Welcome to the Florida STORET Public Access (SPA) website. SPA provides access to the water quality, biological, and physical data collected in Florida that are provided to the Department of Environmental Protection for storage and retrieval from Florida STORET. The SPA website allows you to retrieve data from the Florida STORET data warehouse and to download the data to a text file or display them on a map. This website allows you to dynamically query the Florida STORET data warehouse in two ways:

  • Search By Map
  • Search By Water Quality Criteria

Please click on the links below to search STORET.

SEARCH BY MAP: This allows you to query the stations dataset by a physical area (county, city, zip code, WBID, etc.). The result set that is generated is a map display of stations that are located within the selected area, and a list display of stations data that meet the query criteria. The mapping feature provides a number of standard tools for zooming, panning, extracting, and querying the information provided on the map.

To visit Map Direct Lite outside of the SPA application and without search criteria filters, please visit Map Direct Lite.

SEARCH BY WATER QUALITY CRITERIA: This allows you to query both the stations dataset by one or more of seven specific fields and/or the water quality (field and analytical) datasets by Organization ID, Characteristic, and Activity Date. The result set(s) that are generated are a list of stations and water quality results that meet the criteria in the query.