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769 Boundary Blvd. Rotonda West State report not required, spill less than 1,000 gallons with no waterways affected. LS#841 main breaker failed on 6/25/2019. Overflow reported at manhole in center of roadway at 769 Boundary Blvd. Rotonda West on 6/25/2019 at 6:30pm. Breaker replaced and station back online on 6/25/2019 at 7:40pm. Approx 550 gallons of raw wastewater spilled around manhole. 200 gallons recovered via Vacuum truck. Remaining 350 had soaked into dry soil at edge of roadway. The Area was washed down and limed. No waterways or storm drains affected 06/26/2019 07:59 EDT West Port WRF 15005 Cattledock Point Rd.; Port Charlotte FL; 33981 Charlotte Bruce Schellinger Utilities Superintendent of Wastewater Collection (941) 764-4555 Wastewater Collection Superintendent Bruce Schellinger (941) 764-4555 26.905 -82.251 06/25/2019 18:30 EDT No 06/25/2019 19:40 EDT Incident Location
Whispering Oaks Apartments I contacted the City of Starke and they contacted the State so I do not have any of this information. 06/25/2019 11:07 EDT Whispering Oaks Apartments 900 S. Water St.; Directions: State Road 100 in Starke; Starke FL; 32091 Bradford Heather Thompson Property Manager (904) 368-0007 Operator Of the Facility Heather Thompson (904) 368-0007 29.941771 -82.185059 06/24/2019 14:00 EDT Yes Incident Location
Spill at NW 174 St, NMB Raw sewage spill caused by a broken force main at the NW 174 St & NW 9 Ave. The estimated volume of the spill was 100 gallons which was contained on land and did not reach state or local waterways. Shut down pump station # 9 and completed force main repair. The area of spill was cleaned and disinfected with Aqua Guard calcium hypochlorite granules. 06/25/2019 10:25 EDT NMB Water 17050 NE 19 Ave; North Miami Beach FL; 33162 Miami-Dade Raisa Akaeva Water Compliance Supervisor (305) 582-6207 Operator Of the Facility Raisa Akaeva (305) 582-6207 25.933877 -80.216766 06/24/2019 13:30 EDT No 06/24/2019 14:00 EDT Incident Location
LS #16 Clearwater FL Lift Station 16 (LS 16) Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) On June 23rd at 5:35 PM, the on-call mechanic was notified by the lift station (LS) monitoring system that LS 16 had lost utility power. He picked up a portable generator at the Marshall St WRF and was in route to the lift station at 6:25PM. The on-call electrician was notified at 6:45 PM of the situation and arrived at 7:40 pm. At approximately 7:40 PM, a Duke Energy technician arrived at the station to inform the electrician that Utility power should be restored in 10 to 15 minutes. At 8:05 PM, the utility power was restored to the area. The electrician was in the process of resetting the ¿soft start¿ pump motors from the ¿loss of current fault¿ when the Duke power technician arrived to tell our on-site staff that a manhole west of LS 16 was leaking. At that time the electrician called the on-call maintenance supervisor, and the Wastewater collections supervisor to inform them of the spill. At 8:30 PM, the on-call maintenance supervisor arrived on site, made an assessment and blocked off the contaminated area. At 9:00 PM, our Vac-con truck arrived to begin cleaning up the area (applying lime and removing standing water in the spill containment). It was determined that the spill was approximately 1,500 gallons; approximately 800 gallons reached Clearwater Harbor and approximately 700 gallons were cleaned up by the Vac-con crew. IPP was notified as soon as it was determined the spill had reached the Harbor to begin sampling the affected area. At approximately 10:30 PM cleanup efforts were completed, and all personnel were released. FDEP will be notified today as well the state warning point. 06/24/2019 14:33 EDT Lift Station #16 area 106 Pierce St ; Directions: Just west of the "old City hall" in downtown Clearwater, North of SR60 (Clearwater Causeway) and East of Clearwater Harbor; Clearwater FL; 33765 Pinellas Michael Gilliam Infrastructure Maintenance Manager (727) 562-4960 Operator Of the Facility Michael Gilliam (727) 562-4960 27.966519 -82.802581 06/23/2019 17:35 EDT No 06/23/2019 20:10 EDT Incident Location
Suwannee River, Lafayette county Contact Us We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. If you know the name of the person you would like to contact, please go to our staff directory. If not, please enter your information below. An asterisk indicates required entries. Please complete these. What kind of comment would you like to send? Complaint County Lafayette Enter your comments in the space provided below (please be brief, but specific). If sharing a photo, please provide date and location taken: This can't be from boat traffic! Never have seen this much oil, gas in the water. Can not even get in the water. Just wanted someone to know. No need to contact. South of branford bridge. Attach a photo: 15612373856142538892151462704750.jpg Tell us how to get in touch with you: Name Field not completed. Email Voice 3523184573 FAX Field not completed. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter. Field not completed. *** I have a picture that was submitted along with this complaint to SRWMD. There is no place that I can find to upload. Please contact me if you would like for me to forward the attachment, Thanks. 06/24/2019 09:40 EDT Suwannee River ; Directions: South of Branford bridge. Lafayette County. FL Lafayette Kelly Wooley BRS II (386) 362-1001 I work for SRWMD, complaint submitted 06.22.19 Betty Ann Forsyth (352) 318-4573 30.036545 -83.143066 06/22/2019 17:05 EDT Yes Incident Location
2998 Forest Oaks Drive Gravity sewer blockage caused sewer to back up and overflow manhole at 2998 Forrest Oaks Drive. Blockage was cleared. Road was rinsed and water was collected by vacuum truck. Volume was estimated at 4675 gallons. 06/24/2019 08:04 EDT Miller Street WWTP 1601 Bartlett Ave; Orange park FL; 32073 Clay Dennis Martin Superintendent of Wastewater (904) 626-3893 Plant Manager Dennis Martin (904) 626-3893 30.143215 -81.744727 06/22/2019 14:30 EDT No 06/23/2019 18:35 EDT Incident Location
26400 Florida Power Road/Seven Oaks Plant mechanic dispatched for p/s 1-419 spilling raw sewage. Vactor and force main on call personnel dispatched for diversion and cleanup. Plant mechanic made repair to diversion float ball to cease spill. Vactor crew retrieved 6,600 gallons. Spread 400 lbs. lime and 1,500 gallons of fresh water to affected area. No waterways were affected. Spill e-mail and report completed by Anthony Wetzel. 06/23/2019 16:34 EDT Wesley Center Wastewater Treatment Facility 7501 Boyette Road; Directions: PERMIT # FLA 016094; Wesley Chapel FL; 33544 Pasco James Hircock Environmental Compliance Specialist (813) 235-6189 Envirmental Compliance Specialist James Hircock (727) 247-0391 28.200644 -82.378362 06/23/2019 12:00 EDT No 06/23/2019 13:00 EDT Incident Location
Hey 331 Reclaim spill Concrete rubbed a hole in our reclaim line going from South Walton to Freeport. Approx. 2500-3000 gal entered the Choctawhatchee Bay. Line is being repaired now. Walton County Health Dept was notified and has been onsite. 06/23/2019 13:12 EDT Point Washington WWTP 4430 US Hwy 98 E; Santa Rosa Beach FL; 32459 Walton Dave Marell Director of Wastewater Operations (850) 699-0712 Operator Of the Facility Dave Marell (850) 699-0712 30.430904 -86.150574 06/23/2019 07:30 EDT No 06/23/2019 09:00 EDT Incident Location
1721 University Blvd N A local traffic accident caused three pole mounted transformers to release a total of 30 gallons (20 gallons non-PCB and 10 gallons PCB) of oil to nearby impervious surfaces. One of the three transformers contained PCB oil and released no more than 10 gallons to the roadway. No waterway or soil impacts. Cleanup actions have been completed. UPDATE: Laboratory analytical analysis confirms that no PCBs were detected in the respective transformer and impacted soil. 06/23/2019 09:58 EDT Private Business 1721 University Blvd N; Jacksonville FL; 32211 Duval J Bowden Incident Responder (904) 252-5471 Incident Responder J Bowden (904) 252-5471 30.338 -81.602 06/22/2019 03:00 EDT No 06/22/2019 14:00 EDT N Incident Location
12" Reclaimed Main Break Overnight the 12¿ discharge pipe leaving the Glades Pump Station (105 Palm Drive) broke. This resulted in 150,000 gallons of highly treated effluent being discharged on grass and then spilling into a pond on the Glades Golf Course. 06/22/2019 12:34 EDT Collier County Water Sewer Distric 105 Palm Drive; Naples FL; 34112 Collier Rob Kaine Manager (239) 252-6251 Operator Of the Facility Margie Hapke (239) 252-2679 26.122878 -81.757856 06/22/2019 04:00 EDT No 06/22/2019 07:45 EDT Incident Location