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Note: The sum of the agency figures below will NOT equal the State of Florida acreage total. Some state lands have shared ownership. In order to keep an accurate figure for the total, the acreage is only counted once for any shared ownership lands; however, each agency counts the acreage for shared lands as appropriate. For more information on shared ownership, see explanation below.

Shared Ownership explanation / example: The ownership of a land parcel for 100 acres is shared 50/50 with the Department of Environmental Protection (BOT) and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) as shared owners. The BOT has a 50% share of 100 acres of land and will count 100 acres in their agency total and SFWMD has a 50% share of the same 100 acres and will count those in their agency total; however, in the total for the entire State of Florida, the parcel in question is 100 acres, not 200 acres.