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1555 Aqui Esta Dr.
Punta Gorda , FL 33950

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Punta Gorda Nature Park

Punta Gorda Nature Park is a 22-acre oasis bound on the north and south by condominiums, on the west by a shopping center and on the east by a man-made canal. In the center of the park, there is a water storage tank and a fire station that supply fire protection for the community of Punta Gorda Isles, and split the park almost in two. Within the park, there is a 1 mile shell trail that connects the eastern and western parking lots so visitors can walk or jog a measured mile from both parking lots and back again. Along the trail, visitors can stop and read the signs, posted every 25 to 30 feet, that describes the plants and animals they may see, or they may just relax on a park bench and do some bird watching. The shell trail crosses 2 wooden bridges from which fish, crabs and small wading birds may be observed searching for and catching food.


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  • Fishing Pier
  • Park Benches
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  • Water Access
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