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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Naval Air Station Jacksonville Saint Johns River release MAY estimated 8 ounces of gasoline leaked from NAS Jacksonville Vessel at pier side. Failed clamp. slight sheen. Non-recoverable. Deployed exclusion boom and containment boom until vessel was removed from water. 05/28/2023 08:26 PM Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida 6500 North Roosevelt Blvd. Hwy. Us 17.; Directions: North Hwy. 17 south Roosevelt Blvd. to Yorktown Ave. Turn right on Ranger Street. to MWR Marina pier Echo-6; Jacksonville FL; 32212 - 50 Duval James E. Taylor NAS Jacksonville Spill Manager (904) 542-3016 Operator of the Facility/Installation James E. Taylor (904) 542-3016 30.218399 -81.673888 05/28/2023 04:45 PM No 05/28/2023 06:15 PM Incident Location
Sewer Spill Spill occurred at the wastewater treatment plant due to a clogged bar screen. Spill was fully contained on-site within the emergency spill-overflow pond and pumped back into the plant for treatment. No waterways affected. 05/28/2023 07:14 PM City of St. Augustine Wastewater Treatment Plant 501 Riberia Street; St. Augustine FL; 32084 St. Johns Glabra Skipp Environmental Program Supervisor (904) 825-1055 Environmental Program Supervisor Glabra Skipp (904) 825-1055 29.877372 -81.309836 05/28/2023 03:00 AM No 05/28/2023 10:00 AM Incident Location
5773 NW Selvitz Rd. NP-013 On 05-26-2023 at 4:30 pm utility staff responded to a call from our SCADA of a high-level alarm at lift station NP-13 5773 NW Selvitz Rd. Upon arrival staff noticed untreated raw sewage escaping from the wet well lid onto the driveway and grassy area. The initial inspection discovered that the lift station couldn┐t keep up with the incoming flows. Staff got Vacuum pumper truck to pump out the lift station. Approximately 1,500 gallons escaped onto rocks and grassy area within the station. Due to the force of nature with the heavy rains passing through the area that placed a hydraulic overload to the sanitary sewer collection system with many of the lift stations running simultaneously in this specific area were impacted by heavy rain, although this is the only lift station with incident during the heavy rain event. The vacuum pumper truck was used to stop the overflow from the lift station the spill ceased at 5:00pm. Staff spread 5 pounds of lime to disinfect the affected areas. All regulatory agencies and PSL internal notifications are proceeding according to protocol. 05/27/2023 11:20 AM FLA326321 5773 NW Selvitz Rd.; NP-13; Port St Lucie FL; 34983 St. Lucie Eric Perez Supervisor (772) 344-4121 Operator of the Facility/Installation Eric perez (772) 344-4121 27.368147 -80.365145 05/26/2023 04:30 PM No 05/26/2023 05:00 PM Incident Location
wastewater overflow near 1302 N. 25th St. On May 26, 2023, the City of Tampa Wastewater Department became aware of a wastewater overflow near 1302 N. 25th St. due to a control system failure at the 25th St. Pumping Station. The overflow started at approximately 12:16pm and was stopped at 12:34pm. The volume of overflow was estimated at approximately 3,600 gallons. The overflow discharged into storm inlets at the intersection of 25th St. and 2nd Ave. that connect to a stormwater pipeline that runs along 2nd Ave. This pipeline flows to the east and eventually discharges into a canal near Adamo Dr. and the Crosstown Expressway. Sewer cleaners removed approximately 6,600 gallons of a mixture of water and sewage from the stormwater pipeline. Water samples are being collected to determine if any remaining wastewater reached the canal on Adamo Dr. The control system for the pumping station has been repaired. 05/26/2023 04:19 PM City of Tampa Wastewater Department 2545 Guy Verger Blvd; Tampa FL; 33605 Hillsborough Charlie Lynch Chief Engineer (813) 274-8916 Chief Engineer Wastewater Dept. Eric Weiss (813) 274-8070 27.956653 -82.431043 05/26/2023 12:15 PM No 05/26/2023 12:35 PM Incident Location
Seminole Generating Station Domestic Wastewater Leak Around 11:45 on Friday, May 26, 2023, Seminole maintenance crews discovered a leak in a pipe associated with the on-site domestic wastewater treatment system. The leak was discovered during maintenance activities. The total flow of the domestic wastewater system is approximately 3,000 gallons per day, with this pipe accounting for a portion of that. Flow from the pipe was constant prior to discovering the leak, indicating the leak represents a small portion of the entire flow within that pipe. The domestic wastewater piping is located within the power block area that sits near the center of the almost 2,000 acre Seminole Generating Station property with the closest property boundary approximately 3200 feet away. Accordingly, with further consideration of geology in the area, Seminole expects the leaked volumes to have remained in the general vicinity of the power block area. The leak did not reach or effect any area stormwater ditches or surface waters. The only potable water wells within the area draw from the Floridan aquifer and are not in contact with the affected area. The pipe will be temporarily plugged upstream of the break until a full repair can be completed. Seminole does not foresee any threat to human health or the environment as a result of this release. 05/26/2023 02:21 PM Seminole Generating Station 890 N. Highway 17; Directions: Entrance 5.7 miles North of Highway 17 and Highway 19 intersection in Palatka; Palatka FL; 32177 - 8647 Putnam Justin Gostnell Senior Enviromental Regulatory Specialist (813) 244-4877 Corporate Environmental Ryan Hart (813) 739-1354 29.732525 -81.633959 05/26/2023 11:45 AM Yes Incident Location
Wekiva Falls S. LS Spill Emergency call was received to wastewater discharging from South Lift Station within the Wekiva Springs resort collection system Upon arrival to the site and further review it was found that the lift station pump was not operating causing the level of the wetwell to rise and subsequent discharge. Technicians installed a temporary bypass pump and the discharge ceased by 12:00 am on 05/26/2023. The total volume of loss during the event is estimated at 1000 gallons (FLA010541). A temporary by pass pump was installed and monitored to lower the collection system and stop the discharge. Two (2) temporary pumps are en-route to be installed later today in the station. The contents of the discharge remained on grounds around station and adjacent ditch. No surface body waterways appear affected. Two (2) temporary pumps are en-route to be installed later today in the station. The contents of the discharge remained on grounds around station and adjacent ditch. The affected area of the grounds were limed and will be cleaned. SWP # 2023-4283 05/26/2023 09:24 AM Wekiva Falls RV Resort 30700 Wekiva River Road; Sorrento FL; 32776 Lake Melisa Rotteveel US Water Services (866) 753-8292 Operator of the Facility/Installation Melisa Rotteveel (866) 753-8292 28.794156 -81.418125 05/25/2023 07:30 PM No 05/26/2023 12:00 AM Incident Location
OT052523 On May 25, 2023 at approximately 7:05 am, Manatee County Utilities Department staff were notified of a 20" reclaimed water main break located at 1011 60th Avenue West in Bradenton. Upon arrival, the responding crew turned off the main to stop the leak by approximately 7:45 am. Staff determined that the cause of the break was corrosion of the cast iron pipe and that the total estimated volume of the leak was 2,000 gallons. The discharged reclaimed water flowed into a nearby storm water drain that leads to the Pittsburg Drain which flows into Bowlees Creek and ultimately into Sarasota Bay. The main was repaired and returned to service. 05/25/2023 05:45 PM FLA012619/ Manatee County Southwest WRF 5101 65th Street West; Bradenton FL; 34210 Manatee Karen Briden Wastewater Compliance Superintendent (941) 792-8811 Owner Representative Justin DiCarlo (941) 792-8811 27.435 -82.572 05/25/2023 07:05 AM No 05/25/2023 07:45 AM Y Manatee Incident Location
3392 20 Mile Rd Wastewater release in Nocatee due to an equipment failure. The release impacted a storm drain which discharges into unnamed wetlands. Clean-up has been completed. 05/25/2023 05:31 PM 3392 20 Mile Rd 3392 20 Mile Rd; Nocatee FL St. Johns Sharon Piltz Environmental Scientist Sr. (904) 667-9232 Incident Responder Sharon Piltz (904) 667-9232 30.127924 -81.401003 05/24/2023 09:30 PM No 05/24/2023 11:45 PM Incident Location
Q1073849_Coconut Isle Drive & East Las Olas Blvd A blockage in the gravity sewer caused a manhole to overflow into a stormdrain intermittently from 8:26AM - 8:50AM. The blockage has been cleared and normal operations have resumed. 05/25/2023 03:52 PM Coconut Isle Drive & East Las Olas Blvd Coconut Isle Drive & East Las Olas Blvd; Fort Lauderdale FL; 33301 Broward Troy Balint Environmental Program Coordinator (954) 828-7845 Environmental Program Coordinator Troy Balint (954) 828-7845 26.119695 -80.121826 05/25/2023 08:25 AM No 05/25/2023 08:50 AM Incident Location
405 Roxy .51 acres in a residential area cleared without a permit. about 20 dump truck loads of dirt dumped on cleared land without a permit No erosion or sediment control in place Property located on Crane Creek Lots of dirt washing into impaired waterbody 05/25/2023 12:33 PM Meehan, Kenneth Gregory and Darlene Ethel 405 Roxy Ave. Melbourne, FL 32901; Directions: Melbourne Ave to Roxy It is an unmarked dirt road. ; Melbourne FL; 32901 Brevard Lisa Good Regulatory Compliance Coordinator (321) 608-7321 Regulatory Compliance Coordinator for City of Melb Lisabeth Good (321) 608-7321 28.075514 -80.614147 05/25/2023 10:20 AM Yes Incident Location