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Wastewater Spill-Hollywood-11/22/2022 Wastewater spill due to a broken 6-inch force main, contractor related. The storm drains were cleaned up using vacuum truck. The estimated volume discharged was under 10,000 gallons and the estimated volume recovered is to be determined. The waterway was not impacted. 11/23/2022 07:14 AM Water and Wastewater Services - FL0031771 4700 South State Road 7; Directions: Latitude: 26.063620 Longitude: -80.206610; Hollywood FL; 33314 Broward Bjorn Bucur Maintenance Manager (954) 831-0898 Responder Bjorn Bucur (954) 831-0898 26.063088 -80.207908 11/22/2022 01:30 PM No 11/22/2022 08:00 PM Incident Location
Royal Waterworks Master LS We received a float sensor call at 6:55 PM. A tech was dispatched and arrived on site at 7:51 PM. The tech found that the lift station pumps had tripped and were immediately reset. He found the emergency bypass pump had faulted. Crews were able to reset the oil pressure sensor and then pumped down the wet well. The submersible pumps were pulled and checked for debris and the bypass topped off with additional oil for the engine. We have had a couple electrical incoming power issues and think that may have contributed to the trip conditions for the submersible pumps. The emergency bypass pump was evaluated immediately the next morning by the vendor, 11/22,and is scheduled for a complete service on Monday 11/28. In addition an electrical company is being brought in to review the electrical aspects of the panel. Field evaluation estimates the spill area to be across an area of 80 Ft X 30 FT . Using that area and an estimated depth of discharge of 3 inches across the area, the spill is reported as 4,488 +/- Gallons total. No waterways were affected. Hydrated lime applied to affected area. Bypass service record to be performed on 11/28 to be forwarded as well as Electrical inspection. 11/22/2022 08:58 PM Royal Waterworks Northwest 43rd Street and Northwest 88th Avenue; Coral Springs FL; 33065 Broward Melisa Rotteveel US Water Services (866) 753-8292 Operator of the Facility/Installation Melisa Rotteveel (866) 753-8292 26.28328 -80.242411 11/21/2022 06:55 PM No 11/21/2022 08:15 PM Incident Location
Medical Office at 16318 N Dale Mabry Hwy FDOT contractor, Sun Civil LLC hit a private 2" force main. Approximately 300 gallons discharged to the surrounding stormwater ditch. All sewage soaked into the ground, therefore no cleanup actions were completed. Repairs were completed. 11/22/2022 02:12 PM Guidewell Emergency Doctors 16318 N Dale Mabry Hwy; Tampa FL; 33618 Hillsborough Deborah DelSole Environmental Scientist II (813) 627-2600 Regulatory Agency Deborah DelSole (813) 627-2600 28.103366 -82.502735 11/21/2022 12:00 PM No 11/21/2022 03:00 PM Incident Location
City of Lakeland NPDES Permit Number FL0039972 At 5:45 PM on November 21, the City was notified that a boring contractor hit a marked forcemain near 1642 Providence Rd. Crews responded and shut down the pump station and called in additional resources. The spill was stopped at 8:30PM. Approximately 500 gallons was spilled and recovered. No impacts to Waters of the State and area was cleaned and limed applied. 11/22/2022 12:08 PM City of Lakeland NPDES Permit Number FL0039972 1825 Glendale Street; Lakeland FL; 33803 Polk Richard Ruede Wastewater Collection Manager (862) 834-8277 Operator of the Facility/Installation Richard Ruede (863) 834-8277 28.069066 -81.973902 11/21/2022 05:45 PM No 11/21/2022 08:30 PM Incident Location
709 E Beach Dr. 11-21-2022 Incident Description: On 11/21/2022 at 7:00 am crews responded to a spill coming from MH #R2-173 at 10 gpm located at approximately 709 E Beach Dr. Cause of the spill was erosion and dirt from construction activity near LS #80, which burnt out the pump. Drit was cleared, bypass exchanged, and spill ceased on 1/21/2022 at 9:00 am. Powdered lime spread on affected areas of roadway and ground. Spill flowed into storm inlet that drains to St. Andrews Bay. Wastewater Type: Untreated Cause: Bypass Spill Volume: 1,200 Volume Recovered: 0 Waterbodies Impacted: Y Clean-up Status: Complete Clean-up Actions: Vacuumed/pump truck, Applied lime Agencies Notified: 11/22/2022 11:51 AM Millville AWT Facility 1800 E 3rd St; ; Directions: 1800 E 3rd St ; Panama City FL; 32401 - 4800 Bay Rebecca Tackitt Environmental Compliance Supervisor (850) 628-5289 Environmental Compliance Supervisor Rebecca Tackitt (850) 628-5289 30.145975 -85.658052 11/21/2022 07:00 AM No 11/21/2022 09:00 AM Y Bay Incident Location
Laura Cotte Due to heavy rain fall the pond that holds treated wastewater effluent discharged through the EDD into an a nearby canal. No cleanup measures were necessary. 11/22/2022 11:24 AM Oaks of Thonotsassa 10321 Main Street; Thonotosassa FL Hillsborough Laura Cotte Manager (941) 716-4025 Operator of the Facility/Installation Laura Cotte (941) 716-4025 28.077575 -82.220215 11/21/2022 03:30 PM Yes Incident Location
Domestic wastewater plant aeration tank leak The domestic WWTP operator discovered that the aeration tanks level had dropped at the Atlantic Holding LLC plant at approximately 0900 on November 21, 2022. Further inspection identified a leak near the base of the steel aeration tank. Atlantic Holding brought in hoses, fittings, and a gas powered pump to transfer water from the aeration tanks to the plant surge tank. It is anticipated that the water in the aeration tanks will be pumped out to a level near the bottom (as low as possible before the pump suction hose loses prime) before the end of the day. The Palm Beach County office of the Department of Health was contacted at 1530 to inform of the Department of the leak. 11/21/2022 08:32 PM Atlantic Holding LLC 26400 CR 880; Directions: From CR 880 west of 20 mile bend, travel south on Atlantic Sugar Mill Road to former mill site to location of old labor camp WWTP.; Unincorporated Palm Beach county FL; 33430 Palm Beach Matthew Capone Director of Environmental Compliance (561) 366-5117 Representative of facility owner and operator Matthew Capone (561) 531-0176 26.634299 -80.467651 11/21/2022 09:00 AM Yes Incident Location
LS 62 By-Pass Pipe Incident Description: Pipe at the end of the by-pass valve came loose causing flow to go to the ground. Wastewater Type: Untreated Cause: Equipment Spill Volume: Volume Recovered: 0 Waterbodies Impacted: Y Clean-up Status: In-progress Clean-up Actions: Vacuumed/pump truck, Applied lime, Raked and disposed of debris Agencies Notified: City of Port Orange, Volusia County 11/21/2022 03:58 PM Daytona Beach Westside Regional WRF 3651 Lpga Blvd; ; Directions: 3651 Lpga Blvd ; Daytona Beach FL; 32124 - 2016 Volusia Robin Cook Regulatory Compliance Manager (386) 671-8885 Admin Support Robin Cook (386) 671-8885 29.162957 -81.058786 11/21/2022 05:30 AM No 11/21/2022 08:30 AM Y Volusia Incident Location
WRF#2 Filter Valve Leak On Friday 11/18/2022, a very small water leak was discovered by Miller Pipeline while investigating a leaking air valve. The leak was only discovered after digging into the ground about 6 ft. It was decided that work would stop until Monday. On Monday it was discovered that the leak is a constant very subtle leak from underground. Our estimations as of 11/21/2022 is that roughly 4500 gallons were discharged in ground. The leak is ongoing and will be addressed next Monday, due to the short holiday week. The event is still ongoing. We are not able to isolate the filter. If we did, we would risk an overflow of the other filters with one filter offline. On Monday 11/28/22, Miller Pipeline will continue the investigative dig and the flow will be isolated from the filter in question. 11/21/2022 01:36 PM Water Reclamation Facility #2 (FLA 010680) 4200 SE 24th ST; Ocala FL; 34471 Marion Jeff Greve Lead Operator (352) 572-0486 Operator of the Facility/Installation Jeff Greve (352) 572-0486 29.162112 -82.078502 11/19/2022 02:45 PM Yes Incident Location
NWRF SSO 11/20/2022 The rain we received in the evening and throughout the night on 11/20/2022 increased peak influent flow to the plant to 12 MGD for a short period and it is still getting peak flows of 10 MGD. 11/21/2022 01:27 PM Sanford North Water Reclamation Facility 300 N. Poplar Ave.; Sanford FL; 32771 Seminole Richard Casella Utility Plants Manager (407) 688-5095 Operator of the Facility/Installation Richard Casella (407) 688-5095 28.816 -81.279 11/20/2022 09:00 PM No 11/21/2022 03:00 AM Y Seminole Incident Location