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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Corkscrew WTP Polymer Spill Operator1 was batching polymer at 11:30am, He left on the finish drinking water fill valve on. At 12:45pm Operator2 found the polymer batch tank overflowing and shut off the water fill valve. Approximately 234 gallons of highly diluted polymer spilled onto pervious surface. State watch office was contacted at 2:07pm. No surface or ground water was affected. Currently excavating the spill area and disposing at the landfill. 10/09/2020 16:50 EDT Corkscrew Water Treatment Plant 16101 Alico Rd; Fort Myers FL; 33913 Lee Steven J Matuska Lead Operator (239) 267-8228 Operator Of the Facility Steven J Matuska (239) 267-8228 26.462891 -81.704145 10/09/2020 12:45 EDT No 10/09/2020 12:50 EDT Incident Location
Website Test Test Test - Disregard Website Test Test Test - Disregard 10/09/2020 12:21 EDT Test Test Test  FL Orange Eduardo C. Hernandez Engineer II (321) 239-3351 Engineer II Troy Layton (407) 254-9977 28.392 -81.464 10/08/2020 09:30 EDT No 10/08/2020 09:50 EDT N Incident Location
Sanitary Sewer Overflow Pump station PLC failed, causing sanitary sewer overflow of approximately 6,000 gallons. Vacuum truck used to clean up spill; no waterways affected. 10/09/2020 11:34 EDT Pump Station 64 274 E. Marina Cove Drive; St. Augustine FL; 32084 St. Johns Glabra Skipp Environmental Program Coordinator (904) 825-1055 Environmental Program Coordinator Glabra Skipp (904) 825-1055 29.866035 -81.295749 10/09/2020 05:30 EDT No 10/09/2020 06:00 EDT Incident Location
Pump Station # 3541 Lake Eve, 10-08-20 The discharge of untreated wastewater occurred when pressure in a force main prevented PS3541, Lake Eve, from operating at normal capacity. This caused the pump station wet well to surcharge and discharge from the top hatches. The force main pressure was traced to a valve that was placed in the closed position when it should have remained in the open position. The valve was operated in error due to a bypass operation put in place to facilitate the installation of an air release valve on a separate part of the force main system. Staff immediately opened the force main valve to reduce the pressure and end the discharge from the wet well top hatches. The system is now operating normally. Wastewater flowed onto paved surfaces within the pump station fence line and flowed into an adjacent storm water retention pond. The retention pond outfall was blocked to prevent impacts downstream but before this was accomplished approximately 300 gallons flowed past and soaked into a dry vegetated area. Staff performed a recovery operation from the retention pond and recovered a mixture of wastewater, storm water and wash water that was used to clean the impacted surfaces. The approximate gallons released and recovered are estimated to be as follows: 1,200 gallons released, 35,000 gallons recovered, 300 gallons unrecovered, and 0 gallons discharged to surface water. There is little or no potential risk to public health, safety or welfare. 10/09/2020 09:40 EDT OCU Wastewater Pump Station 3541 Lake Eve 11765 International Dr; Orlando FL; 32821 Orange Allison Lucente Engineer II (407) 836-6944 Engineer II Troy Layton, Manager, Field Services (407) 254-9977 28.392128 -81.464027 10/08/2020 09:30 EDT No 10/08/2020 09:50 EDT Incident Location
Wastewater Spill-Dania Beach-10/8/2020 Wastewater spill due to a Broward County crews response to a complaint of blockage at a residence. When the 6" clean out cap was removed, raw sewage came out and ponded on the asphalt roadway. The estimated volume discharge was less than 1,000 gallons and the volume recovered is to be determined. The waterway was not impacted. Sewer lateral was jetted and blockage cleared. Spill sewage was removed using a vacuum truck and the impacted area was disinfected with chlorine. 10/09/2020 07:27 EDT Broward County NRWWTP 5615 SW 24th Avenue; Directions: Latitude: 26.052104 Longitude: -80.172425; Dania Beach FL; 33312 Broward Mike Kelly Utility Superintendent (954) 831-0812 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0812 26.122 -80.147 10/08/2020 18:30 EDT No 10/08/2020 19:00 EDT N Incident Location
Sanford Red Cedar & Live Oak Force Main Leak A crack in a pressurized sewer main was discovered and repaired. Approximately 300 gallons spilled; 200 gallons were recovered by vacuum truck and 100 gallons reached a stormwater collection system. When the repair was complete, the area was cleaned and disinfected. 10/08/2020 17:32 EDT City of Sanford Wastewater Collection System ; SANFORD FL; 32771 Seminole Mack McKinley Water Resources Engineer (407) 688-5177 Owner Of the Facility Tyler Shinner (407) 562-2816 28.773019 -81.29403 10/07/2020 07:00 EDT No 10/07/2020 13:00 EDT Incident Location
Truck Accident - Corner SW Citrus Blvd. & SW Country Pl On 10/8/2020, a Waste Management vehicle was turning left from SW Citrus Blvd onto SW Country Place when the vehicle was struck from behind by a dump truck causing the Waste Management truck to flip upside down into an earthen stormwater ditch. The dump truck also flipped over landing into the stormwater ditch. It is estimated that 25 gallons of petroleum product consisting of diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, and transmission fluid was released into the earthen stormwater ditch and into the standing water in the stormwater ditch from both trucks. The standing water in the ditch was not draining at the time of the accident. Waste Management contacted Cliff Berry, Inc (CBI) to remove the impacted stormwater and soil from the ditch for disposal at a permitted solid waste disposal facility. 10/08/2020 14:09 EDT Corner of SW Citrus Blvd & SW Country Place Corner of SW Citrus Blvd & SW Country Place; Palm City FL; 34990 Martin Liz Foeller Area EPM (941) 720-0564 Owner of WMIF Truck involved Liz Foeller (941) 720-0564 27.119962 -80.31885 10/08/2020 13:10 EDT Yes Incident Location
Bruce Batten On 10/8/20 at 8:00am the operator Mike Burns email me (Bruce Batten) and informed me that the plant headworks had overflowed onto the ground at the Ridge Manor WWTF. On 10/7/20 the contractor was performing daytime force main tie-ins in conjunction with HCUD. After the force main tie-ins were completed, a valve that was close for the pressure testing was not reopened. The lift station red lighted at approximately 7:00pm. The on call person found the closed valve and turn it on at approximately 9:00pm, this is what caused the surge to the plant headworks and made it overflow. The overflow was approximately 750 gallons. Staff will clean and lime the affected area. 10/08/2020 13:03 EDT Ridge Manor West Subregional WWTF 5095 Kettering Rd.; Brooksville FL; 34602 Hernando Bruce Batten Chief Water and Wastewater Plant Operator (352) 754-4058 Operator Of the Facility Bruce Batten (352) 754-4490 28.502369 -82.22067 10/07/2020 22:00 EDT No 10/07/2020 22:30 EDT Incident Location
Dunes CDD Reclaimed Water Transmission Main - Piping Leak 12 Inch Reclaimed Main Leak Highly disinfected reclaimed water suspected leaking at pipe bell/ spigot (rate approximately 1-2 gpm). Location on easterly side of Palm Harbor Drive and approximately 500 feet east of intersection of Palm Coast Parkway SE and Palm Harbor Drive in Palm Coast, FL, Flagler Co. Approximately 3,000 gallons in last 24 hour period. Anticipated repair date October 12, 2020. Facility / Permit No.: Dunes CDD WWTF FLA011602 10/07/2020 16:52 EDT Dunes CDD WWTF - Reclaimed Transmission Piping 101 Jungle Hut Road; Directions: Update 10/12/2020 12:30 - reclaimed main leak repaired w/ bell restraint kit - operational status normal FDEP NE District Notified: H Sims (904) 256-1612; Palm Coast FL; 32137 Flagler David Ponitz Utility Manager (386) 445-9045 Utilities Manager David Ponitz (386) 445-9045 29.568 -81.19 10/07/2020 16:31 EDT No 10/09/2020 11:10 EDT Y Flagler, Incident Location
NWFRC Main lift station lost prime due to debris caught in the check valves and impellers of both pumps wich caused an over flow of raw sewage. 10/07/2020 08:09 EDT NWFRC 4455 sam Mitchell dr.; Chipley  FL; 32428 Washington Chris Hurst Engineer tech 4 (850) 258-4482 Operator Of the Facility Chris Hurst (850) 258-4482 30.524 -85.661 10/03/2020 18:00 EDT No 10/04/2020 17:30 EDT Incident Location