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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
SSO_SW 6 St & SW 4 Ave_Q450156 Air release valve failed at the nipple causing an overflowing manhole at the intersection of SW 6 St. and SW 4 Ave. Some sewage impacted the stormwater drains that outfall to the New River. 03/18/2019 17:00 EDT G.T. Lohmeyer Regional WWTF  FL Broward Lawrence Teich Environmental Compliance Supervisor (954) 828-7844 Environmental Compliance Supervisor Lawrence Teich (954) 828-7844 26.114787 -80.147228 03/17/2019 21:15 EDT No 03/18/2019 01:05 EDT Incident Location
Racetrack #1 900869 On 03/18/19 at 8:25AM a citizen reported a sewer overflow at Race Track #1 Pump Station 900869. A Public Utilities Electrician was dispatched and found a TECO power outage at the associated pump station causing the overflow. High head by-pumps were installed and the overflow was stopped at 10:00AM 3/18/19. A Scada software malfunction prevented alarm notifications being sent when the power outage and subsequent overflow began at 7:30PM on 3/16/19. The overflow was estimated at 3000 gallons with some flowing to surface waters. Crews washed down and limed the affected area. Regulatory Agency notification was made to the DEP via voice mail at 12:35PM and the EPC at 12:40PM. There was no immediate impact to residences or businesses. 03/18/2019 16:16 EDT Northwest Regional WRF FL0041670  FL; 34638 Hillsborough Laura Cintron Manager (813) 663-3208 Manager Rich Cummings (813) 209-3003 28.057646 -82.647518 03/16/2019 19:30 EDT No 03/18/2019 10:00 EDT Incident Location
351 Blanding Blockage in gravity sewer line cause an overflow of sewage at a manhole at 351 Blanding Blvd. Sewage ran into nearby storm water system and into storm water pond on Loch Rane Blvd. Blockage was removed. Area was washed down and recovered by vacuum truck. Water quality monitoring has been started at the affected storm water pond. Warning signs were posted. 03/18/2019 14:09 EDT Miller Street WWTP 1601 Bartlett Ave; Orange park FL; 32073 Clay Dennis Martin Superintendent of Wastewater (904) 626-3893 Plant Manager Dennis Martin (904) 626-3893 30.167536 -81.747381 03/17/2019 01:35 EDT No 03/17/2019 15:35 EDT Incident Location
Deltona Sod diesel spill 40 gallons of diesel fuel was released due to a mechanical issue. The drive shaft damaged the fuel tank causing diesel to leak onto the roadway and nearby soil. No drains or waterways were reportedly impacted but remediation of the soil is required per FL DEP. 03/18/2019 13:57 EDT Road side release SR 44 at Previtt road; Deland FL Volusia Jonathan Homard Project manager (440) 772-1102 3rd party consultant Brett Johnson (440) 510-3617 29.028128 -81.303442 02/12/2019 12:00 EST No 02/12/2019 12:10 EST Incident Location
GRU Wastewater Collection System On March 17, 2019 at approximately 6:30 pm, GRU was notified of a forcemain break at 4200 SW 20th Avenue. GRU wastewater crews responded and the release was stopped at approximately 8:15 pm. Crews isolated the forcemain and pumped flow from the lift station site and the wastewater system. Crews worked through the night pumping the system. The repair was completed the next morning. It is estimated that approximately 20,000 gallons of wastewater was released, of which approximately 15,000 gallons was recovered using a vacuum truck. The net 5,000 gallons collected in the drainage ditches and percolated into the ground. Crews completed repairs and sanitized the area. Advisory signs have been posted. No waterbodies were impacted. The cause of the break is aging infrastructure. This wastewater collection system normally flows to the Kanapaha Water Reclamation Facility (FL0112895). The State Watch Office, FDEP, ACEPD and the Health Department were notified in a timely manner. The State Watch incident number for this event is 2019-1550. The GPS coordinates for this release are: 29.635757N, 82.387875W. 03/18/2019 13:37 EDT GRU Wastewater Collection System 4747 N Main St; MS E3F; GAINESVILLE FL; 32609 Alachua Jennifer McElroy Supervising Utility Engineer (352) 393-1291 Supervising Engineer David Warm (352) 393-1439 29.635476 -82.387799 03/17/2019 18:30 EDT No 03/17/2019 20:15 EDT Incident Location
Gas Spill Sumter Blvd Near Lori Cir On Saturday 3/16/19 morning around 5 am, a 4-door sedan car hit a tree and landed close to the stormwater pond releasing <1 gallon gasoline into stormwater pond. The pond is located in the median on Sumter Blvd., just north of Lori Cir. (aka Lady Slipper Ave). Two Public Works staff responded with oil absorbent booms to absorb the gasoline. Public Works Staff checked on Monday 3/18/19 morning and there is no oil sheen. North Port Fire Rescue responded to the accident and Battalion Chief John Waligora sent an email on 3/16/19 5:56am to Stormwater Manager Elizabeth Wong, regarding accident and gasoline spill. Elizabeth Wong read the email on late Monday 3/18/19 morning and reported the spill to both the State Watch Office (800-320-0519) Report # 2019-1560, and also to NRC (800-424-8802) Report # 1240374. 03/18/2019 13:29 EDT Stormwater Pond in North Port on Sumter Blvd. ; Directions: Stormwater pond is located in the median on Sumter Blvd., just north of Lori Cir. (aka Lady Slipper Ave).; North Port FL; 34286 Sarasota Elizabeth Wong Stormwater Manager (941) 240-8321 Stormwater Manager for the City of North Port Elizabeth Wong (941) 240-8321 27.093651 -82.207642 03/16/2019 05:00 EDT No 03/16/2019 09:00 EDT Incident Location
Town of Havana, 12th Ave Lift Station The station was found with both pumps not running. Pumps were reset stopping the spill. Spill was called in to the State warning point, One pump was found to be clogged. Clog was removed and station is running properly at this time. Flow reached a storm drain. Samples will be collected on 3-19-19. Lime was applied to spill area but that area is only about 10 feet of gutter. 03/18/2019 13:16 EDT Town of Havana 12th Ave Lift Station 210 12th Ave East; Havana FL; 32333 Gadsden Denvil Presnal Project Manager (850) 627-2089 Operator Of the Facility terry presnal (850) 627-2089 30.619 -84.412 03/18/2019 00:00 EDT No 03/18/2019 09:05 EDT Incident Location
11220 Alumni Way A force main pipe broke releasing an estimated 1000 gallons of sewage onto the grass and into the roadway. Approximately 500 gallons made it into the storm water system that impacts a retention pond close to the release. The retention pond has an overflow structure that feeds Pablo Creek. The storm water system was flushed to remove any standing sewer and 5000 gallons of sewer/pond water was recovered from the retention pond. Hydrated lime was placed on impacted grass. Sampling will being on 3/19/19 to monitor impact to the pond and Pablo Creek. 03/18/2019 12:40 EDT 11220 Alumni Way 11220 Alumni Way; Jacksonville FL; 32246 Duval Victoria Otto Environmental Scientist (904) 465-7890 Incident Responder Victoria Otto (904) 465-7890 30.275362 -81.527688 03/17/2019 20:55 EDT No 03/18/2019 01:45 EDT Incident Location
Bee Ridge Reuse 031819 All reuse ponds and well sources are being used to distribute processed reuse water, our biggest customers ponds are full. We have reached full holding capacity in our holding ponds and is now spilling it is now over spilling the weir. As of 3/24/19 9.034 mg has discharged, 03/18/2019 12:09 EDT Bee Ridge WRF  FL Sarasota David Hawkins Chief Operator (941) 650-4619 Operator Of the Facility Patricia Nihart (941) 650-8288 27.302 -82.391 03/18/2019 10:00 EDT Yes N Incident Location
5400 Waterview Circle 6" Sewer force main break near lift station estimated amount of spillage around 2,000 gallons. Went into Canal 11 and the retention lake or pond at the Waterview development. Water sample testing at both water bodies has been going on since date of occurrence. 03/27/2019 sampling testing is now at level set by DEP. 03/18/2019 07:10 EDT Village of Palm Springs 226 Cypress Lane ; Palm Springs FL; 33461 Palm Beach Angela Thul Stormwater Coordinator (561) 434-5122 Stormwater Coordinator James Schmitz (561) 304-4610 26.625 -80.096 03/15/2019 08:20 EDT No 03/15/2019 10:10 EDT N Incident Location