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Incident Name Incident Report Report Date/Time Facility Name Facility Address Affected Counties Reporter Name Reporter Title Reporter E-mail Reporter Phone Reporter Role Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail Latitude Longitude Release Start Date/Time On-going Release Release End Date/Time Migrated Off-Site (Y/N) Migrated Counties Map Display
Manhole overflow 160 SW 12th Avenue Deerfield Beach FL Manhole overflow, caused by a bypass pump that stopped working. The pump was restarted, meanwhile a vacuum truck was used to collect the overflow from the manhole. Amount spilled into a storm drain was estimated to less than 500 gallons. The storm drain was drained with a vacuum truck and the area was washed and disinfected with chlorine. There was no discharge to any body of water. 01/27/2022 04:06 PM City of Deerfield Beach Collections System 200 Goolsby Blvd ; DEERFIELD BEACH FL; 33442 Broward ADRIAN MOCANU Environmental Compliance Superintendent AMOCANU@DEERFIELD-BEACH.COM (954) 480-4457 Compliance Superintedent ADRIAN MOCANU (954) 480-4457 AMOCANU@DEERFIELD-BEACH.COM 26.315862 -80.120087 01/27/2022 08:15 AM No 01/27/2022 08:45 AM Incident Location
Fouled ARV On Sunday January 23, 2022 at 11:45 am C & D responded to leak. The leak was on an air release valve for a force main. The leak was active from our arrival at 11:45 am until 4 pm when it was repaired. We estimated 28,000 gallons were spilled, we were able to recover 6,000 gallons with Vac Trucks. The area was disinfected with Lime and was not near any state waterways or ponds. 01/27/2022 03:48 PM South Sumter Utility ; Wildwood FL; 34785 Sumter Randall Oliver Wastewater Supervisor (352) 391-9291 Operator of the Facility/Installation Randall Oliver (352) 391-9291 28.796 -81.993 01/23/2022 11:45 AM No 01/23/2022 04:00 PM Incident Location
Reclaimed water release MasTec, a contractor for Frontier Communications, hit an underground reclaimed water pipe, causing it to leak. The leak went into a nearby storm drain leading into the Intracoastal Waterway while some soaked into the ground. The main was shut off to stop the leak and will be repaired when a crew is available. 01/27/2022 02:43 PM South Cross Bayou AWRF 518 Lillian Drive; Madeira Beach FL; 33708 Pinellas Michele Duggan Utilities Compliance Manager (727) 582-2365 Utilities Compliance Manager Kevin King (727) 582-2376 27.794038 -82.783408 01/26/2022 11:05 AM No 01/26/2022 11:25 AM Incident Location
Diesel spill, Stormwater Treatment Area 3/4 Temporary surface water pump on levee. Fuel line cracked and sprayed diesel on levee bank and into surface water. Total amount released about 20 gallons. 15 gallons captured in pump engine skid containment unit, ~5 gallons to environment and ~<1 gallon to surface water. Engine secured upon discovery. Absorbent booms deployed around sheen. Will perform excavation of any impacted soil on levee. 01/27/2022 11:18 AM South Florida Water Management District 3301 Gun Club Rd; Directions: Incident location is south side of Stormwater Treatment Area 3/4, about 0.6 miles west of US Hwy 27 at Palm Beach/Broward County line. Temporary pump was moving water over levee from canal to STA.; West Palm Beach FL; 33406 Palm Beach Jeffrey Smith Lead Env. Scientist JESMITH@SFWMD.GOV (561) 682-2516 Owner of the Facility/Installation Jeffrey Smith (561) 682-2516 JESMITH@SFWMD.GOV 26.335517 -80.549561 01/27/2022 09:30 AM No 01/27/2022 09:35 AM Incident Location
Main Street LS At 1430, was notified that a spill was occurring at the a manhole by the Main Street LS. Upon arrival we found the control voltage for the station was out. After some investigation, we found there was two fuses blown. We replaced fuses and got the spill stopped by 1530. We estimate roughly 300 gallons was spilled. The areas was limed and cleaned up. 01/27/2022 09:17 AM Main Street LS End of Main Street; Directions: Go north on 81, turn right at 90, turn right on 181A, turn right on Main Street, station at end of road; Ponce De Leon FL; 32455 Holmes Stewart Duncan Project Manager (850) 333-7394 Operator of the Facility/Installation Stewart Duncan (850) 333-7394 30.724391 -85.934112 01/26/2022 02:30 PM No 01/26/2022 03:30 PM Incident Location
Wastewater Spill - 2451 NE 39th Street Lighthouse Point Wastewater spill caused by a broken six (6) inch force main. Approximately over 1,000 gallons of sewage was spilled. Approximately over 1,000 gallons was recovered. Spilled wastewater entered a nearby canal. Water body impacted was tidal. All standing water was removed with the vacuum truck and chlorine was placed down for disinfection. Repairs to the broken main were made. 01/27/2022 01:19 AM Water and Wastewater Services -FL 0031771 2451 NE 39th Street ; Directions: Latitude: 26.279620 Longitude:- 80.089230; Lighthouse Point FL; 33064 Broward Mike Kelly Utilities Superintendent (954) 831-0821 First Responder Mike Kelly (954) 831-0821 26.279962 -80.090217 01/26/2022 05:10 PM No 01/26/2022 05:55 PM Incident Location
LIFT STATION 7015 Spillage at LS7015 Longitude -80.6891 Latitude 26.6935 Start time 12:50pm Stop time 1:00pm No body of water was affected actual spillage 44 gallons cleaned area with bleach and 2 bags of Lime. 01/26/2022 05:52 PM LS7015 2050 W. CANAL STREET; Directions: SOUTH OF EAST CANAL STREET , WEST OF NW 20TH STREET, BELLE GLADES; BELLE GLADE FL; 33430 - 1646 Palm Beach MIRACLE PETERSON COMMUNICATOR (561) 740-4609 Operator of the Facility/Installation Yolanda Rodriguez (561) 740-4609 26.694 -80.688 01/26/2022 12:50 PM No 01/26/2022 01:00 PM N Incident Location
Release of circulating cooling water makeup At approximately 23:00 hrs on 1/25/2022, plant operations at the Stanton Energy center noticed water coming out of a manhole near the U2 cooling tower. The manhole covers an underground vault which at the time was receiving water from a later identified leak from a 14inch pipe serving the plant's cooling water system. After determining that the leak could not be addressed without taking the unit offline, the unit was removed from service. A mobile pump was put in place to remove water from the vault and return it to the cooling tower basin, thus stopping the release of water. The released water reached the cooling water make up pond via a nearby ditch but did not leave the Stanton Energy Center. 01/26/2022 02:40 PM Stanton Energy Center 5100 S Alafaya Trail; Orlando FL; 32831 Orange David Baez Sr. Environmental Compliance Specialist (407) 434-3072 Owner of the Facility/Installation David Baez (407) 434-3072 28.481 -81.163 01/25/2022 11:00 PM No 01/26/2022 12:30 PM N Incident Location
City of Sarasota WWTP 2020 Oriole Dr City crews found a grease blockage in a mainline. Approximately 50 gallons of wastewater entered a storm drain. The area was disinfected with lime and cleaned up. Samples will be taken. 01/26/2022 12:18 PM City of Sarasota WWTP 1750 12th Street; Sarasota FL; 34236 Sarasota Verne Hall Utilities General Manager (941) 661-1347 Owner of the Facility/Installation Verne Hall (941) 661-1347 27.315208 -82.537862 01/25/2022 02:30 PM No 01/25/2022 03:00 PM Incident Location
Hammock Lake Lift Station Sanitary Overflow Approx. 11:30 AM a private citizen called into the Public Works Dept. to report a sewage overflow at the corner of Berquist and Mt Pisgah Roads in Fort Meade Florida. City staff responded to investigate and determined that the overflow was being generated by a private lift station servicing Hammock Lake Estates and Campground. Estimated current spill is 750 Gallons. Campground was notified (863)285-9560 and staff indicated that they were aware of the issue. Campground stated that they have called a contractor to repair. Polk County Roads and Drainage Division has been notified of spill. City of Fort Meade has dispatched a vac-trailer and lime to mitigate impact from overflow. 01/25/2022 02:40 PM Hammock Lake Estates 1801 Hammock Lake Dr E; Directions: Head South from Fort Meade on Highway 17 to Hammock Lake Drive(Private Property); Fort Meade FL; 33841 Polk Thomas King Water & Sewer Senior Crew Leader (863) 269-6010 City Employee Thomas King (863) 269-6010 27.725 -81.793 01/25/2022 11:30 AM No 01/25/2022 04:30 PM Y Polk Incident Location