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100 Gallon Sewage Overflow on 1/29/20 at approximately 1500 hours a 100 gallon sewage overflow occurred from a manhole outside 1320 Magic Kingdom Dr., Bay Lake FL. A sewer line cleaning contractor was dispatched to jet rod the gravity line and the line was cleared at 1615 hours. It is suspected the blockage was caused by grease accumulation. Approximately 75 gallons of the sewage was recovered with 25 gallons being released to a storm water catch basin. The basin drained to a retention pond that was not discharging at the time of the event. All surfaces were cleaned and disinfected. No employees or other persons were impacted. 01/30/2020 14:56 EST 1320 Magic Kingdom Dr. 1320 Magic Kingdom Dr.; Bay Lake FL; 32830 Orange Jeffrey Kosik Environmental Compliance Manager (407) 257-8099 Owner Of the Facility Jeffrey Kosik (407) 257-8099 28.421726 -81.579318 01/29/2020 15:00 EST No 01/29/2020 16:15 EST Incident Location
EWRF 01-29-20, 12:08 Sodium Hypochlorite Release At 12:08 a maintenance worker noticed a white patch in the soil and it appeared to be damp. OCU personnel immediately dug up the area and found that it was a sodium hypochlorite leak. The sodium hypochlorite pumps feeding that line were immediately turned off. The leak was stopped at 12:10. We called the State Watch Office and the National Response Center to report the sodium hypochlorite leak. The leak was in an area away from any ditches or storm water ponds. The only affected area is the soil around the leak. County Contractor ECT was called to start the sodium hypochlorite leak recovery. Gallons released: To be determined, but estimated to be less than 50 gallons Gallons recovered: Recovery will be performed by OCU┐s environmental compliance contractor, ECT Gallons discharged to surface water: 0 There is little or no potential risk to public health, safety or welfare from this incident. 01/30/2020 11:26 EST Eastern Water Reclamation Facility (EWRF) 1621 S Alafaya Trail; Orlando FL; 32828 Orange Allison Freese Environmental Engineer (407) 836-6944 Environmental Engineer Mark Robinson, Assistant Manager, WRD (407) 254-9977 28.522093 -81.201619 01/29/2020 12:05 EST No 01/29/2020 12:10 EST Incident Location
Q586291_1101 Bayview Drive A report was received of a overflowing manhole at 8:23 AM, 1/30/2020. Crews were dispatched and it appears a 42" cast iron force main has been compromised. Excavation of the pipe has not occurred yet to verify. The overflow has impacted grass areas, the street, and stormdrains. The spilled volume was calculated to be 79.32 million gallons of untreated sanitary sewage. 01/30/2020 10:52 EST George English Park 1101 Bayview Drive; Fort Lauderdale FL; 33304 Broward Troy Balint Environmental Program Coordinator (954) 828-7845 Environmental program coordinator Troy Balint (954) 828-7845 26.139 -80.115 01/30/2020 08:20 EST No 02/06/2020 01:30 EST Y Broward Incident Location
Wastewater Overflow near 5444 River Shore Dr., Tampa, FL On January 29, 2020, the City of Tampa Wastewater Department became aware of a wastewater overflow near 5444 River Shore Dr. due to a blockage in a gravity sewer. The overflow started at approximately 8:47am and was stopped at 11:06am after the blockage was removed. The volume of the overflow was estimated at approximately 3,000 gallons. The overflow collected in a ditch adjacent to the overflow location. Sewer cleaners were able to collect approximately 1,300 gallons from the ditch and return it to the wastewater collection system. The remaining volume discharged from the ditch into the Hillsborough River. Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the blockage and if repairs are needed. 01/29/2020 17:00 EST City of Tampa Wastewater Department 2545 Guy Verger Blvd.; Tampa FL; 33605 Hillsborough Charlie Lynch Chief Engineer City of Tampa Wastewater Department (813) 274-8916 Chief Engineer City of Tampa Wastewater Department Eric Weiss (813) 274-8070 27.997245 -82.470328 01/29/2020 08:45 EST No 01/29/2020 11:05 EST Incident Location
107455- Tropical Cargo Transport MM 278 FL turnpike SB near Clermont, FL 01/29/2020 16:29 EST MM 278 FL turnpike SB near Clermont, FL.  FL Lake Chris Lorbeer Dispatch Manager ERTS@ERTSONLINE.COM (440) 349-2700 Spill Broker Chris Lorbeer (440) 349-2700 ERTS@ERTSONLINE.COM 28.606232 -81.724967 01/08/2020 05:00 EST Yes Incident Location
Circle K FM service line hit A boring contractor for a telecom company hit the 2" pressurized service line for the Dollar General. The line break was reported at 1530/01.28.2020. Sewer crew made the repair and cleaned the area with the vacuum truck and lime. The release was contained within the FDOT stormwater retention pond at the site of the break. Estimated 5,000 gallons released and 4,000 of those gallons recovered. The site was cleaned and cleared by 1900/01.28.2020. 01/29/2020 15:06 EST Otter Creek WWTP Collection System 2146 lawhon mill rd; Crawfordville FL; 32327 Wakulla Ned F. Nobles Utility Director (850) 962-3026 Operator Of the Facility ned nobles (850) 962-3026 30.105189 -84.380243 01/28/2020 15:30 EST No 01/28/2020 19:00 EST Incident Location
Wastewater release By-pass pump at lift station 216 clogged causing collection system to surcharge and release ~1,400 gallons of wastewater from manholes near the lift station. Only one storm drain was impacted and ~9,000 gallons was vactored/recovered from the drain. Paved areas were washed down and disinfected with HTH. System back to normal by 12:45 hrs. 01/29/2020 14:24 EST City of Boca Raton Wastewater Collection System 1401 Glades Rd; Boca Raton FL; 33431 Palm Beach Lisa M. Wilson-Davis Operations & Regulatory Compliance Manager (561) 338-7310 Owner Of the Facility Lisa M. Wilson-Davis (561) 338-7310 26.398222 -80.166919 01/29/2020 07:30 EST No 01/29/2020 12:45 EST Incident Location
01282020 LMIX 443 Hydraulic Oi Release On 1/28/2020, a hydraulic hose ruptured on Under cutter LMIX 443 resulting in the release of 150 gallons of hydraulic oil to ballast on Track 1. The affected area is approximately 800 ft long and 12 ft wide. No native soil, surface water, or groundwater was affected. Source removal of impacted ballast will be conducted utilizing a vacuum truck via visual observation. 01/29/2020 13:47 EST CSX Transportation, Inc Near Melrose Ave Crossing 622843X_MP AR 836.6014; Zephryhills FL Pasco Trent Page Manager, Hazardous Materials (813) 232-0144 Operator Of the Facility Trent Page (813) 232-0144 28.280903 -82.143664 01/27/2020 17:40 EST Yes Incident Location
Diesel spill in Palmdale, FL On 6/8/18 at 1020 ET, Leticia Rocha with CR Sod Inc contacted ERTS regarding a 50 gallon diesel release located on SR-27 approx. 3,000 ft North of CR-733 (Sunrise Blvd) in Palmdale, FL. The spill occurred on 5/29/18 due to a MVA causing the diesel to impact the soil shoulder. No drains or waterways were impacted. Alpha Omega was onsite to secure the site and contain it. Remediation is currently pending. FL Warning point# 2018-3293 DEP Report# 2018-31-60784 01/29/2020 12:14 EST Over the road SR-27; Palmdale; Directions: 3,000 Ft North of CR-733 (Sunrise Blvd) in Palmdale, FL; Palmdale FL Glades Brett Johnson Project Manager (440) 349-2700 Agent for responsible Party Brett Johnson (440) 349-2700 26.935937 -81.316277 05/29/2018 14:00 EDT No 05/30/2018 14:45 EDT Incident Location
Wastewater Spill 4840 NW 24 CT Lauderdale Lakes- 01/29/2020 Wastewater spill was caused by blockage in the sewer main. The estimated volume discharged was 700 gallons and the estimated volume recovered was 600 gallons. No waterways were impacted. A vactor truck was used to remove the contents to unblock the main sewer and to wash down the area. Chlorine was applied to sanitize the affected area. 01/29/2020 12:01 EST Water and Wastewater Services 4840 NW 24th Court; Directions: Latitude: 26.164000 Longitude: -80.208380; Lauderdale Lakes FL; 33313 Broward Bjorn Bucur Maintenance Manager (954) 831-0898 First Responder Bjorn Bucur (954) 831-0898 26.156813 -80.216568 01/29/2020 07:00 EST No 01/29/2020 10:00 EST Incident Location