: 14441 S DIXIE HWY PALMETTO BAY 33176 Reported by WASD Employee? Yes Employee ID: 00201251 Employee Title: PROJECT INSPECTOR 1 Reported by: JUAN VALDEZ Utility Name: Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Phone Number: (305) 274-9272 Path of Flow: Contained On: SW 144TH ST Discharge Caused by Asset Type: Force Main Contractor Involved? Yes (Private Contractor) Private Contractor Name: RG UNDERGROUND Discharge Due to/Caused by: Force Main Broken Other Cause Additional Discharge Cause: CONTRACTOR BROKE LINE WHILE WORKING Pipe Material: ACP (Asbestos Cement Pipe) Pipe Size in inches: 6 Type of Water Discharge: RAW SEWAGE Did Discharge Go to Public Access Area? No Did Discharge Go into Storm Sewer? No Did Discharge Go into Surface Water? No Weather Conditions: Clear Estimated Quantity of Sewage Released in Gallons: 3,007 Estimated Time Release Started: 03/11/19 10:20 PM Estimated Time Action Taken at Site: 03/11/19 10:40 PM ACTION TAKEN Active Spill Observed? Yes Discharge Flow Stopped? Yes Discharge Stopped On: 03/11/19 11:15 PM Spill Contained? Yes Area Cleaned? Yes Area Disinfected? Yes Method of Disinfection: Lime/Vactor Public Notified? Yes Method of Public Notification: Post Signs Public Notified On: 03/11/19 10:40 PM Spill Recovered? No AGENCIES NOTIFIED AGENCY NOTIFICATION POINT METHOD NOTIFIED TO NOTIFIED ON DEP FDEP State Warning Point Phone SHANE INC#2019-1453 03/12/19 02:22 AM RER RER Compliance Desk Phone JERADO 03/12/19 02:22 AM WASD WASD Jose Cueto Phone LVM FOR CUETO 03/12/19 02:22 AM DEP DEP Notification Group E-mail 03/12/19 02:22 AM DOH DOH Notification Group E-mail 03/12/19 02:22 AM EPA EPA Notification Group E-mail 03/12/19 02:22 AM HMS Hazardous Materials Subcommittee Group E-mail 03/12/19 02:22 AM RER RER Notification Group E-mail 03/12/19 02:22 AM SFWM SFWM Notification Group E-mail 03/12/19 02:22 AM WASD WASD Interdepartmental Personnel E-mail 03/12/19 02:22 AM Future Contact Person: Marcelo Garcia Future Contact Person's Phone Number: (786) 552-8342 Form Completed by: Edlyn Alcinor Of: Water & Sewer Department DEP USE ONLY WRITTEN REPORT REQUESTED: ___ No/ ___ Yes DUE DATE: _________________________________ NAME: _____________________ TITLE: ________________________________ SIGNATURE: ______________ DATE: ___________ Latitude: 25.6358339891857 Longitude: -80.3377891869418 03/12/19 02:22 AM * Fields on red are the ones that changed from previous version Page 1 of 1 DOMESTIC WASTEWATER DISCHARGE/ABNORMAL EVENT NOTIFICATION MIAMI-DADE COUNTY WATER AND SEWER DEPARTMENT EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS SECTION 03/12/2019 10:07 EDT Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Collection System 14441 S. Dixie Hwy; Palmetto Bay FL; 33176 Miami-Dade Juan Valdez Project Inspector 1 (305) 274-9272 Operator Of the Facility Marcelo M. Garcia (305) 274-9272 25.636145 -80.337613 03/11/2019 22:20 EDT No 03/11/2019 23:15 EDT Incident Location